Interesting link

Hey man, hope all is well
Ive included a link of my discussion with one of the original Neve designers, Geoff Tanner

He now designs his own gear
You should take a look around his site and delve into his mind
I really think you would appreciate his knowledge and talent as a designer
Let me know
Have you recieved the disc yet?
Have a good un


  1. Hi Paul
    I got the disc today………

    …………………………………..You’ve been busy! We had a discussion meeting tonight so I haven’t had time to see what you’ve put on it but I can tell there’s a shed load and it’ll take quite a while to wade through it! So thanks.
    I followed the link in the message just before I went out and you’ve already been chatting to the bloke. His first pieces of advice are just about exactly what I said to you a while ago…
    Read up on electronic components and theory
    Have a play with soldering etc
    Get a multi-meter
    Don’t touch valves!

    So I’m quite pleased for myself really. He has a lot in common with me and he’s right, there’s a lot of fun in getting the most out of a few components. The first circuit I made was a one transistor radio using a OC71 or OC72 I think. It’s germanium so he’s right, you can design with the 0.1V forward drop rather than the 0.6V you get with silicon.
    How does this affect audio? First of all, there is inherently less crossover distortion if you build a germanium push-pull (Class B ) amp. Secondly, there’s potentially a bit more voltage swing available though in practice, the old germanium transistors Vcc max was quite low c.f. silicon.
    Silicon basically took over though as it is more linear with temperature and leakage was less (i.e. when OFF, it gives a higher resistance than germanium). I think that it was easier to make and also, sand (SiO2), is everywhere whereas germanium is a bit harder to come by! Something like these reasons anyway. The fact is that germanium trannies are hardly used now.

    TTFN. Getting back to your files. Thanks again. Very Much appreciated.

    Strangely Perfect
    Crawling Chaos
    Foetus Products

  2. As of the germanium thingies, there is a company TG, I think which is under an off shoot of MCI that a re making some high class outboard gear
    The MCI stuff ia all Abbey Road gear(Pink Floyd, Beatles)
    From what I read theyre doing some cool shit
    There Germanium pre amp obviously uses germanium whatsits
    You will have to look at there whole line to verify if they are used in the other products
    i must admit Im getting quite excited at building some of this gear
    Studiotoe out

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