Google Treasure Chest – Phone and Address List


Comments are now closed on this posting as Google Treasure Chest is dead.
However, the problem has not gone away – the menace continues.

For further information, all chat on this and subsequent scams is now here:
Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!
and here:
More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks/


Notice how I call this a scam. This has being going on since 2007 . It’s only this year has some sort of order been applied to some websites. But now, because of the initial actions, there’s a veritable zoo of copycat websites that have sprung up, still using the original secretive methods and styles. To say that Google Treasure Chest is now behaving properly is missing the point. It’s activities like this that have spawned this chimera of shifting targets and thus, it’s still the original system designer’s fault and they should be penalised accordingly.

This list is derived from the posts and comments that have cascaded from an original posting of mine, Google Treasure Chest – it’s a scam and a half!

I’m calling this list a “Google Treasure Chest” list purely because that’s where I started. As time has progressed there’s been so much blurring of the edges that it can probably be applied to anything that’s appeared in these related postings and all the other websites that have picked up on this scam.

The information is arranged chronologically is it was received at this website and shows the wide variety of contacts that people have had to endure – notice how some phone numbers have been quoted at different addresses! This demonstrates either complete incompetence or laissez-faire by the various ‘web-masters or a series of deliberate attempts to obfuscate and mislead. Either way, the effect is the same.

See this video howto about get use your credit card company to beat the scammers.

Governmental and Other Consumer Help Contacts

This is a short list of consumer help and official governmental scam reporting organistions.

How To Use This Table Below

  • Sites called GTC refer to Google Treasure Chest. The rest you’ll have to guess at or look at the original comment on this website where all this info has been posted originally. I haven’t gone to other websites to get extra stuff – life’s too short.
  • Saying this, the GTC phone numbers at the bottom tend to work according to people that have left a message or comment. So if you need to cancel your ‘golden opportunity for wealth’, then try these.
  • I’ll try and keep this list updated with new numbers as I come across them. They aren’t guaranteed to work – but it’s a starting point…

Current Best Practice (to get out of this scam) – 4 June 2009 (SP)

  • Cancel your credit card / get your credit card company to do a charge back (See this video howto)
  • Phone 866 957 0020

In both cases, the people who’ve got their money back have been persistent and straight to the point.  Don’t hang up until they cough up!

06 4 2009 (SP) GTC 866 951 1406 2510 Warren Ave Ste. 3363, 82001
09 4 2009 Holly GCK 1 866 591 1406 (dialled wrong probs) 2510 warren ave ste 3363 Cheyenne, wy 82001
09 4 2009 (SP) IMT 1 866 870 4257 2375 E Tropicana Ave STE 8, 89119 6563
09 4 2009 (SP) GTC 866 951 1406 970 W Broadway Ste E347, Jackson, WY 83001
10 4 2009 kay GTC 866 951 1406 405 East, 12450 South, Suite G,Draper, 84020 (returns)
10 4 2009 can’t believe I was so stupid GTC FOR REFUNDS CALL 866957 SANDY UT
10 4 2009 can’t believe I was so stupid GTC (801) 944 0838 Six Figure Consulting, 2755 E Cottonwood Pkwy, , UT 84121
11 4 2009 liam GTC 888 705 1275
11 4 2009 Jonathon GTC 866957 SANDY UT
11 4 2009 (SP) GK/ DCB/ GATM 1 800 497 4988 / 1 866 321 2728 4240 West Flamingo Rd Suite #201, Las Vegas, NV 89103
13 4 2009 (SP) KMD Jose Menendez 17425 Nw 77th Ct, , FL 33015
13 4 2009 Richard Michael GBK For refunds call 866957 Sandy
13 4 2009 (SP) FKI/IPF 888 247 3851
13 4 2009 K0lumbus IPF/ FKWI (888) 247 3851 Orem, UT
13 4 2009 Liam GTC/ FSI 888 705 1275
13 4 2009 Liam GS 1 888 247 2155
13 4 2009 Richard Michael GTC/ FSI 001 866 951 1406 970 w broadway ste, E347 Jacsons WY 83001
14 4 2009 LaShawn Blanchard GTC 888 705 1275 970 W Broadway Ste E347, Jackson, WY 83001
14 4 2009 Not Kevin PGP 1 800 309 6980
14 4 2009 Samantha GTC/ KLB For refunds call 866957
14 4 2009 Jessica GTC 1 866 951 1406
15 4 2009 Kim GTC/ FLI 1 866 951 1406
15 4 2009 Kim GS 1 888 247 2155
15 4 2009 Kendall GTC (866) 951 1406
16 4 2009 Tim GTCK/ GC 1 800 390 6035 (Toll Free) / 1 208 345 4245 (Direct)
16 4 2009 CallMeRay GTC/ RCB 866 951 1406
16 4 2009 Bill Nevis GTC/ FKI 877 208 6571 / 866 870 4257 51 W Center St #621, Orem UT, 84057
16 4 2009 Janice GTC 1 866 951 1406
17 4 2009 Shawn Michael GTC 866957 SANDY UT
19 4 2009 Sneed GTC 866 951 1406
19 4 2009 Killer GTC/ BM/ BKWC 888 248 9285, Customer Care, 224 S Main St #218, Springville UT, 84663
20 4 2009 Lilly GTC 866 951 1406
21 4 2009 Tiffany W GTC for refunds call 866957 sandy ut
22 4 2009 Brian GTC 866 951 1406
27 4 2009 Peggy Conyers GTC 866 9511 406 support / 866 957 0020 UT refunds
28 4 2009 Keith Elliot GTC 888 760 6767 (obtained from VISA!)
01 5 2009 Not Kevin GATM 1 800 497 4988 / 1 801 578 9020 / 1 866 321 2728 1810 E Sahara Ave, Suite 1-341, Las Vegas, NV 89104
01 5 2009 Slim1202 GTC 001 866 951 1406
03 5 2009 (SP) eM / GTK 1 800 309 6980
04 5 2009 Not Kevin (via Complaints Board) GTC 00 1 866 957 0200
17 5 2009 Not Kevin GTC / many various names 1 888 256 9025
1 888 258 5204
1 888 256 9024
1 888 249 7889
1 888 256 1248
51 West Center Street #621 Orem Utah 84057
970 W Broadway Ste. E347 Jackson WY 83001
21 5 2009 Tara Boyd GTC / MaxDeal / DealMax / Max Inter national / MaxGXL 866 957 0020
866 951 1406
888 256 1248
866 415 2029
888 705 1275
888 247 2155
800 309 6980
1 866 870 4257
1 800 497 4988
866 321 2728
28 5 2009 Cinthya GTC / Philippines 866 957 0020
866 200 5473 (Philippines)

