Terror Police Taking the Piss


Terror is a state of fear (an overwhelming sense of imminent danger), or the act of imposing fear on (terrorising) people.

Since Bush kicked in with the Patriot Act and the UK followed suite, terror and it’s prevention has been on everyone’s mind – apparently.  This is what is meant by the definition above.  It means that since 2001, every Western person has felt in imminent danger of getting blown up, poisoned, dive bombed or any of a host of other fanciful torments.

This is plainly rubbish.

In the UK, anti-‘terror’ laws have increased in their ferocity, always accompanied by the pat phrases like “proper safeguards are in place” etc etc etc….  zzzz.

Now today, some statistics have come out about stop and searches done by London’s police SERVICE.  These searches can be done by any officer without any reason.  Previously, an officer had to have a ‘reason’ to stop and search you.  A small, easily worked-round point, granted…

Metropolitan Police used section 44 of the Terrorism Act:

  • 2009 – ???????????
  • 2008 – 170,000
  • 2007 –   72,000
  • 2006 –    25,000
  • 2005 –     13,500

So thanks Jacqui Smith, thanks Blunkett.  Thanks Reid & Clarke.  You’ve done a fine job of terrorising me in my own country by people that are supposed to protect me.  You’ve got town hall snoops using spy equipment and the same terror laws to catch dirty dog walkers.  You’ve plans to fingerprint everyone and trap their DNA.  Yet people die on the streets from common assaults.  People ‘opt out’ of leisure to work like bastards.

This is why Americans have a right to bear arms enshrined in their constitution – to protect themselves from the State and those that run it!

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Do I think the next government will be any better? – A.  Do I fuck!

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