Robert G Allen, Grants, and a Credit Card Slimeball


This is a small investigation into mail lists and scammy companies.  Some companies are fine, but I always go by the adage to judge a man by the company he keeps.  This shows how lists spread far beyond their initial purpose when you sign up for something.  It also shows how the privacy policies of these marketting websites are just words wrapped in fluff.

Robert G Allen runs ‘courses’ and is highly public in his utterances.  His website is

Robert G AllenHere you’ll find the chubby faced entrepreneur open and engaging, and in common with all such sites, remarkably thin in actual methods used despite the vast amount of time extolling their virtues.  They will always say it’s “to protect our secrets” etc.

Funnily enough, when EasyJet was started by Stelios Haji-Ioannou, I remember him going on national telly and saying “I’m starting a new airline – we are different because we are cheap and there are no frills” and it didn’t do him any harm.


The point is that having ‘signed’ up for three scammy looking enterprises, the flood of spam I initially received has now turned into a deluge.  I’m now definitely one of the

“business opportunity enthusiasts who have invested (…) to learn how to make money using Incentivized Freebie Websites”!!! – as I said here.


The fact that Bobbie Allen has a 365 day money-back guarantee and a nice Reno address is besides the point.  Myself, Allen, Grants scams, EBay Success schemes, Christian Debt Solutions and Cash For Gold (to name several, but not all);   we are all now intimately connected by email lists which are passed around with gay abandon as proven in the link above to Monica St John’s Project Payday.  A secret once out is no longer a secret, and it’s no good these sites in their ‘policies’ saying spam is forbidden by their affiliates, which they do, because they don’t care.  They’ve got the money;  and the sites, as shown by the connections below, breed like rabbits!  Several have only lasted a week, a week when they can scam a few folk and then bog off.

Links and Query Strings

The connections run very deep.  While Robert Allen is at, it’s accessed by these links from 2 weeks of spam mail relating to various subjects I’ve listed.

Robert Allen doesn’t get linked to by accident, remember.  He is getting money from them and because of that point, he’s as much part of it as anyone.

You’ll see that there are various links back to similar sounding websites,  most of which pointed to  initially.  All email was sent to the same person ‘Murdon’, an alias I used only once.  Both websites use the annoying helpful popups as you try to close them down, (something that my webhost has started doing so they need telling off )!  The last three are when ‘Murdon’ passed into someone else’s control.   Epic Media Solutions was a common factor in these.  They are listed in the order received;

  • – Robert Allen! (Dabblers need not apply)
  • – Robert Allen! (Dabblers need not apply)
  • – Robert Allen! (Dabblers need not apply)
  • – an auction work at home scheme, Customer Service at 800-715-1074.   Returns Department PO Box 1158 Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 800-715-1074
    is Mining Gold Corporation
    No. 348
    3780 Old Norcross Rd. Suite 103
    Duluth, GA 30096
  • – redir to which is a Google Treasure Chest/Money Kit page without ANY contacts or T&Cs!!!  -but sent by Epic Media Solutions PO Box 970804 Orem, UT 84097 United States whose whois is protected and whose page is under construction.
From the desk of Robert Miller1 President, Massillon, Ohio
Robert Miller?

The similarities in this are obvious.  All these addresses (except the last three) redirect to either Robert Allen as shown or else the odious avatar of Robert Miller, terribly concerned about the current financial crisis.  He’s so concerned that he forgot to leave any real USA contacts in any of the T&C links even though it’s all about US grants!  He’s a busy man.  He has buried a statement from LANETE ENTERPRISES LTD WHOSE REGISTERED ADDRESS IS 3, BELL LANE, GIBRALTAR and helpfully makes a teeny comment that the business is subject to the laws of Nicosia in Cyprus!

Author’s Note: if you wish to be subject to the laws of Cyprus but make a claim against someone in Gibraltar regarding US Gov’t Grants – it’s up to you…

Continuing Links

Concurrent with the above, I also signed up to a scheme using the alias, ‘morton House’.  It’s a good idea to use slightly wrong case as it shows that automation has missed it and allows better traceability…  The signup time was about halfway down the above list.