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. I have initiated everything I can think of FTC, BBB, Postal inspectors, and attorney generals in Wyo and Ut. Gotten nowhere and no refund. Called numerous times, emailed again nothing. I have tried with the cc but they keep believing these wicked people. So my thought is that it is time to go after them legally. I am so willing to get a lawyer and anyone else who wishes to join in the go old fashion linching. Seems to be the only final step to go. My family can not afford this loss of money at this time. I see that on Scott Hunter's site many details have been edited since April and no state you have 6 days to review the material and cancel. Heck it took longer than 6 days to get the stupid "free" CD which has now cost me$146.39. So I say we all need to get together via email and persist as a team against this type of crime and have some sort of law made!

    1. @Teresa

      Contact gymbrat29 who has posted on various forums and websites that are reporting problems similar to yours.

      See above. If you google for gymbrat29 you’ll find all the forums that she’s contacted asking for fellow sufferers.

      I’m surprised that your CC can’t help. It could be that you’ve phrased your complaint incorrectly or that the CC company is connected to the Sioux Falls mob – see, whose selling tactics are as equally odious as the scammers.

      Check Peggy’s website for a good methodology to apply when speaking or writing to official bodies or finance companies. See

      The trick seems…
      …to be forceful and absolutely certain that you are right.
      …to NOT take no for an answer.

      This was Peggy’s approach, and she, like yourself, was initially rebuffed by officialdom!

  2. Looks like is down.

    Address Not Found could not be found. Please check the name and try again.

    1. Yeah. I noticed it had completely ceased a few days ago. Initially, it had just stopped 'trading' (call that hawking for new suckers)

  3. I just discovered on my debit card a charge for, you guessed it $72.21 on May 26. I have read all of these posts and am very thankful I had the good sense to check this out. It looks like I have a long and painful journey ahead of me, but because of all your experiances, It may go a bit easier for me. Unlike many of you, I never even signed up for anything. So how they got got my # is beyond me. I will call the bank immediatly and change my card. What an inconvience to have to go through all that. I have a lot of my bills paid through my card and will now have to change everything. I did try the and it got me nowhere. I will try the refund # of 866-957-0020 and see whewre that gats me. Thanks again to all of you for helping me to get through this. Sorry for all of you that jerks like this have to exsist. What happened to the good ole days…..

    1. @rella

      Make sure you instigate a chargeback via your card company. Don’t rely on the phone palaver ESPECIALLY as you appear not to have not signed up for anything. Watch the video from Chris Malta to see the why’s and how-tos of chargebacks. It’s basically putting the onus on the scammer to prove to your card company that they have a valid charge to make. This costs them money if they can’t prove it, so of course they cave in – despite all the warning threats etc.

      If you are absolutely sure you haven’t visited the site, clean out your computer and run your anti-virus on it…

      This means empty your browser cache and get rid of all the cookies. Clean the temp folder(s) as well. then run anti-virus.

      If you don’t know what this means or how to do it, then get back to me and I’ll walk you through it

      Good Luck.

  4. Steps to Recover your money

    1. Cancel your credit or debit card–Get a new card with new number! Your financial information has been compromised and you will be getting further debits to that card, If not now then they could come back later when you are unaware.
    2. File a fraud charge with your credit card or bank and let them sort it out. They have more muscle to go after this sort of crime. Explain to them about all the consumer complaints that are on the internet and insist that they do charge-back or file a fraud charge. Your bank or credit card organization has all the tools necessary to find out where the charges are coming from, what business is involved, addresses and phone numbers connected to the charge and etc. You may not know or have access to this information. The banks and credit card org have all this at their fingertips and are obligated to handle the problem that has resulted.
    3. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Their job is to monitor and go after these types of scams.
    4. File a complaint with your state Attorney General and also with the Attorney General of Utah (where a lot of the phone numbers seem to be located)
    5. Filing a complaint with the BBB is toothless as the scam already is rated with a “F”.
    6. File complaint at This is a place to report internet crime and is a combination gov agency of FBI, White collar Crime and Bureau of Justice Assistance.
    7. After you filed with all the above agencies feel free to call any numbers you may possess that are connected to the “unauthorized debit to try and recover your money but take their word with a grain of salt. If you succeed in getting your money returned you will have still taken steps to put their scam out of commission.

  5. @Not Kevin
    Ha Ha. I’m glad someone else spotted that.

    I actually whacked a link to Chris Malta’s video right at the top of the two popular pages on this website about the scam.

    I think it’s a terminology thing with the credit card companies. If you use the correct words, then all the various protection mechanisms plop into place.

    As you know, several people on this website and others have had unfavourable dealings with their card companies about getting their cash back. The companies focussed on the Terms & Conditions thing and then the scammed person and their company get trapped in that sort of loop.

    With the proper knowledge and thus the realisation that IT IS A SCAM, I DIDN’T BREAK TERMS AND CONDITIONS BECAUSE THOSE TERMS ARE BOGUS AND I’M NOT GOING MAD attitude, use the right words and the card companies behave in the manner suggested in the video.


    ( it’s still a naff beginning to the video though!) I just had to laugh.

  6. ‘The Day Today’ lol, yes it is a bit like that at the beginning. 🙂

    But what the Mr Malta man says does make good sense – a chargeback puts the onus on the guys who charged you to prove (to your bank/card provider) that they are entitled to the money – not only would this mean a lot of paperwork work for them but it’s unlikely they will even try as being a scam they don’t really have a leg to stand on!

