Test of PHPEnkoder

PHPEnkoder is a port of the excellent Hivelogic Enkoder to PHP and, more specifically, to WordPress. It is used to display text in a way that users can see and bots can’t.

The encoding system is directly and unabashedly stolen from the BSD-licensed source of Hivelogic Enkoder, which works by randomly encoding a piece of text and sending to the browser self-evaluating Javascript that will generate the original text. This works in two ways: first, a bot must first have a fairly complete Javascript implementation; second, the decoding process can be made arbitrarily computationally intensive. This is similar to the idea of charging computational payments to send e-mail, only this is actually implemented.

email address could be here.  The plugin obfuscates it with JavaScript.  It works well and as designed, hiding the email address in the page source code but showing it to JavaScript enabled browsers.  So I’m leaving it in for now to protect the odd person who floats their email address into comments….

I’ve taken my spammer’s email honeypot address away.

By Strangely

Founding member of the band Crawling Chaos from the North-East of England