This bunch start with eBay websites featuring an equally obnoxiously cheery avatar purporting to be Michael Green.  It the same financial tale of woe and optimism.  Robert Allen appears again!  It then morphs into Acai shite.

  • – eBay Success System
  • – eBay Success System
  • – grants for citizens
  • – grants for citizens – but dead
  • – grants for citizens
  • – grants for citizens
  • -acai
  • – redirects to and a Jackie Walsh avatar flogging acai shit.
    • cust serv= Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc.
      2375 East Camelback Rd.
      5th Floor
      Phoneix, AZ 85016 Toll Free Customer Support: 1-888-692-8352
    • Return Address:
      Fulfillment Center
      Attn: CCN Returns
      12399 Belcher Road South
      Suite 140
      Largo, FL 33773
  • – supposedly from Robert Allen! (Dabblers need not apply) – but the redirection goes to the previous Acai shit
  • – supposedly from Free Federal Grant Software – but the redirection goes to the previous Acai shit, again.

All the above used a new type of string (for me) in their spam.  Like so:

Sometimes this can be very large and references pictures etc






Both Murdon & morton House were sent mail from Citizen Grant Notification. This proves they are accessing the same email lists. sent a lot.  They always redirected to which is part of one of the most odious legitimate companies on the world. in a web browser calls itself and it’s a very soothing, professional-looking space…..  Helpfully, they provide the following comforting sentiment from their office in 73 Greentree Dr Suite #81, Dover, DE 19904

Email Anti-Spam Policy:
Interactive Media Spaces does not send unsolicited commercial email through our systems. If you believe you have received an unsolicited commercial email from Interactive Media Spaces on behalf of any of our advertisers, please send an email (with the reported unsolicited commercial email included or attached with the ‘full header’) to:

So yes, I actually do believe I received a Niagara of unsolicited mail from them.  When I subscribed I subscribed to different addresses altogether.  I shouldn’t have to unsubscribe!  I shouldn’t be there in the first place!  They can fuck right off with that one if they think I’m going to cut the headers from this pile of crap….

…calm down Reesy!  Check at the bottom of the page…

Oh Yes.  They have a blanket email removal service – right at the fucking bottom!

To globally unsubscribe from all of our lists, send an email to

Well that’s enough on them.  UPDATE:  I did as I was told.  This came back:

The following message to <> was undeliverable.
The reason for the problem:
5.1.0 – Unknown address error 550-‘5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in relay recipient table’

You’ve got to laugh.

Names in the Above Spam Sources

My Results Today
364 E Main St
STE #185

My Results Today
364 E Main St
STE #185

My Results Today
364 E Main St
STE #185

Interactive Media Spaces
73 Greentree Dr
Suite #81

Lunar Media Network
4001 Kennett Pike
Suite 134-967

Created on: 27-Nov-07
Expires on: 27-Nov-09
Last Updated on: 08-Nov-08
Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.

Interactive Media Spaces
73 Greentree Dr
Suite #81

Interactive Media Spaces
73 Greentree Dr
Suite #81

These fat fuckers deserve a paragraph or two here. Their two gaffers seem to be involved in the redistribution of wealth from poor people in financial difficulties up to nice middle America Sports College things, Republican Party donations – as well as increasing the physical bulk of the head banker.  See:

How Centennial Credit Card Terms & Conditions actually Redistribute Wealth Upwards!

….you understand that your initial credit limit will be at least $250.00 and the following fees will be billed to your first statement: Annual Fee of $48.00, Account Set-Up Fee of $29.00, Program Fee of $95.00, Monthly Servicing Fee of $7.00, and an Additional Card Fee of $20.00 per card (if applicable).

Well that’s what it says.  So you borrow $250 and are instantly charged $179!

…well not quite.  Many people on phoning FPB claim that the company says it’s never received stuff and thus charge the ‘customer’ another $29 for late payment.  Well that’s okay and fair.

…apart from the internet access fee and the late and overlimit fees?  Yes….

– Because you only have access to $71 from the $250 you think you have after the first month, you may easily go over $250.  Then you are billed $29.  So you re-arrange the credit limit to cover this for which you are charged $25.

This is exactly the trap people fall into.  To borrow $72 you have to pay back $304 which kind-of makes a mockery of the 9.9% APR!!!