    A little bit more info on getting your money back via your bank or credit card provider:

    If you are in the US:

    “Go to your bank within 60 days of the charge, or as soon as you know about the charge, don’t delay, and tell them that there has been fraudulent activity within your account. Explain that you wish to file a dispute, and demand that they assist you in accordance with Federal Regulation E.”

    “Tell them the truth; this was unauthorized and your account was NOT to be charged! Keep emphasizing how you never authorized anything! Direct them to the hundreds of victims reports” (online)

    “If the charge was to your credit card (not debit card, check card, or checking account), contact the credit card company as soon as possible to request a dispute form. Consumers usually have a little longer to dispute fraudulent credit card charges (up to 6 months), but it is better to act right away. In this type of situation, credit card disputes are usually successful since fraudulent companies often won’t contest the disputed charge.”


    If you are in the UK:

    “Dispute the transaction with the credit/debit card company

    Tell it the monthly payments are “unauthorised transactions” as then, under the Banking Code (which most card providers are members of) it’s its responsibility to sort it out. It may mean Visa, Mastercard or American Express, the companies behind the electronic payments process, are called in by the card provider.”


    After doing the above then report the scam to the,, etc.

  7. Yay! Thanks @Not Kevin
    I’ll stick a link at the top. Shame about the the music and intro though. It was like ‘The Day Today’ – “This is the newoooz!”. What a show.

  8. The customer service number I received from my credit card company rang through to technical support. It is 888-256-1248.

  9. I just spoke with someone at Google Chest who could not find me “account” under my name or my telephone number. However, somehow they managed to charge my credit card for 72.21. I recommend that you dispute it with your credit card company since they cannot prove that you are a member. Best of luck.

  10. I think I’d better whack this webpage up in case it gets pulled…


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    1. @Not Kevin
      Thanks again.

      The email address is:

      This address is protected on this page from spambots so the owner will be okay.

      Please feel free to contact this address. She’s making a big list of complainants to give to her AG that she’s already started a case with!

      Just give her all the fuel she needs. Woo-Hoo!!

    2. @Not Kevin

      A little bit of SQL on my part has enabled me to get all the folk who’ve contributed to the various GTC postings here into an email to the woman. FYI, this is it!

      SELECT DISTINCT `comment_author_email`
      FROM `wp_comments`
      WHERE `comment_post_ID`
      IN ( 3099, 3401, 3533, 3140, 3236, 3240, 3397, 3126 )

      It was the fastest way and the first time I’ve used phpAdmin in anger. There are about 100 names! Most of whom have been scammed….

      standard table names used here for clarity

  11. Read this:

    Apparently some of our complaints to FTC are raising a red flag on the use of the negative option that thrse con artists are using in their cons. Seems the FTC are going to consider new restrictions on the usage of the negative option. Please go and file your comments on how it has been abused in your situation. They have a place to file your comments. They are taking comments until July, 2008. If enough of use go file our comments on the current abuse of the negative option maybe something will get done.

    1. @Peggy
      Thanks again.

      But just to clarify one thing. is a private organisation not a government authority. It says it has a team of class action lawyers working for them and will take on a fight that it thinks has enough merit etc.
      To do this, fill in the form and your report will be added to the pile to provide ammunition for the lawyers in any meritous case.
      A pdf from the FTC on the proposed changes is available here with extra contact points etc. I found it very hard going working my way through it… 😉

      The important thing, if you *have* been scammed, is to report it to the authorities after contacting your card company and getting your cash back. The law needs to be enforced and these low-life need stopping. The lawyers need as much information as possible to proceed. If they are not told, then how do they know there’s a problem?

      call the FTC
      call the AG
      call the OFT
      call the BBB
      call the FBI
      call your state governor
      call your MP

      It’s their job. They won’t mind.

      1. Yes, I found it hard to get through the technical stuff, but I will report these con artists to every place I can find that might listen and who knows when you just might ignite that spark that will burn down the scam. LOL
        You are right about your former comment–I am spending too much time on this tilting at windmills and I really need to get back to my “Peaceful” life of painting. I am smart enough to know that even if this scam is shut down another clone will pop up doing the same old thing. But if someone does not take some kind of action then nothing will get done.

        1. Yeah. They pop up all the time. They are like the hydra,, where each time a head is chopped off, two grow back.

          But you are right. we must keep at them all the time and encourage others to do so (not maintain a balacnce with the day job ;-)). The hydra analogy can be used again because the Hydra had one mortal head that would kill the whole beast.
          I think this scam is the same. The orginal progenitor needs bringing down bigtime. Find that one, clobber him with a stack of papers as high as a skyscraper (the Texas court case is claiming damages of $20k FOR EACH INFRINGEMENT), and a whole segment of this scam zone will dissappear. Once they move overseas (and I’m talking Russia/China/Brazil etc), they are a lot easier to block with standard browser technologies. It’s because they’re US based that sets their foundation in apparent legality.

          But it’s only apparent legality.

  12. There is a different number that I got it is 866-200-5473.. I was told to write a letter asking for a refund and send it to 224 S. Main st. P.O. Box 218 Springbill Utha 84663.. She did give me a cancelation number and said that there would be no more charges.. However I googled the address and there is none to be found…

    1. @Carol Shwetz J Shwetz

      I’d love to cancel your sub for you. Unfortunately I’m a humble website that has investigated the scoundrels operating the Google Treasure Chest thing.
      I can give you pointers and advice about the best way to tackle these scum – but I’m not the bad guy!

      The best thing to do is:

      Cancel your credit card
      Phone 866 957 0020 and/or 866-951-1406

      Afterwards, contact some official agencies of the state. Try these which is a mix of US & UK places:

      You can also contact your state Attorney General if you are in the US or local trading standards in the UK.

      The very best thing of all, of course, is not to pay attention to silly adverts in the first place, playing on the poor economic state and people’s genuine wish to make money, one way or another. But who has never made a mistake? No-one!

  13. I was a victim of Google Treasure Chest but I did manage to regain the $72.21 that had been taken from me without my authorization. I have decided to write about it in a personal blog in hopes that my experience with Google Treasure Chest might help others avoid making my mistake, or maybe find a tip to help them if they have fallen into this scam. The blog is not an advertisement blog but simply a personal blog trying to help make the consumer aware of the pitfalls of dealing with these kinds of scams.
    If you care to read about my experience here is the link

    and if you have any tips or links that might help others please feel free to leave a comment on the blog.

