RIAA equalisation

Hi man, hope you are well and enjoying those EMU updates
I will get that Melodyne to you ASAP
I dony have the car in the daytime right now, so Im waiting until Shannon and I have the same day off so I can post it
What was the high frequency roll of on that Vinyl you was having pressed and waht dB was the slope
That should help a little to the sound!
Anything new in the music world of Martin
That Paia have some cool shit, they have a spring reverb that is supposed to replicate the sound of a plate(Ive actually found a website that shows you how to make your own)and I think my Dad could source the parts), also an mini M/S mic and a limiter
Interested in the knowledge


  1. Thanks Paulando.

    I’ve had another twiddle and made a bit more speed. The old RAID 5 driver wouldn’t leave. So I hacked into it and cut it out using my surgeon’s knife of safe-mode! And the inf file.

    I put the new Reaper in (twice to get it to work properly) and the PC seems a lot better for it. Boot times and overall responsiveness are well up (although responsiveness was still better than vista (spit!) anyway.)

    Grassy arse. I await your gift from afar.

    p.s. Jill’s only been back a day. She’s now got a two week job starting on the 28th in Bulgaria. You can’t make it up!

    Strangely Perfect

  2. Cool, I usually set it to 7ms for tracking but then push it higher if I’m running out of processing power
    That definitely happens at 192k
    I sent your DVD off this morning, you should get it tomorrow

  3. I’ve just had a quick removal of stuff and I’ve taken out all the plugins just about, and especially removed and disabled the onboard sound in the motherboard. I’ve then installed the new emu stuff and it feels a lot slicker. You were right – in reaper it sets stuff to 50ms. It feels like there’s only one thing running now whereas before it felt like half a dozen things trying to do the same thing. I’ll add bits back as I go along. Now I have to go to work and do the day job!

    Strangely Perfect

  4. Do you mean as a soundcard in normal pc mode. ie streaming videos, email that kind of stuff
    I think the other buffer setting I was talking about was an emu box that comes up on settings in Reaper
    Vista is pooh
    I will include all my collected documents in the cd I send you

  5. Hi dude.

    Where’s the buffer/latency setting in emu? I found one in reaper but not on the emu thing and it’s when it was running just as a sound card that I got the crackles.

    I’ve looked at xplite before but didn’t progress with it. Jillian has vista on a vaio laptop she bought. She’s happy but it was a bastard for me when I had to set a few things up for her. And what’s the idea with all these wide but short screens? You can see fuck all on them so you have to scroll to get all of the M$ dialog box into view! Every email, document and web page needs to be scrolled to see anything more than the title!

    One thing I bough recently is my APC. You should get one if you haven’t got one. It’s this:
    APC Back-UPS RS 800VA USB/SER 6 Outlets With AVR & Surge Protection
    It was on special offer in January. It’ll run both pc’s & monitors and all the plastic bricks for the ancillaries and lights for about 10mins. It smooths the mains as well. You can guarantee that a power cut will happen on your best ever take or something. Well this gives me 10mins. With a single PC and less gear, I’d have a lot longer.

    Where are you going to put your DIY ideas?

    Strangely Perfect

  6. Hey man, hope you’re having a great weekend
    Don’t worry, I have no interest of trying Vista
    I’ve heard too many horror stories and the fact that it need 1GB of memory just to run it
    What are they thinking?
    And talk about bloat-ware
    Have you used XPlite?
    Its a program for stripping XP down to its core OS
    I have a copy if youre interested
    Let me know and Ill put it in with Melodyne
    Talking of Melodyne, there is supposed to be a more descriptive video on the sonic state website
    I’m also gonna include all my DIY info I’ve collected see what you make of it
    I’m starting to get the confidence to give some of this a go
    I will check out mozilla 3 too
    Have a good one
    Studiotoe OUT

  7. Hi Paul.
    I found that sp3 was quicker also – better memory management and stuff. I just think I did too many changes at once (you’d think I’d know by now!) so I’m adding stuff gradually. I’ve just done firefox and the downloadthemall download manager which is really good. If you don’t use it or haven’t tried, you should. It’s the best there is in my opinion and has just gone up to version 1.0!
    I tried Firefox 3beta as well. It’s fantastic but there is a bug (somewhere, not necessarily with Firefox) that mucks up the editor screen in my blog so I’ve taken it off my music machine so I can edit my blog properly. Arthur uses it all the time on the other machine and says it’s great. It does seem a lot faster and generally more robust. Apparently it’s got rid of all the memory leaks and uses less of it as well.

    Next I’ll give the emu a go I guess and check the settings. I think I’ll leave sp3 alone as it IS still a beta. The final one should be out soon. They even change the beta on an almost daily basis, I don’t know if you knew. What is supposedly sp3beta can be anything – you have to see the version numbers change…. Bloody M$ dragging their heels. Whatever you do, don’t get vista. Windows 7 should be out next year at the latest.


  8. Check your buffer/latency setting of the EMU, it reset mine when upgraded too
    Ive been running SP3 for a while now, it seems like it uses a bit more ram, but also seems a bit quicker
    Ive been running my EMU at 192k/32 bit for vocals
    The difference is quite noticable, there seems more depth and a lot cleaner
    Try for yourself and let me know

  9. Hiya cool Dude-let!

    I’ve rolled back the emu drivers and re-installed the originals. I’ve had some sound break-up artefacts appear. I’m not sure what it is as I did an install of Win XP sp3 beta so that might’ve mucked things up and also I did a copy from the RAID setup I had onto a standard disc and also put the meoldyne demo plugin in as well. I’ll be more methodical in the install/testing next time….

    I look forward to a full version of the thing though. Initially, the emu updates seemed okay, so they are probably not at fault. The UI is a bit different – they’ve re-arranged the tabs and buttons so that things are a bit more logically grouped.

    When we got the LPs pressed you get them cut onto a master (and then a copper negative is made to do the actual copy pressings). Because the principal is exactly the same as when Edison and Berliner invented the thing, you can’t put too much bass into the grooves as the needle wiggles about too much and can either break, or break through into adjacent grooves. Also, it can’t go too quiet or it gets too hissy. So that’s why the RIAA curves are used to cut and then playback the sound, one being a mirror of the other. It’s something like 6db/octave I think – it’s done simply with two capacitors and two resistors! It’s not flat or a straight line – it’s a funny S shape with roll-off ends.
    However, if you witness the cutting process, you can get the engineer to help squeeze the max bass out of things and let him know of extended quiet sections, say…
    When the vinyl master is cut from your tape, on the cutter machine there are two pickup heads; one is the normal one that supplies current to the cutter wiggler and the other is well in advance of it and it measures the loudness at critical frequencies. So if it sees a lot of bass coming in three seconds, it speeds up the worm-wheel on the cutter mover to make the gaps bigger between the grooves so that bleed through doesn’t occur in the hot plastic. If it’s quiet, the grooves get closer! But you can tell the engineer to override this a bit to get the most out of the music as I said earlier. There’s a trade-off between lots of conflicting demands.
    You can hear the bleed through on quite a few pressings, usually the lead in groove or between tracks – crank up the volume and you’ll hear faint music before it starts – that’s the vinyl being deformed by nearby grooves before it sets hard and this happens in those few seconds when the engineer is doing the cut!

    The Paia stuff seems okay. However, I made a spring reverb (the thing is still in my black tube that you saw). It was deeply dissatisfying, with a crap sound, feedback, hiss, crap freq response etc, so my advice is to forget it! All the rest of the gear looks pretty good and reasonably priced.


    Strangely Perfect

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