Bulgaria. Another manifestation of the Jillian Effect?

It seems that every time Jillian Greenwood visits and then leaves a country, weird internal changes start to happen. The latest visit was to Bulgaria. Now that she’s left, the interior minister has resigned over claims that he’s crap at his job of cracking down on organised crime and corruption, and see here. This is not without some justification (there have been 150 Mafia assassinations since the fall of communism and not one conviction!), and it has direct relevance to the safety of everyone in Europe.

Why? This BBC article from last week details the killing of two prominent Bulgarians; the first is sadly understandable, Georgi Stoev, a former gangster who’d written lots of books about the mafia. The second is very worrying. That was Borislav Georgiev, who was the boss of a firm that repairs nuclear reactors in the former communist state and thus had access to huge amounts of radioactive materials. We have to ask; what had he done or refused to do, or what was he going to do that so angered the Mafia that they killed him?

I keep saying, and I’ll re-iterate the point yet again. UK Gov is wrong to make the focus of “the enemy” the mad muslims and mullahs. The most immediate threat to the safety of Britain and Europe comes from the strangulation of energy supplies from and within the countries of Eastern Europe – the former communist bloc, and also, the rise of organised crime within those states. The actual effect of organised crime is that of an all-powerful oligarchy, responsible to no-one; just like the former communist states were actually! The only difference to now is that previously, “spare” radioactive materials were made into bombs for attack and defence. Now, those materials are spirited off to the highest bidder, possibly a mad mullah with suicidal tendencies and thus no sense of the rights of man whatsoever, possibly a megalomaniac news publisher like in James Bond movies with no sense of the rights of man either.

How is this the Jillian Effect? Well previously she was in Nigeria and the government had to change…. Corruption, organised crime, the people’s fight for justice and change – it all started just as she left!

The process hasn’t finished. It only starts when she’s left!

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  1. Western Sahara started negotiations with UN, Mauritania abolished slavery finally, Mali peacefully re-elected the beloved Toure,…on the other hand France got Sarkosi! What do I do there? Chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo of course! See http://www.sgi-uk.org

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