    1. Thanks again Peggy, and welcome back!
      You’re spending far too much time hunting these rascals… 😉 – or else they’ve really pissed you right off and hit exactly the wrong button, eh?

      Please don’t forget the painting – I think your stuff is pretty good, actually. You must live in the great outdoors as everything feels so fresh and lively, so much so that this introvertive computer crime stuff must be quite distressing for you, I imagine.

      Keep well,

      1. Thanks for the comments on the painting.

        And yes, they have pissed me off. My heart goes out to all those who are still struggling with getting their money returned. I would love to see these con artists tarred and feathered!

        1. @Peggy
          Well said! Now can you get back to your easel and get something going with the tar, the feathers and the treasure chest? I’m sure it’s good material! Stuff like this inspires people to action in a multitude of ways.

  14. Got call about 2 wk ago from Google something. Said they were mailing my something. Rude. Advsd them I cancel weeks before, just 5 minutes after pushing the $1.97 button and fine print popping up. Got billed 24.87 and .75 on 5/26 regardless. Today, put on hold, girl comes back, says cancelled it. (that was to have been done way back, at least twice). I ask about refund again, she says call tomorrow. I said no, now. Got cancel no. but not sure correct, poor English. She is in the Philippines so 7-10 days for credit. The support email for this phone number (866-200-5473) says email support, says 48hr response (sure). The 1.97 phone number for refunds was 866-957-0020. I plan to file complaint with Texas Attorney General and whomever else will listen. As they say, if it is too good to be true, don’t believe. I was suckered.

    1. @Cinthya
      As you’ve found, Cinthya, it pays to be persistent. This is the message many people are sending and which I keep repeating. Just stay on the phone (once you get through, that is!), and don’t let up. It’s absolute pants that they say 48hr response in their T&Cs and then won’t pay up for a week or more!

      Please press on with your Texas AG complaint. The more fuel the guy has, the better! Many people have reported that the FTC & BBB have tried the specified email addresses and been unanswered. This is the height of arrogance for a business, which only goes to prove it’s not a business that people can ‘invest’ in; it’s only a business where scammed people become the scammer in a big MLM pyramid.

      And that’s not a business. It’s illegal.

  15. Despite the fact that I feel like an idiot moron (yes, double stupid)and have wasted WAY too much time on this already, I am writing to report my experience with Last night, in a delirious haze at 2:00 a.m. while working on a project and needing a break, I read the Miami news look alike article that discussed how people were making money online from Google. Stupidly and hastily I signed up for the $1.97 CD. Of course, after I did that, I got a really bad feeling, did a search and found your site. I immediately fired off 4 emails to them at, all of which went through. The website, under terms and conditions, advises that the cancellation must be in writing but did not specify whether email would qualify. As such, I followed up with a phone call today – called 888/248-9285, which after a 30 minute wait, was answered by “Ryan” who is in the Phillipines. I told him I wanted to immediately cancel my membership,etc. and he advised that because they did not have my data in their database yet, that to call back tomorrow. I refused and told them that they must have my data as my bank account was charged last night. We argued about this for awhile and then he told me the charges were for shipping and handling, so that was why I wasn’t in the database yet but they would show up after 24-48 hours. RIGHT. We went around and around about that too. I asked for a supervisor, was told they were all in a meeting and thus unavailable. I asked him to get his supervisor out of the meeting or find me the supervisor of the supervisor. I was put on hold numerous times while “Ryan” looked for someone. Finally, a woman named “May” who had the title of “Senior Agent in Charge” got on the phone and I had the same exact conversation with her a few times. I refused to get off the phone (which is exactly what they hope you do – they want to wear you down until you have no fight left in you) and asked whether she knew that the company she worked for was under investigation by the FTC in the United States for internet fraud. She advised that she was aware of this which surprised me. In any case, she finally stated that my membership would be cancelled but I would have to call back to “verify” this. I asked if she had received my emails – she said yes. I then advised that they must have me in their database then, repeating that my account had been charged and that they had my name on their computer – I then asked for an email replying to my emails verifying that my account had been cancelled – simply hit reply and get back to me immediately. She said she couldn’t do this and that the “compliance department” would have to do it in 24-48 hours. I asked for her manager or someone who could send me something in writing immediately today. Again placed on hold. She finally got back on the line with me and advised that the “legal department” was sending me an email cancelling my account and gave me a cancellation number. In fact, while she was reciting the number, I received the email with the same cancellation number on it. She also said I would be refunded the $1.97 within 14 days (not holding my breath on that one though). She then got off the phone rather quickly. My phone calls weren’t over yet. On the blazing keywords website, advise everyone to read all of the information under “important information” – including the privacy policy. Under that section, it says that you “become a customer of rewardmemore” – this is very nebulous and is not incorporated into the terms and conditions section by reference or any other way. Because of this, I placed another call to to make sure they did not have me down for an account or something else. Surprise surprise – the number I called ssociated with rewardmemore is a phone number for – you guessed it – – same busy sounding huge Filipino call center. The customer service person “Gourdson” told me that – he also told me that because my account had been cancelled through blazingkeywords that I did not have an account with rewardmemore either. Anyway – after losing a half night’s sleep over this and probably a total of a hour and a half on the phone – waiting to get through, arguing, time on hold, etc. this has been quite a lesson to me. I called my bank to see if I could put a note in my record about these two companies – I can’t – but I will vigilantly check my online statement daily to see if anything that needs to be disputed shows up…I have never had to spend this kind of time and effort digging myself out of what appears to be fast-talking quicksand. I work in the legal field so I am fairly savvy with argument (excepting my late night computer escapades, of course) and this was one difficult phone call – an old person or someone who is willing to take the first no for an answer will definitely get the short end of the stick on this one. Hopefully my experience will help the next guy – as embarrassing as it is.

    1. Thanks for the excellent description of your experience Laura.

      You prove what I keep saying – that you must be persistent with this lot. NEVER GIVE UP! As you say, someone old, polite or timid would probably cave at the first hurdle.

