Hey martin, thanks for the CD
not quite sure what it all is but ill do a Google search
been having major trouble with computer
I think I finally got it all working but by that time i have used up all 12 xp installations
so im on the hunt for another
if you come across any good info on building EQs mail em to me
been getting great results from sending sounds out of emu through mixer, valve-pre or just re-recording through mic
much better than just the digital world
did you go to howards sensei celebration?
anyway take care for now


  1. No bass. It’s just me on my keyboard, Jeff on guitar, both of us piping up on vocals, the whole thing going through the mixer with our “standard” stereo tape echo and then a feed being sent to a cassette player. The keyboard went through my “tube” that you saw when you visited here.


  2. cool man, i love that overall tone. that old sound. i think its only possible if you record straight to tape. are the bass and synth going straight to tape?

  3. No prob. Try this: AND LOOK FOR THE Yoni Suchon Live link. I pulled it from cassette and twiddled the sound.
    When I’d finished cleaning up, all the rough edges had gone, so I put the original straight from cassette out on my site instead!
    It’s not all nice and smooth like your stuff, but it’s meant to be raw and a bit disturbing.


  4. You can copy them to anything, even the same hard drive as long as you are not wiping them off by say, sticking them on a separate partition.
    Remember, you are only doing the rename-copyback thing in safe mode, so you can see all the drives like normal, just the graphics and sound are crappy.

    Pip Pip! Watch out for the rootkits!


  5. Cool, thanks for that, he comes up all the time he seems to know his shit
    what happens if you dont have a floopy, can you use a flash drive? that
    would have helped me from going through all of those reactivations


  6. Paul
    I didn’t know about the 12 thing. Did you back up the little file? This link shows you the thing although there are many around.
    Is it a cracked copy – if not, just phone M$ and ask with your reasons for multiple installs. I saw one site that said that there was a 25 install limit. I think they’re just whistling.
    However, my info is that WPA let’s you make three hardware changes in 180 days (half a year!) and then resets the count. If you make more than 3 hardware changes in this time span then it locks out and you have to phone M$ to get unlocked, saying you’re an experimenter or whatever. Remember, these are CHANGES, NOT ADDITIONS. So if you add a second DVD drive, that’s NOT a change. But if the drive breaks and you have to replace it, that IS a system change and adds 1 to the count. The trouble is with integrated motherboards like mine – the onboard graphics, sound,networking,motherboard,memory,processor. Each is a hardware component. If I want to test motherboards (say) then if I do it in a time less than 180 days, I’d have to phone M$ (only 3 hardware changes allowed, remember). M$ explicitly state that you can install your copy on the same PC an unlimited amount of times. To save activation, they also state to do the WPA file copy thing above.

    I see what you mean about recording now. I did that several times. It’s an old studio trick for echo as well. That’s why it’s called the echo chamber. It really was a room, usually L shaped with hard walls, combo amp at one end fed from the mixer, mike(s) at the other picking up the delayed and echoed
    sound being fed back through the mixer.
    If you listen to the “Wee Jimmee Part II” track from our LP “The Big C”, you’ll hear we have a mike in the room picking up our voices, then the playback tape starts (you can hear the click!) so you hear ambient music, and then we fade out the mike and fade in the tape into the mixer, keeping the levels absolutely the same.
    It works very well and give a very weird echo to proximity effect. It was something I thought of doing just before we did the last bounce-down.


  7. From what Ive read, every windows key can only be activated 12 times. So what with all the problems Ive had and had to re-install xp, eack time I had to use a different name in the initial set up to use the same key, But after 12 installations/activations that key was invalid. That was when I stumbled on that registry thing I sent you.

    As of re-recording
    either send an out from Emu through mixer, then sent out of mixer to in of Emu
    the same with pre-amp
    say you have dry strings in your song, route them through any speaker, set up a mic and record the ambient sound of the room and strings back into your song. can work better than fake reverb sometimes(depending on sound)

  8. Hi Paul
    I don’t know what you mean by “12 installations”. Surely your old disc is good enough – i.e. if it worked then, then it should work now.

    What do you mean when you say “re-recording through mic”? Have you thought about recording to tape, as in the old days? That’ll give you a nice analogue sound with the particular compression effect you get at high levels onto tape. You have to have a certain mind-set to be able to plan your mix ahead – unless you can afford an old 24-track and the tape to go with it!

    Dunno about EQ. You know as much as me now. I don’t particularly want to go soldering again. I’d just buy a ready made one of decent quality – it’s all in the specs, if you know how to read them.

    My little cassette player works well. I’ve started copying stuff to hard drive and putting a few live gigs we did on my website. We seemed to be either very good or very bad. Never average.


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