It doesn’t stop there though.  If you are credit-worthy, your limit is automatically increased to say, $500.  But don’t forget the $25 credit limit change fee!!!  Ha Ha.


Needless to say, I’m putting the Centennial Credit Card into the ‘No’ pile along with everything else.  In fact, as a special consideration, First Premier Bank of Sioux Falls are going straight down the German Toilet.  I advise everyone to do the same who gets a spam from them like this.   This is my gift to FPB:

All future spam is going straight in the bin as time’s too short to analyse further.  Thank god for Mailwasher Pro!!  In fact, because FPB are so crap, my well-known bad taste has returned, just for them…

Shit in a Toilet
Shit in a Toilet

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. I've just noticed a class action decision that makes some of the T&Cs on dodgy websites like we've seen…

    Bang out of order!

    <a href="


    Essentially, it's a payday loan website and a "customer" couldn't pay their way.

    The clauses on the website made the person sign away their right to be involved in any legal action against the business – a class action to be specific.

    This Wisconsin court decision clarifies this plainly sensible result – something that should never, ever have made light of day in a "just" country like the US (or UK).

    It seems plain to me that signing away your right to legal redress for the privilege of being part of any contract – is bollocks. It's one of the cornerstones of our justice system and chucking away one's rights is just plain slavery.

  2. One thing is clear, @Not Kevin; the BBB may have had some merit when it was set up, but its actual ratings and its ratings system are so heavily discredited by the revelation that a monetary element is involved in a business acquiring any sort of decent rating, that it fully deservers your new moniker:

    Better Bullshit Bureau.

    The latest on the Trump thing is here:

    In October, Trump got claims about breach of contract, breach of implied covenant, money had and received, and violation of California Unfair Competition Law dismissed…

    However, the class claims are going ahead with regard to negligent misrepresentation, fraud and false promise, under Rule 9(b) for failure to allege claims w/ sufficient particularity which means that Trump failed to specify which bits of his doings were okay in the class claim.

    So "negligent misrepresentation, fraud and false promise". That's about it in toto for most of what we've seen with the ne're-do-wells on the web, eh?

    And maybe someone should start looking into Trump's plans for a golf course in Scotland, properly. A recent Radio 5 bit had quite a few locals pissed off about it, with one or two "chamber of commerce" types all for it. See :

    I still get spam from Chubby Allen and all the other smokies – several per day. I don't bother clicking the unsubscribe links as the usual thing is that I get even more spam from Bubbly, Blustering Bob. I have enough spam samples from the Optimistic Oaf now to fill a library.

  3. Robert Allen, Donald Trump, Prosper Learning and spam.

    Amongst 88 other sites sitting on the Prosper Learning server are and

    The latter has their Whois hidden (something to hide Mr Trump?) while is registered to:

    Jade Koyle

    5072 N 300 W

    Suite 220





    Prosper Learnings website says that Jade Koyle is "Executive VP Online Marketing, Prosper Inc" ; and are also registered to Jade Koyle at the same Utah address. Several other Prosper websites are registered to:

    Ethan Willis

    Prosper, Inc.

    5072 N 300 W

    Suite 240





    Ethan Willis is the co-founder of Prosper Learning.

    Here is an interview with him (now taken offline hence the cache) in which he proudly boasts about buying bulk email address lists of 1 million emails:

    Adrian Bye: "Basically, you went looking for buyer leads on the Internet?"

    Ethan Willis: "Right. This was even before a lot of people were doing CPA. It was primarily CPM where you’re paying $1,000 for one million names. We’d do a drop to that. We didn’t know what to expect, but all of a sudden we started getting 300, 400, 500, and even up to 1,000 leads a day. We then started trying to find more lists in which to drop."

    Just because he paid $1000 per million names instead of harvesting them himself, doesn't mean it's not spam…

    And yet prosper still has an A rating with the BBB (Business bullshit bureau?) despite over 300 complaints!

    The Donald Trump University is alleged to be promoted via spam:

    and is also the subject of a lawsuit:

    Lawsuit: Trump University a Scam, Suit Claims

    A group of consumers has filed suit against Trump University, the financial institution that holds itself out as a vehicle to instant wealth and happiness, alleging that the only thing they got from the school was a massive amount of debt.

