Filters & OS

Hey man, hope all is well
had major problems today
my multi os keeps crashing/restarting
probably to do with cracked acronis
it only sees the 1 os
probably gonna wipe all and start again
wont use my acronis, just do multi boot then tweak boot.ini file to make names easier to read instead of 3 x microsoft home xp

do you think its possible for me to make an eq with HPF, LPF and 3 x parametrics in one box(HPF & LPF have to be variable)?

let me know your thoughts

thanks Paul


  1. paul( contributor ) :

    Jan 8, 2008 9:54 pm |

    cool man, thanks for that
    dad said you came by today
    as im sure your now aware i dont live there anymore(sure theres a song in there. you abandoned me. oh yeah there it is)
    thanks for the cd i will try and pick it up soon
    been having a lot of fun routing out of my 1616m through my desk or valve pre-amp and back in
    the tones and sound is awesome
    much more depth and realness and that certain “something”
    i had to use the graphic on the master to dial in each sound seperately, thats why im looking and trying to make my own para eqs
    that way i can more then 1 or stereo
    for some reason when i boosted 60hz it didnt seem to go to much lower in frequencies compare to digital
    when i boost 60hz in digital i have to put a high pass at around 40hz to stop the lower freqs
    must be an analogue thing
    how are you getting on with your 1616?
    i had a breakthrough last night. i wanted to only monitor the returning signal, but all i was getting was amix of the two, then after reading sound on sound emu special, you have to mute the outgoing signal monitor(which i thought would kill the signal flow on the way out. but it just stops you from monitoring it)
    quite cool really
    anyway have a good one

  2. Strangely( author ) :

    Jan 4, 2008 1:06 pm |

    Hi Paul
    I’ll dig out your address and post these cds to you. Maybe they’ll work better.

    I found Acronis to be very powerful and it could easy fuck everything up. Saying that, you’ve probably twiddled a little setting. I did, and I lost all the drive. I found it best to just leave everything at the defaults.
    Check that the partitions are set at active. If they are then you’ve probably done the same as me! Try again with your copy or the one I’ll send you, but stick to the defaults. It’s perfectly possible to make a filter box like you want. Whether you can is a different question – it depends on your skill level with the soldering iron and stuff, and only you know that. Is it that board you were looking at a little while back?

    Remember, all filters are basically the same – it’s just the arrangement and values of the components that set the turnover frequency, slope and/or Q. They can all be variable or switch-able. They can all be passive or active. Also, remember that when you are boosting, that this is acting as a frequency dependant amplifier. So if you chain one boost to another etc, you can run into clipping. Fortunately, this is very audible! It was part of the reason for the popularity of graphic equalisers – you could only get (say) +18dB and that sets the clip point, and also you can graphically “see” where your boosts and cuts are. It’s a bit trickier with chained parametrics, but as long as you think about what you are doing, they are very much more powerful than a graphic equaliser.

    Hope this helps.

    I picked up my Cassette player yesterday from Southsea. It was supposed to be the best two-head machine when it was made according to the reviews!
    It’s a Denon DRM-540. It seems to work! I’ve a lot of transposing to do and the present cassette player is crap. This seems to give better output.
    I wish I’d played better and taken more care over the recordings, especially live ones, all those years ago!
    I checked out the Tascam 32-2B that the guy had. It was quite squeaky so I think there’s a lot of belt/wheel/bearing replacement to do on it. I’ll have to cost it out. His other is about the same. He’s a nice guy. He said if this cassette didn’t work up to scratch he’d sort me out with something else!
    BTW, we have a load of new Minehead members. One is called Dave the Taxi.
    He’s got a 1/2″ 8 track so I might be going to play with it….There are so
    many artistes in the SGI!!!