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Hey man, hows it going
Are you managing to get through all the stuff yet?
E-mail me your phone no.s
Shannon has my cell at work and all my no.s are in there
Have a great one


  1. Yeah no worries man
    Im trying to find a surround sound emulator now as Im interested in playing with surround
    Just for shits and giggles
    Anything to be different to the hords
    I tell you one other thing I do, is when Ive mixed my track and bounced down to stereo for mastering, I then use middle and side processing to split the channels into stereo and mono and add effects and tweak agian
    Awesome technique
    Try it out and let me know

  2. Thanks Paul for all the time and effort you’ve spent putting that lot together for me.
    That’s what I’ll do – just work my way through it all!! I look forward to seeing your new place.

    That HDPX seems to be a bit like the super-stereo thing that came out a few decades ago but with extra delays and frequency shaping to get the room emulation. There’s a similar sort of thing going on with the noise cancelling headphones that feed the sound outside the headphone from little mikes back into the phones, but 180deg out of phase. The levels are set so that everything cancels. They’re supposed to be good on airplanes or in a room of people.

    I like my phones. They’re DT 770 pro and have a huge wodge of insolation from the outside, supposedly -18dB. They’re supposed to be pretty flat from 5Hz to 35kHz as well. I don’t know if it’s true but they play a mean game of Red Ace Squadron Pro! The airairplanes are flying all around, rat-a-tata-tat. I got the 250ohm ones so they don’t load the headphone amps. They’re plenty loud enough!

    TTFN. Roger and out.

  3. Im glad your having fun
    What you have there is pretty much a sample of what I have
    Ive been collecting it now for a couple of years
    You basically work your way through and see what does what
    Once you have a grasp on that you just pick the ones that best suit or help your own style of production/creation
    Then learn the finer areas, that where the magic is
    I’ve had Ableton since version 4 and Im still learning stuff
    I also have a shed load of virtual instruments that I didn’t include
    Once I get my studio up and you’ve got some time, come over and Ill show you around some of the programs, MY favorites and how I incorporate them in my production
    Lately Ive been using this plug-in called Ferox (free off internet)(its an analog tape saturation emulator). Actually I’ve been using it for a while I’m just using it differently now. I used to put it on single tracks and use the High Quality Tape preset, but now right from the go, I’m putting it across the Master out, so every track is going for it
    Another one of my favorites id HDPX(free on internet)Its a headphone crossfeed plug-in that you put on the last plug-in of your master
    It feed a slight bit of the left channel into the right and vice-versa. Its for when your mixing with headphones, so your getting an emulated room reflection thing
    It works awesomely
    I do all of my mixes on high quality headphones, then just check the frequencies below 80hz on big speakers
    Ive got loads of little tricks and tips
    Hope this is an insight to what you have and whats out there
    There are some amazing free plugs out there and some amazing cheap plugs out there that are as good as and if not better than some costing hundreds of pounds
    STudiotoe out

  4. Hiya Studiotoe

    You’ll have to watch she doesn’t run off with all your stuff…First the car, then the phone…whatever next! 😉

    Seriously, I’ve had a quick look through some of the progs and they’re really good. You’ve got much more experience in this sort of thing than me, so it’ll take me time to use stuff effectively as I’ve got the learning process as well as re-learning to play instruments properly as well, and then integrate the whole thing to express what’s in my head. (saying that, most good stuff happens by accident and the means are there to trap it for eternity – if they’re not, it’s easy to forget). I’ve still got hours of old Crawling Chaos tapes to wade through, edit and clean up, as I’m still mentally on target to get a few singles of old stuff out.
    I’ve also got the day job, a dog, a family and a house sale to be going on with. Plus, I’m thinking of doing keibi. We went to Taplow yesterday to return an extra gohonzon we had, get some candles and other stuff, and so Jillian could do a bit of keibi with her old team. I was in an “observer” category, a bit like a UN weapons of mass destruction observer – but different! I did the bins!

    So it’s a question of prioritising stuff. It’s okay when you’re 18 ‘cos it’s simple. You just “do it” to the exclusion of all else… If you’re lucky like Howard, say, you can carry on “doing it” with that thought but build a life on top of that. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky so multiple conflicting demands arise at all times… You’re the same basically.

    It’s fun though. I’m not grumbling. Just stating a fact.

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