      One thing from what you said is that the call centre is in the Philippines, and I’ve no idea why anyone there would ever give cash back unless they are using US law…but they’re not the US…?

      You’ll have probably read JohnnyBoy at this comment at blogstorm who states unambiguously that the only way to make money like the scammers, is to be a scammer!

      Peggy Conyers also tookn the direct persistent approach that you did, and it’s to be recommended! See her comments on this site AND blogstorm!

      1. I’ve also started a personal blog where I will be posting my experience with GTC and also any other information that might help others avoid or get out of this mess.
        Best tips:
        Number #1 –cancel your cc or debit card–your financial information has been compromised leading to further debits by the con artists, and maybe later to identity theft.
        Number #2– Report these con artists to the authorities. FTC, FBI, Attorney General, BBB, and any other agency that will take your complaint!

        Strangely, keep up the good work.

  16. Looks like the police in Jackson have been investigating Google Treasure Chest according to this report:

    [970 W Broadway Ste E347 Jackson, Wyoming is one of the mailing addresses for Google Treasure Chest – however it’s just a post office box]

    Interesting quote from the Jackson police:
    “When I went to check on the mailbox, I found out the FTC and several attorneys general were looking into it and I backed off,” Pearson said. “Now, we’re just directing everyone who calls in about it to call the FTC. They don’t have the jurisdictional problems we would have with a case like this.”

    So going on the advice of the police, the FTC seems to be the best place to report this.

    If victims of a scam want to report it to the FTC they can do so using the online form at:

    There is a drop down box to select your country of residence, so it looks like people in the UK, Australia etc can also use this form as well.

  17. @Tara Boyd

    Thanks Tara. I’ve added your numbers to the list. Most are in the list anyway but it’s a good way of recording the active numbers at a certain moment in time.

    Your advice about setting up a conference/3 way call is sound, especially for anyone having trouble getting their bank to believe their story!

    I can’t find much on MaxDeals yet. In the past, names like:

    Deal Max
    Max International

    ….have appeared several times in the RipOff Report and Complaints Board websites. See links below:

    There have been on-going complaints almost continuously since mid 2008 to the present. For each of these scam operations, you’ll find a website that purports to show that the company is kosher after doing a ‘full and frank’ investigation.
    In actual fact, 99.99% of these are part of the same scam plugging operations. See this one for instance:

    Good luck with your future calls!

  18. there are several numbers i will list them are you ready lol
    888 247 2155
    there are more i just can not write them all down i called over 35 numbers today . and they all lead to tryin to get a refund.the guy sounded the same on about 6 of them .it has to be a central line i told him cause when i called he knew my name after the 5th phone call. so like i said have your bank call three way to it call your dispute number for your bank and make them call three way.there is another company i want to warn you about called max deals they are also part of it . they even told me they have many companies they are a third party line .. there it is people third party can you say the word third party is a SCAM…they had no info they just said to write oor send email well …. 6 numbers gave me 4 different mailing address to write to for a refund and the stupid email they told my bank if i emailed them …i would get refunded in 3 days …they did not even match up to when they took my money out according to my bank ….i am still investigating will let you in on more info soon …

  19. The last number on the list (as of today) has appeared as a credit card scam number as well – so no surprises there then! It’s:


    This comment,

    on a phone number search website, says that the credit card company is called

    LLBean Credit Card

    This ties directly in with what @Grace said here on 20 May 2009 at 1:42 pm,

    She says that,

    Chase Bank my Visa bank said that they’ve had a lot of calls on this product scam, and they’re going after their Visa bank, not the actual companies. So I didn’t have to pay for it.

    LLBean is a Barclays Bank card and its VISA!!! If you must get one, try here.

    @tara boyd
    What Tara did
    was set up a 3-way phone call so that her bank could listen in on her conversation with the GTC scammers! The lack of punctuation makes it hard to read (for my eyes!), but the message is clear…

    If you want a good result, let the bank listen in on your refund claim call.

    In Tara’s case, they even heard the GTC guy threaten her!!!

    Now that’s real proof!

  20. i am writing to say i have a huge list and i have been only working on this for 24hrs i called several numbers i have them i have recieved several mailing addresses for a refund i also have an email address from them to get refund from it is a big long line of scams the person told me how do you think you can stop it on the phone recorded with my bank today i have emailed them call them three way with your bank if several banks hear what mine did it will soon come to and end just call them issueing your refund and that you have not logged into thier sight i did not recieve a cd and i did not recieve no email with my password in it they must be comming up with something soon cause if you try to go to any sight all fruad pages come up i am also goin to contact google and start talk to them they need to start a lawsuit against them for using thier name wich is against the law because is paid for by google they own the name but i have got a very large list from just today and they knew who i was when i called a new number they have a warning system when someone get close but this one guy said oh so sad and how do you think you can stop it well watch me i am very good at this and i will get my refund back because my bank was on the line with me three way to hear what they said …. good luck email me with any questions also here is the email write them watch they will get sick of it someday

  21. Okay, so after verbally harassing the “live virtual agent” on the Google Treasure Chest sign-up website, I was given the following email address:

    Also, on the site I scoured the “Terms and Conditions” link, and received the following email address:

    I sent emails to both places, and I am waiting to call them because they are in a different time zone than I, and their offices aren’t open yet.

    I have a question regarding this Google Treasure Chest. It’s something that happened to me, but no one else has reported: Did any of you get signed up and subsequently charged for other miscellaneous things? I myself was signed up for three programs, none of which I had ever heard of. One of them was a Tax Hotline, and I am 150% sure I did my taxes through H&R Block. Did that happen to anyone else? I called the numbers on all three, and only received one refund, yet my “membership” was canceled for all three.

    1. @Samantha

      As far as I’m aware, I don’t think anyone’s got an email address to work! Everyone says to phone up, get the ref # needed and everything cancelled at once. Sometimes two phone numbers are needed esp. if you are on the Grant Springs thing.

      The virtual agent is just that – virtual. It means nothing.