    Just this week Donald Trump announced his interest in running for US President. Lets hope that never happens!

  4. yerpppp!!!tis so true that american gov.allows such shady bi=zz and slapps their wrist and gives them a polite "Don't be so mean to our peoples pease ?>??>?>?

  5. why in the hell can't we prosecute these asshole criminals? They are parasites, and should be treated as such, by killing them off. Make a civil and criminal case that could go federal and make them responsible for their horrible swindling and poor business ethics.

    Vote YES for their incarceration.

  6. It is amazing how morally bankrupt some people can be. I remember when the Google Kit scam started circulating. A number of affiliate programs were full of offers for this scam and they were paying very well. I left a number of networks I was a part of due obviously poor quality checks or willingness to look the other way to make some money.

    1. I know what you mean, but when I looked it was the long one with the same chubby upward-looking face from ages ago that's at the top of this posting. Perhaps the pages rotate a bit over time or change depending on where you arrive from. This was certainly the case a few weeks ago when I arrived at exactly the same page and saw what you are referring to. See:

      I wish I'd done a sceenshot at the time, because it's back to the old template now!

  7. INTERACTIVEMEDIASPACES.COM is sending out email that masqueardes itself as being from – It is coming from Interactive Media Spaces and directs you to a competitors website while gleaning address's for future spam. is a legitimate website that provides eldercare service referals for FREE and compensated by the community, the spammer is sending the 'recipient' a list of communitites for FREE but the real payoff is in the spam programs they are part of. My friend loses out on referals, the consumer gains the free advice, and then we all pay in spam.

  8. Thanks @Not Kevin.

    I thought I'd spotted this firing up a while back – so I checked. I had!

    I also had an interesting bit of feedback as there are TWO Prospers!! So be careful to get the right one! See:

    While there, notice how 'Ken Blanchard' is mentioned again (he's in the bit about Ethan Willis you mention), and if you've got the time, and need a laff, have a look at Ken's management mentoring skills in the video link I provided…

    And for the real scum, it seems that they just hang low for a bit and then continue along their merry thieving ways, doesn't it?

    Same working practices.

    Same modus operandi.

    Same business support structures.

    (I laid it all out with selected scam complaints through the years about ol' Bobby Allen and his scheming tricks in that posting)

    Utah really has some serious problems and it's brave people who volunteer to stick their head above the parapet in Utah and go against the loaded, self-seeking politicians and easy-going 'business' laws.

    One such is Eric S Peterson, and I said as much last August here:

    …notice how my original posting is called "Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!"

    They just don't go away, and it seems that individuals can only get redress by clubbing together under class action lawsuits or with the backing or on the coat-tails of wealthy businesses or individuals doing the same.

    And it's getting worse….. Not only are the laws ineffectual and the lawmakers and state governors etc as bent as a nine-bob note, they're now trying to make it legal in Utah and then the rest of the USA to sell snake oil!!!


    You'll find this on a comment from @Vogel here, although it's probably in the comment archive which is thousands long now…

    Essentially it's a couple of Utah/Colorado Republicans who are promoting some legislation called

    The Free Speech About Science Act of 2010 — HR 4913

    This is what one Republican Governor says on his website:

    It is important for individuals and families to take charge of their personal health by making the right decisions to get and stay healthy. This includes accessing information so that individuals can adjust habits, eat healthy, and take appropriate dietary supplements to prevent and even treat health conditions. The Free Speech About Science Act helps insure their access to legitimate scientific research to make the necessary decisions to improve their personal health and the health of their families. Today s science has shown that vitamins and nutritional supplements can offer successful, natural alternatives to drugs. As we begin to reform our nation s healthcare system, supplements are an innovative way to help reduce costs. The Free Speech About Science Act is a common sense act that will make it easier for doctors and consumers to learn about the cheaper, healthier alternatives to costly medicines that food and nutritional supplements provide.

    This gobbledegook is set to give carte-blanche to the Utah snake oil salesmen to sell their wares, any wares nearly, as 'medicine' with only the most baldest of statements to back them up.

