Windows XP SP3 Update Delayed – apparently

The latest news is that SP3 has been delayed due to a bug in some shopping/WMS software that Microsoft makes called DRM. This isn’t the Digital Rights Management so beloved of the Hollywood film studios and Record Company Executives, but a WMS for shops etc. Here’s an news example on Computer Buyer Magazine. The trouble is that M$ say it’s a compatibility issue between XP / Vista / DRM. Really, it’s the DRM software so the updates have to wait until the DRM package is sorted, otherwise all the Vista SP1 and XP SP3 builds and pre-released CDs would need recalling and fixing. This is a TechNet posting on it.

In fact, for me, I downloaded the SP3 ISO, cut it to CD, then installed it last night with no problems… I must be lucky (but see later).

Windows XP SP3 Install Experience

XP_SP3_introFYI the ISO size is ~560Mb

My install took well under 30mins as most of the stuff was up-to-date on my PC anyway. This is the first screen at left. There is an oddity though……

XP_SP3_InstallNowOn the second install screen, there is a link called “What to know before installing Service Pack 3”. Unfortunately, it links to a file called FAQ.HTM. Check this uploaded file and you’ll see that it’s the blurb that should accompany the SP2 update from years back…

The correct file is there in the ISO image, called READMESP.HTM which you can see on the link I’ve uploaded as well. (If you check the link, you’ll see the file is copyright 2007, which shows how long Microsoft have been sitting on this).

What I’d like to know is if simple errors like this are going to manifest themselves in my updated windows installation at some future date? Or is this a one off?

Or in light of the memo at the beginning of this post, is it a two, or even a three-off?

And why has Microsoft delayed the SP3 launch for so long? Could this be to ensure enough take-up of the dismal Vista offering?

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