      Most people who have contacted this site have been ‘enrolled’ into other ‘programs’ as well. The ‘Tax Hotline’ is a new one on me – certainly no-one has referred to it here! If you trawl back through the comments, especially on the original post:

      …you’ll find a lot of information how people have been passed around and fobbed off. From all this, you’ll gather that it’s

      A. Very important to act with haste. Don’t put off calling as they have a variety of time-cutoff periods.
      B. Very important to call them, and be firm and persistent. If they sense weakness, they’ll try and keep hold of your cash.
      C. Quite important to get your bank or credit card company notified. Some people have found this backup essential, others have got refunds relatively easily. Why this should be so – I don’t know! Maybe it depends on the phase of the moon…? !!

      Any problems and mention the AG for UTAH and/or your state, and all the various agencies in the US. Various commenters here have mentioned that this knocked the money out of them whereas previously they’d procrastinated and filibustered. Mention the Texas AG who has instigated a case against them as well if it’ll help as well as your BBB and other agencies.

      If you get an email reply, can you let us know at this site, please? It’ll be a first to my knowledge!

    2. @Samantha
      I’ve just had two comment spams hit the website at 21:39 & 21:41.(& another at 22:00!) They were apparently from a domain called:

      This is a new one for me but ties in with the Tax Hotline thing you received. It could be that a new ‘marketing line’ is opening up…

      The domain is protected by a Dutch outfit,
      The website although claiming to be served from the USA, a WHOIS on the IP gives it’s location as PoBox30, 664017, Irkutsk, Russia!!
      The comments I received all appeared to come from IP which is Lancaster, UK!!

      Does this appear to be a good business? Ha Ha.

      This is the text of one comment, the other had a similar flavour:

      How are you. just started reborning and just hooked on as much info as poss; thank you. Help me! Help to find sites on the: Wall clock. I found only this – Internet marketing solutions – search engine optimization, placement and rankings. The seo search engine optimization toolkit includes everything you need to optimize and promote your web pages, to increase your web site traffic and. Thanks :-(. Uziel from Honduras.

      The email address was and the other comment’s was very similar.

      It’s obvious garbage but unusual as I don’t get much comment spam at all. Either the spam protection servers have gone down or someone has manually placed these comments! They were both placed on an extremely old posting of mine,, and are now consigned to the great spam graveyard.

    3. I too have been charged for several additional things that I did not sign up for. One was for a product supplier for internet sales, another was for a company called SafelockID that is supposed to protect you from identity theft (oh the irony!). I have ‘cancelled’ the Google Treasure Chest and the My-internet-payday, but have yet to receive a refund, three weeks later.

      1. @Sarah

        I share your pain! What you must do is to immediately contact your credit card company and cancel your card. File a fraud charge/claim and let the card company sort it. The message I’m now getting is that all card companies should be aware of this scam and similar.
        For a bit more irony (which I spotted as you’ll see my comments in brackets) check my post which lists a load of similar, related schemes all run or sourced from the same pot.
        It’s the nature of a con to come right at you with a con. It makes it so less believable as a con. We WANT to believe it’s all true and the conman just helps us…

        In the same way, many now suck you into their website with words like “My-internet-payday, scam analysed” or even…wait for it…”Google Treasure Chest, scam”. Then in the process of ‘analysing’ the scam, they’ll happen to mention “Google Money Tree, on the other hand, is great and a sound investment”. Of course it’s all the same scammy pipe dream.

        Penny has a ncie list of thiongs to do here: , which is as succinct as anywhere. Don’t forget to check the video lionk at the top of the page where Chris Malta gives you the correct words to use when speaking to your credit card company.

        …er. That’s all and good luck!

  22. I was charged 72.21 from (according to my credit card) for refunds 866 957 Sandy UT and I have no idea what for. I was told it was for some school or study course and I never recieved any CD or anything. I try calling but no service. I am widow living on a small social security check, I really need that money back.

    1. @Sandra Joan Mason

      Two Things…

      You must be persistent Sandra. Many people have said that the ‘office’ is closed at weekends. Also, some people have tried for 20mins or more to get through.

      So you’ll have to set aside a decent part of Monday morning, starting first thing, and just keep ringing until you get through. Several numbers appear to work and people have had varying degrees of success at getting their cash back. Contact your bank and the AG office for your state as well, explaining your predicament. This is especially important to you as you say your card has been billed and you “have no idea what for”

      If you are absolutely certain that you haven’t signed up for something on the internet, then you’ve been phished and you must contact your bank or card company immediately and tell them all the facts, getting your card locked etc etc.

      If this is a real phishing event, then it’s a worrying new development in the Google Treasure Chest saga.

  23. I was told i would not be issued a refund unless i returned the dvd. I told them that i never got a dvd and they said when i do return it and i will get a refund. No matter what i said i was told i cannot be given a refund without them getting the dvd back. Is there any hope to me getting my 72 dollars back

    1. @Brad

      Crikey mate. This is the first time I’ve heard of them actually wanting the rubbish back. If it’s GTC then even by their pathetic T&Cs they have to refund your money. The fact that the disc never arrived is even more fuel for your argument as they haven’t even provided the ‘goods or services’ they promised! I doubt the discs are sent off using recorded delivery so the onus of proof is on them. If push came to shove in any legal sense, they have prior form that they have often not fulfilled that part of the ‘contract’. (just check some of the comments here on this website, for instance)

      Get back at them, keep records of all dates & times, numbers etc, get in contact with your local AG as many people have suggested, and also, contact your bank to get them to pull the plug on further withdrawals, if necessary, changing your card.
      People have used all these tactics. @Peggy has a good description of what she did here. The trick is to be persistent and to be absolutely certain of your rights and that you are right!

      People have found that the phones are off for the weekend. It’s worth a shot, but you’ll probably have to resume your attack on Monday.

      1. I, too had the same amount taken from my checking acct 2 months in a row. It has to do with making money at home. I got through on this phone #: (866) 957-0020. They were not cooperative in refunding my money but you do need to tell them to immediately stop your membership or they will continue to take $72.21 from your acct each month. I sent them a letter by e-mail and CM-RRR demanding a refund or I would be reporting them to the AG’s office, and all our local television stations.

        1. @Colleen

          I’m sorry to hear about your loss and that you got sucked into the scam. But thanks for letting us know your experience.