    It gives an idea of the real stink in Utah (and it's not just the Great Salt Lake) and how the minds of a whole raft of society there works. From there, it'll only be a small leap to legalise negative options and invisible sign-ups to a multitude of scam companies as "consumer choice"….

    This is why I say that the journalist on the SLC Weekly, Eric S Peterson, "puts his life on the line each time he lays pen to paper"

  9. Looks like Robert Allen is targetting the UK again – crappy banner ad about UK jobs leads to :

    With the usual as seen on crap- this time it's as seen on Sky News, BBC, The Sun and Forbes no less!

    Plus the usual baloney about posting links :

    Step 1

    Go to this link, fill out a basic online form and hit submit at Work From Home Kits Official Web Site (pay the small fee for access)

    Step 2

    Follow the directions and set up an account. Then they will give you the website links to post. Start posting those links. They track everything.

    Step 3

    You will receive your first cheque in about a week. Or you can start to have them wire directly into your bank account. (Your first cheques will be about £500 to £1,500 a week. Then it goes up from there. It depends on how many links you posted online.)

    Click on the link and it goes via to

    More as seen as logos and the annoying voice of Robert Allen.

    Note the bit which says:

    "Services are provided by Prosper, Inc., which has been specially selected by Robert Allen to provide education and guidance throughout your program. "

    Yes – Prosper Inc of Provo Utah – the Prosper of the bizarre waterboarding allegations:

    Here is the CEO Ethan Willis as mentioned on Saundraks Utah Scams blog:

    Fill in some fake info and you get taken to the payment page – the trial price? 666 – well £6.66 – yes really!

  10. John P Mello gives an excellent run-down on Google, spam and privacy here:

    This is in direct consequence of the abortion that is Google's Buzz application for social networking….

    Google (Do No Evil), as we all know who have been amazed at the procrastination about doing anything to protect their name from online sharks and scammers (Google Treasure Chest, Pacific WebWorks, Jesse Willms' teeth whiteners, Acai berry cons, Grant scams etc etc etc), woke up in December to "apparently" crack down on the scammers. See

    Now a major part of the scammers' armoury comes via spam emails. We all receive electronic sackfuls of the stuff!!!

    But what the chattering incompetents at Google have done with their Buzz app, as John P Mello explains, is allow spammers to target people's email address books and thus validate email addresses on AN INDUSTRIAL SCALE!!!

    Unbelievably, (considering all the trouble Microsoft have had over the years with it's own email clients spawning virus transmission to previously unheard-of levels), Google's Buzz does exactly the same – with bells on! The onus is on each and every user of the system to lock it down – not to open it up! Handy eh?
    This BBC news article says that a war room of head honchos is thrashing out the problem.

    To me, this demonstrates the importance that Google attaches to the social networking environment, NOT any great concern over security or business ethics.

    This is especially and abundantly clear given the continuing existence of Pacific WebWorks (PWW) despite it being caught red-handed by Google and after many years worth of accumulated evidence of malpractice in the online communities' complaints cache.

    Any right-thinking person would have closed that bag of charlatans down straight away. Instead, it carries on in it's nefarious thieving ways, only slightly chastised by it's Google slap.

    Q. How do I know?

    A. Because the complaints are rising again, as shown in these pages and in the host of websites devoted to raising consumer complaints!

    Google. Do no evil.


  11. Great site. Just remember to keep things in perspective, you know? Fighting spam email is a great thing to do, but don't let it stress you out or take up so much of your life. Is it worth it? I am not agreeing with the "get a life" comment by any means. that guy needs to get a life instead of flaming the internet. You could be smoking dope or wasting your life in any number of ways. just the perspective thing. it is easy to lose! and btw i get some of the same exact emails. I suspect only a few prolific spammers are really behind it. not these fly by night fuckers. A man was sent to prison in Seattle and there was a noticeable reported drop in spam for a while. it was a landmark case. And I know someone who does/or has done that (opt in email spamming) and he does quite a bit. Technically they get away with itnd make money because it is "opt-in" at one point you DID agree SOMEWHERE to get emails. even if its tiny print or it wasnt clear youd get spam from everyone and their mom. It needs regulation, there is too much room for people to skirt around the law making a quick buck spamming. I am tired of creating new email to eliminate spam. no matter how careful I am my email always eventually gets raped and I have to make a new one. either that or spend my life managing it and deleting and unsubscribing (which wont work anyway) im as frustrated as you about it

    1. @justsayin

      That's be alright if it was just spam….

