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Last night I had a few hits from something called Bing but paid no attention  to them.  It turns out that it’s the new Microsoft search engine (see Guardian article here, guardian.co.uk…searchengines-microsoft), not just a revamped Live Search, apparently.  In this article, much play is made on what ‘Bing’ actually means, quoting the article;

Microsoft PR reckons Bing is “the sound of found” but the common joke is that it stands recursively for Bing Is Not Google. This has prompted another acronym, Wanger, for Wolfram Alpha’s Not Google Either, Really”.

Personally, I reckon it’s a ‘Friends’ reference to Chandler Bing and not the old crooner.

It’s the sort-of, no-hoper, self-deprecatory, means-well, joker-that-turns-out-alright-in-the-end, Bing.

I reckon that’s what Microsoft mean as well.

Stellar Luminosity

The Most Important Star in Our Universe
The Most Important Star in Our Universe

And speaking of Wolfram and acronyms (or mnemonics);  most folk know the easy way to remember colours of the rainbow – not so many know the one to get stellar temperature/colour/luminosity in order (they are kind-o related).  It’s;

Well! Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me Right Now Soon  (ref here)

Of course, making rhymes to fit a scientific model runs out of steam eventually, but for a few years in the 20th century, it was fun and true at the level of knowledge as it stood then.

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  1. Yes… I too found that Bing was launched only a few days back… I think thats good in a way.. More options to choose from when you are looking for something… Now we can do Binging too instead of just Googling… He He

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