          Did you actually get a refund or was it just a stop on future payments? Or are some refunds pending?

          This would be very useful to know following the experience of @Sandra Joan Mason and @Brad the other day, say.

          I’m in the UK so I had to look up what CM-RRR means! For UK folks, it’s like recorded delivery so that you can check the person getting the delivery actually signs for it. In the UK, the signature is electronically recorded and is viewable on-line. This could be interesting if the US is the same, which it probably is… We’d have a signature for someone in the Draper office!!

          Also, did your email get through? Many people have reported that emails are bounced right back.

  24. @Idiot
    Thanks for that. It’s the refunds number that people have found successful. I gather the other UT number works as well.

    To re-iterate, we have:
    …which both seem to be the ones to try.

    BTW, that’s a cracking email address you have! Is it real? !!

  25. I believe the # is actually 866-957-0020. It was listed on my credit card statement this month

  26. Someone on complaints board reports this number as working for Google Treasure Chest:
    866-957-0200 ( 00 1 866 9570200 ) – sounds like the same number as “For refunds call 866957” posted above, but that appears to be missing some digits.

    Top tip if you are calling these US numbers from the UK is to check for the cheapest call provider at the Moneysavingexpert international callchecker:

    This shows that dialling via Discount Dial costs 0.5p per minute – considerably less than the 17.5p per minute BT would charge you or the 20p per minute Virgin charge (40 times more expensive than discountdial)

    You don’t need an account or anything as the cost is charged to your standard BT bill (or Virgin, homephone etc) Just call the Discount Dial number first: (0844 200 9595) followed by the international code for USA 00 1 then the number in the US.

    1. @Not Kevin

      -well I shan’t be doing it but there’s a handy tip for our poor UK afflictees of the scourge of the internet.

  27. Although this is a list of phone numbers that visitors to this site have generally been able to access for refunds, I can’t say for certain whether everyone actually got their cash back! This post chain from (which only covers this past week)makes it clear that even though people actually got through to real people, after repeated attempts, many still didn’t receive cash back!

    You’ve been warned!!

    It’d be good if some previous contributors could let me know if they ACTUALLY received money as opposed to a PROMISE for money. They’re not the same, are they?

    At least I’d have some customer service numbers that do what they say on the tin.

    1. Re: Google Treasure Chest, 970 W. Broadway Ste E347, Jackson, Wy 83001
      866-951-1406 (support) 866-957-0020 UT (for refunds)

      I called both 866-951-1406 (support) and 866-957-0020 UT (refunds) and finally reached someone on the refunds number (after many attempts)and got my cancellation number and a promise for the refund (under their 30 day guarantee). They said it would be 5 to 7 days. After 10 days I sent a letter by mail with all the information and numbers and told them what I was going to do if my money was not returned immediately. Mailed it on Wed and on the following Sat my bank account was showing a pos credit from 866-957-0020 UT.

      In the meantime I have reported GTC to the Utah BBB, FBI, FTC, Attorney Gen of Utah, Attorney gen of my state, and consumers affairs. The Utah BBB sent GTC a copy of my complaint and it was returned back “Undeliverable”. As for any action that the other agencies might take I have no knowledge. Hopefully they will take some action to change the law on the way the advance consent/negative option can be used as it is being royally abused by the scamers.

      Below follows a basic copy of the mailed letter that I sent to GTC (with my personal information removed).


      April 29, 2000

      Google Treasure Chest
      970 W. Broadway, Ste E347
      Jackson, Wy 83001

      Attention: Customer Support

      Re: Refund of the debit of $72.21 from my bank account.
      (My address here)

      email address: (my email address)
      Cancellation number: (the cancellation number I had been given here)

      On April 21, 2009, I contacted your refund center well within the 30 day money back guarantee period to request my $72.21 be returned to me. I asked for the RGA number to return the DVD and get my money returned and after your employee checked my account I was told I could get a refund and that I did not have to return the DVD. I was given assurance that my $72.21 would be refunded but as yet I have not received the money. I spoke to a “Rachel” who would not give me her last name but did give me an id number 12068. I was given a cancellation number (insert cancellation number) as proof that I have canceled and was promised that I would get the $72.21 in 5 to 7 days. I was also told by Rachel that I did not need to return the Dvd in order to get this refund. I suggest that you take whatever measures necessary to see that my money gets returned to me as soon as possible and I do not want to hear that you have no record of my request for refund or that the hold up is because you have no record of the Dvd being returned, or for that matter any other excuse for not returning my money. Rachel took my name and address so there can be no mistake that you know where the refund should go to.

      You are blatantly in non compliance with the FTC law regulations on the”advance consent/negative option”. The way you are abusing this negative option is against the law and I am sure that in time someone will see to it that you cannot continue in fleecing the unwary consumer. I am sure that you will not want the disregard of your money back guarantee to be added to the list of your unlawful business practices if I am forced to take my complaint about your business to the authorities. You have my address ( insert my address here) and there is no excuse that I should be made to wait to have my $72.21 returned to me. I expect to see a refund check in my mail within the next week as I have no intention of trying to contact your non-answering refund center or customer support again when all you have to do is intercede and see that this is properly handled, as any business should and would do.

      1. @Peggy
        Thanks for this Peggy. It’s the first time I’ve seen a detailed breakdown of the stuff that’s going on between them and the ‘customer’. There are two things instantly apparent to me about your experience:

        The DVD has no notional or intrinsic value – if it was valuable, I’d assume they’d want it back in order to minimise their ‘secret’ data loss to the outside world
        Contact with their service is slow and problematic to say the least (as remarked on by other contributors) and has a high degree of secrecy – after all, even I could call myself ‘Rachel’!!!

        On top of this, the email address now looks defunct if the UTAH BBB can’t get through!

        On the plus side – you got your money back, which is good. You could also try adding your name to the Texas AG’s court case, it won’t do any harm especially as you are now well up on the naming and shaming process with the recognised legal authorities!
        Also on the plus side, GTC are US based and you are able to use US legal processes that are enforceable to some degree.

        Thank goodness you didn’t try one of the outfits from the Philippines or Cyprus that I’ve come across.