      But it isn't, is it? The point is that much spam isn't just annoying – it's one of the main vectors for information transfer that leads people to websites that are far more dangerous than just annoying.

      As you say, it needs regulation. But as I say, it's far more dangerous than "quick buck spamming" as you say. More like "quick million bucks!"…Okay?

      If you'd read the whole article, the related ones and the hundreds of comments from affected people (I know it's tedious), then you'd realise that tens of millions of dollars have been stolen from people by these routes.

      Then, it may dawn on you that it IS worth fighting for and spending time from my life.

      Because it's THEFT, pure and simple.

      This is one of the Ten Commandments that the so-called God-fearing folks in Utah & Nevada seem to conveniently forget when setting up their scams.

      So spam is only part of it, alright?

  12. I see here you have told me to F. O.

    Have you ever told a real cowboy from the West to F O before? What was the outcome?

    May I suggest a little civility.

    KC Truby

    1. @truby

      Civil means being nicer to people – not ripping them off, wasting their time with shite, not stealing from them in the most bestial underhand fashion.

      Civil does NOT mean that I have to be nice and polite to complete twats who do these things or those that think that it's okay to fill the web with crap in some weird perverted game of deception.

      So truby, as you fulfil most of the criteria above, please fuck off and don't come back.

      BTW. There are no real cowboys any more (apart from the crooks). It was all a dream that ended just as the movies started. So keep living the dream dude if it makes you happy.

      1. Strangely:

        First of all there are real cowboys, and if you had any intellect other than piss ant, you might be able to understand this and wipe your own ass. However; given that you stated you are from the UK only further justifies the fact you don’t know shit about the western states of the U.S.A. as well as is proof why us yanks were able to shove the Union Jack up your asses during our revolution. Furthermore; you don’t have the balls to come out to Casper or Laramie Wyoming and make that kind of statement and is yet another reason why you all lost the bloody WAR! Finally; shut the hell up, your wisdom is merely that which comes out the south end of north bound bull……

        1. @CommonSense

          You need help mate.

          This post is about the depths to which scumbags sink while ripping off the poorest, most vulnerable people in the land. It's not about the relative merits of old colonial battles between privileged land & slave-owning elites.

          Furthermore, the sole reason that I won't revisit the USA is that I'd now be treated as a criminal before I even boarded a plane in the UK with full CRB checks, fingerprinting and even retinal scans. Why on earth would I want to spend MY money and boost their economy by visiting a place that would treat me like that? In fact, I positively withhold as much of my personal spend as possible that I consider goes to supporting the US-imposed world fear hegemony.

          When the paranoid "war on terror" goes, I may return. Hopefully by then, you'll have found the help you so obviously need and we can then discus the role of cinema in describing the reality or otherwise of "The West" over a nice cup of tea or a cold beer.

          1. Thanks for taking the time to inform people about the reality about scammers. Is not worth your time to respond to these dummies. I am from the USA and your response was very well said. Keep up your work.

    1. @KC

      KC Truby claims to be a cowboy. Well from my vantage point in the UK, he looks a right proper cowboy, I can tell you! Truby's selling reality is so fantastic that his website creeps along in the slow lane, his videos only half-load, his Alexa ranking is >3,000,000 and dropping, and ……. it is currently up for sale!! See

      Junk mail isn't "only" junk mail. It's almost always something far more insidious and both a symptom and cause of much greater malaises…

      Spam is one of the prime vectors for enticing people into malware download websites.
      Spam fills up bandwidth to a horrendous degree
      Spam wastes my time

      Truby. You also, have wasted my time. Now fuck off.

    1. Thanks Paul. I’ve seen the ‘actors’ website before. It’s pretty humorous to see them speak their own names after having sat through umpteen webpages where they claim to be someone else.

      In fact, it’s very reminiscent of the late lamented….

      “Hi. I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such scam adverts as….”

