Americans Love to Torture – Official

“Evil be to him who evil thinks”

While fishing around the exploded stomach contents purporting to be news,, on a totally different topic I might add, I came across this headline, part of a poll for AP.

Poll: More Than Half of Americans Say Torture OK (Fox Link)

This is abso-fucking-lutely the very worst fucking news to come from that spawn of the fucking devil country masquerading as a -fearing and upright place that I’ve heard for fucking bastard ages.

They’re scum, absolute scum.  52% of you –  I wouldn’t pull you from a car crash.

Iraq Torture
Iraq Torture

They’ve no conscience and even less cognisance of any of their supposed constitution that millions fought over.  They don’t fucking deserve it and when their country ends up like that depicted in ‘s “The Postman“, some of them are gonna fucking wonder where they fucking went fucking wrong.

What happened to freedom?



It’s “celebrations” in 2 days.  My dad was there and so were some of your fathers.  I’ve seen the 9,387 graves at .   I bet they wished they’d never fucking bothered..  You’re absolute shite.  I mean really, you’re the pits.

Absolute bastards.  Sold your souls to the devil, you have.  Cunts.

I feel so sorry for the 48% who know that torture, under any circumstances, is a terrible thing.

Basically, you’re fucked, mates.

Unbelievably, over a third of Americans, most probably these barbed wire toting wankers,  still tremble in their beds a-feared for a terrorist airliner crashing through the window.

What a bunch of simpering loud-mouthed cowards.

Now what was the name of that arrogant cunt-faced so-called shock-jock that our Home Secretary banned as an un-desirable and is now sueing her?

Perhaps we should block 52% of the US Nation eh?  I certainly don’t want any of that twisted 52% here.

Honi soit qui mal y pense

Now fuck off.

Shamed be he who thinks ill of it (shamed be [he who] ill [of it] thinks)


The AP-GfK Poll was conducted May 28 to June 1 by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media. It involved landline and cell phone interviews with 1,000 adults nationwide and has a margin of of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.  This is a pdf of the poll, questions and all. (Link removed for some reason!  Try this one.)


See this link from a follow up comment where nearly two thirds of “Evangelicals” think torture is all fine and dandy.

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  1. Here’s a museum piece from my recent trip to Australia that expresses via art very keenly my feeling about torture and how America has failed the world with it’s stance and the opinions of its inhabitants.  It’s a free gallery in the suburbs of Melbourne called the McClelland Gallery.

    The inspiration for this comes from this photo from Abu Ghraib, of course, here below for those with short memories.

  2. It gets worse, actually. This post from The Christian Post website, has provided a few more figures…

    Fully 62% of evangelical christians think torture is okay. Now I definately don’t trust a single word from their stinking gobs. Truly, they will die in the flames of their own construction.

    Also, 40% of america now thinks of themselves as born-again or evangelical.

    Can somebody please tell me what Americans believe? Do they stuff their faces, un-thinking, like hypnotised chickens?

    Thank God we’ve still got a few atomic bombs to chuck back at them when they go completely potty. You know, General de Gaule was absolutley right to have an independant nuclear deterrent.

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