Fake User Registration Spam Attack Bastards

It’s all in the title really!

However, the point of this post is that I have a few domains and it looks like the robot(s) are set up by alphabetical order, not IP order. Here’s how:

Two weeks ago and previous,

Domain A had loads of spam, Domain B had few


Domain A has few, Domain B has loads of spam.

Also, in that time, the amount of spam coming from komatoz.net has increased. So basically it’s ramping up the komatoz name as well moving from one domain batch to another. komatoz.net is in China (PRC).

Here’s a bit of the dump taken from the excellent Sabre plugin. You’ll see the sudden prevalence in komatoz … Hopefully, as all the email addresses are duff, the duff robots will pick them up and send to themselves so that maybe mail.ru and komatoz.net will do something about it. Fine chance. It’s really just for info to show the plugin operation. You can see how mail.ru has the same IP address as komatoz.net at one point and then changes it.

extigomot helga_krasavitsa@mail.ru
kosopiss komp@komatoz.net
roocawnHentee 675jkihf@coolsexmovies.net
belkatvv belkatvv@mail.ru
kosopiss komp@komatoz.net
wcportal wcportal@mail.ru
catwnhip cathip@komatoz.net
StrategiyaB strategiyabiznesa@gmail.com
turokturru turokturru@mail.ru
reftywal reywal@komatoz.net
edwerznet edwerznet@inbox.ru
conordco bacsan@komatoz.net
mstobil mobillink@komatoz.net
regnewru regnewru@yandex.ru
hateloveru hateloveru@yandex.ru
smiseeo smiseo@komatoz.net
renoclubrur renoclub2@mail.ru
Bookenrorgo regnewru@yandex.ru
okvobzfuty okmoney2@mail.ru
doktelp doktelp@gmail.com

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


    1. @Gay Boy

      Glad to oblige…. except I won't.

      I have "mail to" obfuscation on this website that blocks automated email address harvesters.

      I have "no follow" attributes applied to back-links for any website that only posts once, say. This means that any perceived SEO benefits that a player may think they are going to get will not arise until they are bona-fide contributors to the website. (n.b. you did not have a URL in this case – I'm just stating it for the record)

      BTW, your IP is blocked so you'll need to arrive from a different destination if you wish to enervate me with exciting commentary.

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