        I think you’d be on a hiding to nothing trying to get any redress from that lot. And the big peril is that the links between these various operations are very, very close and the websites look very, very alike.

        1. I don’t know what is on that dvd as I have read on some of the other sites of complaints against GTC that those who tried it set their virus checker off screaming “trogan”. I was afraid of keystroke logger software and I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

          Oh, when I was calling those telephone numbers trying to get a answer, when I did get any kind of answer it always sounded like the same person’s voice on all of the connections.

          I don’t think they have shut down their email addresses or the address for their mail–I just think that they are just being selective about what they want to acknowledge. They never did answer any correspondence that I sent by email and I feel that I was probably lucky to have reached them by the phone numbers. I tried a dozen times on the phone to get an answer. I kept trying as I reasoned that if they wanted to stay in business they would have to eventually answer if for no other reason than to string the customer along and spin their crooked slant on things. About how they can’t give back the money etc etc. Rachel was ready to brow beat me with her spiel but I was so mad that I laid it out for her about the “who” and “why” I was going to raise hell. She pretended that she would have to go check into my account to see if I could be refunded, put me on hold, and when she came back her whole attitude had changed. It was frosty, but polite reassuring me that I could be canceled and refunded my money. That’s when she gave me the cancellation number and made sure I wrote it down and read it back to her. One of her remarks was she was canceling the
          membership so I would not be charged any thing further and I replied “Yes cancel the bogus membership and no, you will not be charging me anything further as I have canceled my debit card and the bank is on fraud alert for any further debits coming from GTC.”

          I have been doing a bit of research trying to find out more about that advance consent/ negative
          option thing the scamers have been using and it appears to me that the law about how it can be used needs to be changed in order to stop this kind of scam from happening over and over.
          Here is one paragraph I ran across that sums it up for me:
          Know Your Rights
          Businesses must obtain your informed consent before enrolling you in a negative option plan. This is because, under traditional contract law, businesses cannot charge you for goods that you do not order. In fact, you are legally entitled to keep any unordered merchandise that you receive.

          While the Negative Option Rule only applies to prenotification negative option plans, the FTC will take action against non-prenotification plans that it considers to be unfair or deceptive. If you were enrolled in a negative option plan without your knowledge, and the terms and conditions of the plan were not described in a clear and conspicuous manner, you may file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Unquote

          To file complaint with FTC go to

          Well, a lot of us were enrolled in a negative option plan without our knowlege and the plan was not discussed or described before they had our financial information as the law requires and they sure as “h e double l” didn’t have our consent. Just go visit

          for an earful about google treasure chest tactics!

          1. @Peggy
            Wow! You showed them….

            You’ve said two things about the DVD. ONE: you didn’t open it because it may have malware, which is a wise precaution given that even software from reputable sources isn’t guaranteed to be clean.. TWO: your research into the negative option thing revealed that you are legally entitled to keep the unordered goods (and/or presumably services).

            Initially, I thought it was because the software is valueless in itself and that’s why they didn’t want it back. Your second point that I pulled out makes it look that they tacitly admit to using non-informed consent tactics – certainly there are obfuscated conditions and obtuse and variable refund and contact points. It also gives a reason why they always seem to give the money back now, and also, why they make contact so difficult (whoever heard of email not working in this connected age!?). They’vbe limited the contact to one route so as to maximise their return by making it difficult for people.

            In the UK, we have the Sale of Goods Act and some Distance Selling Regulations that do much the same thing. AS I said before, anyone in Cyprus and such places as China, the source of the Canadian Pharmacy scourge, will be harder to pin down, no matter what rules you have in your country. This is the key danger zone and a reminder to everyone to be on your guard. My personal opinion is that the scam rate on these sites (sorry – business opportunities for entrepreneurs!) is much higher than people have quoted (I’ve seen 47 from 50 as a figure). I reckon it’s much closer to 100% than people would like to admit. It’s as if there still are some people out there who like to believe that altruistic millionaires exist who will give all their secrets to everyone on the internet for a small fee……

            The phrase “you’ve been Shanghaied” has as much relevance now as it ever did.

            I’ve had enough spam and malware arrive from Xin-net to make me aware of that. As I said before, you’ve been very lucky to be hit by a US business, and to get your money back. Your persistence and forthright manner are an example to everyone.
            Thanks again Peggy.

    2. I guess I’m scammed by the “for refund call 866 957 Sandy Utah” scam. It was for only $24.87 Don’t know why it was much less then all of yours but I’m not gonna complain. The origional amount for the information DVD was $1.97. I was charged for it then out of the blue a month later they charged my card $24.87 without permission. I called the number they listed on the second charge it was 866-200-5473. It was no doubt a forigner that was hard to understand. He wouldn’t tell me what it was for. He gave me a cancellation number and an address to get a refund. I said I wanted a phone number, he said there isn’t one. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said one wasn’t available, I said no doubt what is the name of the company you work for, he said he can’t devulge that information as they are a third party call center. I said I was calling fraud, the govorner, the president if I have to bla bla bla. I called my bank and they gave me a number to call to dispute it on my card. They were awesome and told me how to dispute it quicker through e-mail and it would take about 10 days for my refund. I read your site and seen that I should cancel my card so I called them back and asked if I should and they said sure can and it wouldn’t affect my dispute. They said They will re-issue me a new card in 7-10 days and send me fraud papers to sign and they would get my money back. It may take a little longer now because I am waiting on the mail system but we’ll see what happens. I usually don’t keep any money in this account till I want to order something then I transfer money over to cover only the order, then if someone tries to take money out without my permission it’s declined, they won’t get anything. I keep this account for this reason. It just so happens I put a check in there this once for a reason just for a few days and Bam! they got some money. Well, a new card is on the way. Won’t order crap like that again. Good luck to everyone else.

      1. @Lynette
        If your bank told you that the dispute works better using email, they’re sadly misplaced in this case (if I’m interpreting your message correctly). I haven’t heard one person who’s found it to work yet!!
        All the rest of your story completely tallies with what other folk have said – just hammer away, get onto the bank, act promptly and firmly, having complete confidence in your absolute rights.
        Well done!

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