Embarrassing Pingback Advert for Google Treasure Chest


Comments are now closed on this posting as Google Treasure Chest is dead.
However, the problem has not gone away – the menace continues.

For further information, all chat on this and subsequent scams is now here:
Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!
and here:
More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks/

Mid West Sports Fans
Mid West Sports Fans

Here’s an example of the insideous nature of these Google-related adverts.  It’s The Most Annoying Head on the Planet right at the top of a page complaining about scam adverts!

It’s the unstoppable progress of the Google Treasure Chest money-making, time-travelling, ouboros-like worm that will ultimately swallow the internet.

I went to check my logs.  It was a post a made a while ago and was checking for replies….  I didn’t expect THAT at the top of the page!!!

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