Top Banker States the Bleeding Obvious

From the Department of the Bleeding Obvious

World Bank warns of social unrest

In this little snippet we find that bad things are going to happen because of the !


Robert Zoellick

I we consider that the top in the world is “The World Bank” (i.e. it’s in the name), and the top bank has a boss (it does – he’s Robert Zoellick), then his admission that “If we do no take measures, there is a risk of a serious human and social crisis with very serious political implications” is really a waste of hot air.  You don’t need to be an ‘expert’, like the discredited bankers to know that!

So, serious social upheaval here we come.

Unless, and only unless, people at all levels take personal responsibility for their actions.  It’s short-term greed that has brought about this situation.

The poor blame the rich, the rich blame the financial whizz-kids, the whizz-kids blame the lack of regulation, the regulators blame the governments and their leaders who then blame everyone as they live in their dubious rules-compliant expense account cocoon.

In fact, everyone who has thought that money was there to grab because ‘everyone does it’, like comfy middle financed on a continuously appreciating housing market, has been living in a dream-world, a of steadily rising graphs where nothing bad happens.

In a limited world of limited resources, this obviously could not and cannot last.  We need fundamental change, to break from the based on consumption.  The current plans to ‘stimulate’ the car industry are a case in point.  We need a better system than making cars just to keep an going by using up the ‘s resources.  In a nutshell;

It’s Not Sustainable

And if we want to continue as individuals and as a , to continue means to sustain.