    1. Thanks.
      the final paragraph in that proper.tracking202 link is a corker:

      Not too long ago, the FTC held a press conference to go over the major Grant issues that took the affiliate world by storm. Sarah has a rep that attended the conference and was able to verify with FTC agents that their grant offers are compliant and a Facebook rep that attended the same conference is helping them find ways to market it more effectively. Something most networks probably could not claim with the recent grant slaps. While I do not know all the details regarding the conference held and all that's happened, that at least shows the extent of what they're doing to try and make sure certain verticals stay alive for affiliates. Check them out and see what you think for yourself. Don't simply take my words for it. Due to the fact that we don't run new affiliate offers anymore, I've never ran campaigns with WebTraffic2Go but as I said before, they're definitely good people and that counts for a lot in my book.

      I like the way that the law enforcement which arrives to protect 'consumer' interests (I call that people's interests) in major legal crackdowns, is referred to as a

      "Grant Slaps"

  13. "Epic Media Solutions was a common factor in these. They are listed in the order received"

    Check out:

    "Epic Media Solutions is a trusted internet marketing company that focuses on targeted marketing campaigns that help sell your ONE product TO MANY customers. We combine the creative, technical, development, and actual deployment stages of web marketing that generate sales for clients across many different markets and locations."

    Featured Scams, er sorry Offers: Grants for Citizens, ebay Success System, Google Elite, Acai Chews, Red Hot XP and ResV Pure.


    5072 North 300 West

    Provo, UT 84062

    United States

    Take a look at the contact us info at Robert Allen's official website:

    Robert G. Allen – Contact Us

    Multiple Streams of Income, Inc

    5072 North 300 West

    Provo, Utah. 84604


    1. Ho Ho Ho!
      Rob Allen gets everywhere – in fact, the whole towns of Provo, Draper etc must be in on the scam somehow.
      This is like the Centennial Credit Card as most of Sioux Falls is dependant on spam (I got several spam yesterday for a BLACK Centennial Card!!) for income.

      The fact is, "would you want a naff card via a spam mail?" – the answer, is "only of you're poor and thick" – and yes…..that sounds like their core customer base, the weakest and most vulnerable in society. This is in line with their committment to redistribute wealth from the poorest to the richest, and from street basketball to the local golf course (members only).

      I've seen a similar analysis of Booby Allen before – I think it was a commenter on Complaints Board or I followed the commenters links and he exposed the whole Allen thing right back to ~1974 – he's been bankrupt about twice! I think your link is using that bigger one I found (I wish I knew where it was!) as source. The guy appeared to have very personal knowledge about the beaming entrepreneur!

      BTW – check out the ads at the bottom of the Epic/GrantMoneyPro page. One is for Google Money Bollox! And they are still using Google logos in a suggestive way!

      1. I've "re-found" the article which exposes the dirt on clever Robert (Booby) Allen.

        It's on John T Reed's website: <a href="


        He says that starting in 1984, his debts to the IRS were over $340k and rising plus over $100k to other 'gurus', ha ha.

        Reed's personal opinion and recall of his dealings with the chubby Allen are hilarious. Coupled with an incisive insight into the "avalanche" story near the bottom, he reveals Allen's charlatanism. Of course, tghis is his opinion, but my investigations into the trail of spam emanating and re-directing back towards the smiling Booby, confirm a lot of what he says.

        I'm indebted to this article for showing me the way to John T Reed's original.

        1. 2004 video as Robert (Booby) Allen whisks Australia into a frenzy.

          It could have been a better report with more factual guts and less hysterical LCD-type reporting IMHO. But it did show lots of folk signing up…

          I wonder what they’re all doing now, five years later?

    2. Epic Media Solutions

      I checked a spam this morning that comes from the firm… If you want to follow the link, either live in the USA or use a proxy as it's blocked for the UK.

      From: "Success System"

      Subject: I Found You a New Job.

      Dear Murdon

      If You Have 60 Minutes A Day, You're Hired

      $195.00 and up… per day

      Check for positions in your area:


      Immediate Placement

      This email was sent to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, by

      Epic Media Solutions
      PO Box 970804

      Orem, UT 84097 United States

      If you do not wish to receive future e-mail

      from Epic Media Solutions, please use the link below.

