May 252008

Last updated on November 20th, 2015

Not only have I had a bit of trouble moving to a new IP address – but this post is being done, missing the Visual part of the WordPress new post editor. That’ll be another post after I get that fixed I suppose….

Here’s what happened:

    I spotted some extra functionality on my domain host ixwebhosting that wasn’t available to me.
    To get the functionality I was told to back up all files and databases and send copies of webmail somewhere else as a backup. 

    Three sites went fine. This one had a bit of a problem (betty).

    Then I struggled and struggled to get something to work. Like so: 

  • delete all files and start from scratch
  • delete all databases and start from scratch
  • remake wp-config.php about 9000 times (oh! that goes for the above as well)
  • check out the WordPress howto and documentation
  • repeat all the above
  • check the WordPress forums
  • do some of the above again
  • The last thing I tried was which led to which took a while but made me realise that the permissions on wp-config.php were too limited. I had the permissions as world-read only (CHMOD 4) and as soon as I set wp-config.php to CHMOD 644 I could run more or less as normal – except by now I had a shed load of files, themes and plugins to re-install as I’d pulled the lot as part of my ever increasing panic.
    I’ve now found that CHMOD 404 is sufficient to let the system work.

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