EMU drivers

Reaper asked me to update it today (again – I’ve only just done it!). As part of the process, I thought I’d check the emu site to see if there was anything new on that front. There is!!!

There is a new PatchMix DSP application and some new drivers and firmware for the EMU box. Get them here:

They are both about 20 meg downloads. The drivers one contains firmware and it asks you to switch off and then back on after the drivers are installed to make sure it all takes okay.

It all worked fine for me. Wahay!

Some of the support documentation has been updated also.
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  1. Cool, thanks for that
    Ill definetely be upgrading, especially now that you can bring line ins as mono, makes it a lot more sense
    I just recorded vocals though my studio projects VTB1 set to solid state mode, then into emu
    I didnt even need eq, the sound was sweet
    I will mosy over to Reaper and see whats new
    Youll never keep up with their updates, they come out at a silly rate
    have a good un

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