      (link removed – SP)

      The point about this is that the firm's contacts are in Delaware and are subject to the laws of Suffex County, Delaware! Thinking that the Olde Englishe connection had been jumbled over the years, I checked out the county – yup! Not Suffex, it's Sussex….. That's one hell of a legal document!

      This is the company location. It's the usual American planning where everything; offices, factories, houses, dog kennels…., everything is made to look like a small motel! Amazing. And there are sooooo many businesses squashed in there!

      <div class="aligncenter" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 10px 10px; vertical-align: middle;">

      <iframe width="425" height="240" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",222.33,,0,5&cbll=38.765458,-75.211378&v=1&panoid=&gl=uk&hl="></iframe><small><a id="cbembedlink" href=",222.33,,0,5&cbll=38.765458,-75.211378&ll=38.765458,-75.211378&layer=c" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left" rel="nofollow">View Larger Map</small>


      Two other things;

      One: Epic media seem to be trying to use up every zip code in Utah!

      Two: The final destination is "Auction Work at Home" with the cutesy actor purporting to be Cathy Banks on this website:

      Unlike the Google Money Bollox, this is supposed to be a non-recurring one-off payment of $147. Interestingly, if you try to close the page you get the (now usual) popup about speaking to an agent. If you click back and forth a few times you end up on either a $99 page or a $197 one! And it's all the same thing.

      While fiddling around with this stuff, I accidentally clicked the "Unsubscribe" link in the origonal email (twitchy mouse syndrome). I'm now officially Unsubscribed by! So that's alright then – NO MORE SPAM FOR MURDON, ha ha! 😉 (Now where's that flying pig?)

      1. Q. I guess you're wondering how the unsubscribe went for "Murdon"?
        A. Well just as expected, really. That is, I got another one today that may as well just say to the world:

        Still Scamming

        Today's spam email addressed to Murdon, goes as follows:

        Let Google Bail You Out – qualify for your cash funding ASAP From: Google Money Grants

        Hello Murdon,

        Google has just announced its Google Grants program

        Do you have access to a computer?
        Do you want to work for one of the largest internet companies in the

        Work from home positions are now available in "off-site" employee
        group (OSEG). Individuals who want to earn money from their computer
        should register for the Google Money Grants program. The program is
        filling up fast.

        Only the serious need apply. This opportunity will not be given to
        everyone. You must be serious about working online with a desire to
        earn as much as $785 per day – or more depending on the amount of time

        Do not pass up what could be the best company in the world to work
        for. Register ASAP.

        Notice the lack of Google icons when this scheme is running. The verbage is incredible also.

  14. Thanks for all the info. Your site is great to let consumers know about all the slimeballs out there!


  15. You have just earned a spot on my “Favorites” tab. Keep up the good works…

  16. I think the few thousand folks in Sioux Falls who’ve got jobs with this fat fucker in Premier Bank, should have a walk round the streets of Buffalo or anywhere in Detroit, say.

    Just tell everyone what you do…? I dare you.

  17. UPDATE:
    I’ve just noticed (in passing, I might add), that the same false IDs I set up are now being used by the spammers to sell lottery-winning-horoscopes (I kid ye not) and a few have come in with the old Canadian Pharmacy rubbish too.

    I hate spammers just as much as they do! Ha Ha!

    1. And to continue with the theme of sheer undisguised slimball criminality, I randomly checked one of the daily splurge of spam addressed to ‘Murdon’, one of my chosen names during this experiment.
      The exact text follows below – notice how there’s no pretence at dressing the ‘Google’ word up in anything anymore. Sheer slimeball criminality.

      Hello Murdon,

      Would you like the secret that will allow you to earn money by surfing
      the internet, doing searches, and filling out forms?

      *How much would you like to make*?

      Google is a huge money maker and there are a limited number of positions
      available – please do not wait until there are no more seats left in the
      program – start immediately!

      Nikky R. from Alabama made over $1,130. her first week.
      Jason S. from California made $2,975. in his first three days.
      Marcy H. from New York made $11,762. her first month.

      Check to see if you qualify for the program:

      * A computer, and basic computer skills are required for employment

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