Weird Pings from a Sub-Domain

I’ve Been Pinged from My Own Unknown Sub-Domains!

One day I’ll figure how this http protocol and the rest work….

Last night I had some hits looking for a feed and the domain root from

Now this doesn’t exist!  So I got pinged by myself from something that doesn’t exist!

In fact I haven’t any sub-domains on this domain and there are no /board/ folders….  So I thought I’d check the records.  After all, the records show that I’m referring to myself!!!

Well they say the referral was instigated by a person that’s already commented much good stuff to this website, @Not Kevin.  He was at his standard ISP address in bonny Scotland.

What’s it Mean?

Well I don’t know, actually!  It could be that Not Kevin was using a reader or plugin for Firefox that has certain default settings that it scans through.  He could actually be on the World’s Most Wanted List of Hackers and Crackers, but I doubt it!  All I know is that it’s weird.

What Else is Weird?

Well weird is weird.  It’s another word that breaks the “I before E except after C” rule.  More like a guideline really – like MP expenses and the Pirate Code.

Now that’s weird.

By Strangely

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