Nutters in the Sky, Nutters on the Ground

In the news today is an event from the end of April that should cause concern for anyone living on the ground – er, that’s all of us except for the nutters at Boeing or the CAFE Foundation, say.

The BBC have labelled the shameless plug as Heading skyward to beat gridlock, where the nutters in the aviation industry, whose job is, after all, to make and sell airairplanes, rekindled the idea of personal air transportation for all, without considering the logical consequences at all of their madness.

Rekindled means implementing the ideas behind “The Flying Flea” of the 1930’s. Obviously, for everyone on the road – and that means all 28 million of us in the United Kingdom, it’s a pain to be stuck in traffic.  Concreting or tarmac-ing the whole country is an impractical method of allowing people to drive round like loonies, so the nutters have decided that starting at £65k, or the price of a Porsche, those that can afford it will whizz around above our heads in small airairplanes.

Presumably, just like the way that motor cars have dropped in price and become ubiquitous, airplanes will follow so that everyone will have one…

If we ignore the energy source red herring for the power plant, there are two things wrong with the idea.


Check out the designs. The wingspans, the take-off distance needed… Now consider your average supermarket car park with room for 300 cars. Now take away a bit for the runway. Now factor in the wing sizes etc. It’s just not practical.


Check out the skills of your average car driver, especially on a bank holiday weekend when nearly all 28 million cars are on the road at once…

Now imagine all those cars flying around at once above your head…

Now check out the two videos below:

We’ll all have to live in reinforced bunkers to hide from the cascades of shrapnel and body parts plummeting from the sky.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.