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Hi Paul

I’ve ditched my RAID setup and now have a single partitioned disc! The reason is that I found that EVERYTHING was dependant on the card; So far from giving me extra data security, all I got was more complexity, heat and worry. I assumed that I could just plug the RAID discs into any controller in any computer and it’d just fire up – NO! Big mistake. Some of the booting data is stored in the card and is linked to the card. So if the card breaks, the only solution is another card of EXACTLY the same make and model!

So my single disc flies along. I copied everything over to it using True Image and it took all night. When I woke up, I just took out the old disc(s) and now the card and everything whizzes along.

It’s a Samsung and is quiet and fast and cheap and big.
It’s got more cache memory than my first PC’s main memory!

I now have a few spare 250Gb discs if you’re interested!
Strangely Perfect

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. I use the penny trick for my Donald Fagen album as it has a huge bump at one part of the record
    Stops it jumping out of the grooves

  2. WE should have posted all this stuff on mine or your (tutorials missing) blog! The trouble is that what starts as banter ends up as info but you can never tell where it’s going!
    The mods we did on our turntables involved a penny or two and blue-tack! It a good method of getting just the right counterbalance when you got a newer more expensive stylus assembly!


  3. Cool, thanks, awesome stuff
    You should put that info on your site
    I have a real bog standard record player, but i did re-cable it
    Im gonna do some other mods at some point too
    Have a good un

  4. Paul.
    Tape saturation depends on the make and type of tape. It’s usually when you’re well at the top of the red (3-10) and it’s frequency dependant as well, so you can go louder with low notes if I recall.
    There used to be all sorts of black art stuff around vinyl records. The one you’re on about is about playing it underwater which was supposed to get better wall/stylus contact or something. If I recall there were only a few “rules” that actually worked:
    Use a light, compliant stylus/pickup.
    It needs to press on the disc with <3g force. If it’s too light it bounces and floats.
    Make sure the turntable is absolutely flat, spins at an absolutely constant speed, and doesn’t transmit noise from the motor or deck to the stylus.
    Get a arm that moves in a dead straight radial line across the turntable, not an arc. The only one that did this was Bang & Olufsun I think. It mimics the path of the cutter as it moves across the disc (I’ve seen this done for some of our records where we got the engineer to add extra eq to the master so it fitted to the maximum swing that the needle could take).

    Strangely Perfect
    Crawling Chaos
    Foetus Products

  5. To be quite honest, I dont usually use compression
    Usually on kick or drum bus to get it pumping
    Where is the saturation point with tape? Is it just over around +1 to +3db?
    To clean vinyl you need an old toothbrush and a dab ov washing up cleaner. Brush and wash
    I read this crazy article once where they put a drop of some liquid at the beginning of track and the needle spread it througout the grooves, which dropped the highs a bit which I guess emphasized the mids and lows
    Interesting, will have to see if I can find the article
    Cool stuff

  6. Well one thing you can try is to not use any compression/expansion (or noise gates) at all!
    If you get a tape you can record up to and a little past the saturation point. That’s quite wacky!

    My vinyl is all crackly….

    Strangely Perfect

  7. Maybe Albert Studiotoe
    I love the technology side of digital
    But I definetely not to keen on its sound
    I was reading a article by Jerry Boys and he said this “digital sounds good when the source is soloed, but when you have more then 1 track, they still all sound individual, whereas with analog the edges are blurred resulting into a more together collection of sounds”
    But I really understood what he was getting at
    Everybody has the same plug ins, and they sound identical
    Everybody is overcompressing and losing any dynamics
    With analog, every piece of kit has ITS OWN sound, now add that in the mix and you got a winner
    I try to have my songs reflect the tone and vibe of my beloved vinyl collection
    They have idyosynchrasies(spelling check), that’s what makes em vibey
    Thats what I’m looking for, a cool sound, a vibe, something that touches the soul
    Thanks for those HDs
    Have a good one

  8. Yey! I’ll keep them for you Paul. I know what you mean about recapping now. There was something in SOS recently I think. I’ve seen the domed electrolytics before.
    I’ll be checking you out. I’d like to see a before and after if you don’t mind!
    With all this old gear you’re acquiring, I think you are turning into a bit of a hoarder like Albert Steptoe….

