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One Third of Second-Hand Hard Drives Contain Secrets

This is the astonishing findings from research conducted by three Universities, from Wales, the US & Australia (see here).

In an absolutely random sample of second-hand discs bought at computer fairs and places like eBay, 34% had secret, classified and/or personal data of the highest order, easily retrievable using standard tools e.g. Undelete!

@AmazonCurrently, virtually all data is  stored magnetically on discs (and tape).  These media are actually quite fragile…..

The new Solid State Discs (SSD) which will rapidly supersede them over the next few years, are infinitely more robust (see advantages).  It’s said that the only way to really get rid of data from an SSD, is to whack a nail right through the chip, drive backward and forwards over it several times with a road roller, and then cast it into the flames and melt it down, Terminator style.

Given that ALL government data storage uses exactly the same storage technology as Auntie Mavis’s PC, what chance is there that all our data will stay secure on the ID Card, Passport Control, Driving Licence, MI5, MI6, CID, Child Support, Social Services, Home Office, NHS Trusts, and all the other systems in future now that we know that one third of data is currently leaked using the current hard disc, tape and CD (optical) systems?

Can they be trusted with our data, in other words?

A FAT CHANCE is the phrase we are looking for!!!

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