    LOL Rees

  9. Hey man, Ill definitely take those disks off you next month if you can wait till then
    If you have to sell them before no worries
    Check this link out I found
    What do you think?
    If you check out ebay there is a Calrec Eq module going for £50(discrete and transformer, I think)
    You will definetely have to come down and check the studio out when its up and running
    I think it will be a great project
    Im looking at starting to record and do mixes for people in exchange for gear that they want to get rid of
    Let me know if you know anyone who is interested
    have a good one
    PS Recapping is replacing dodgy, old or leaking capacitors

  10. Hi Paul

    You’ll let me know where you’re going won’t you? (not that I know where you are now!) I reckon two 250Gb discs are okay. They’re still currently on sale. Their code is Seagate barracuda ST3250310AS. A slightly different one I was using may have problems so I’m not selling it. It’s for the bin I think – don’t buy second hand if you don’t know the provenance! These two are good – it’s what I just copied over.

    I’ve checked out paia.com. I guess you mean the parametric. It seems to have lots of knobs. It doesn’t say how many channels it has. Unless something weird is going on, a parametric eq needs an input/output/gain/Q control/centre frequency. So that’s two sockets and three knobs… or two sockets and six knobs for a two-ser or two sockets and nine knobs for a three-ser. I can’t see their panel clearly. Maybe it’s got a bit of patching ability so you can chain what you need together. Anyway, the panel(s) aren’t clear from the photo.
    Watch out for the power supply as well! It looks like it’s for the US so you’ll probably need to get a different transformer to replace the one they supply. Same secondaries but a 220V primary instead of the 110V US primary. It’s not a big deal though. Try Maplin etc. You just want to end up with a split, regulated power supply, going up to +/-18V tops. You’ll undoubtedly find the circuit is based on ……….op-amps!

    Good luck with the building work. Watch out for the glue! When we did our studio, we did it on the cheap and got a zillion egg boxes and polystyrene blocks from grocers and garden centres. Then we glued them to the walls with a big pot of thixofix (a bit like evostick). Talk about sniffin’glue! We were gagging after a few hours and my head was thumping. The girls were nearly sick. We used carpets, fibreglass, rockwool and all sorts as well. It was nice and “dead” afterwards and quite cosy. for the drum booth, made with a stud wall partition in the corner of the room. Plant pot holders to deaden but not kill in the drum booth. Carpet up the walls covering fibreglass and egg-boxes. The windows (it’s triple glazed!) came from a skip. Fatty Savage came from outer space…

    I see you’re looking at Calrec. That’s probably all you’ll do unless you rob a bank! Good stuff though.

    What do you mean when you say you’re going to recap your mixer?

    Fuck me mate! Life’s too short. I’ve got so much to do and not enough time to do it!

    Keep it reel (to reel)!

    Strangely Perfect
    Crawling Chaos
    Foetus Products

  11. Wow, all that madness huh
    Let me know what you want for the discs, it will probably be the beginning of next month as all the money is going into this move
    But let me know anyway
    I think I might get one of those build it yourself eq form paia.com
    Theyve got some interesting stuff over there, especially for beginners
    Over this year Im looking at building my studio as in the new place I have my own studio room down in the basement
    Its so cool
    Gonna try and get out some audio books form the library
    I think it will take me a long time to be able to design and understand what Im doing
    So for now Im gonna have to copy some designs or hope to but them cheap on ebay
    Ive been looking at Calrec
    At least Im starting to understand some stuff
    If I get a mixer over the next month(Studiomaster)I think Ill have to recap the one Im looking at
    So that will be interesting
    Hope you have a great week
    Take care

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