WordPress 2.51 fix for TinyMCE Visual Editor Malfunction

WordPress 2.51 TinyMCE Visual Editor Working!

I finally traced a fix for the problem.

Basically, it manifested as a couple of errors in the JavaScript files showing up in Firebug. Visually, for the user (me), it was a right pain as all the functionality had gone from the editor. Many other people have complained about the problem and other lack of functionality in the new WordPress release, even when the TinyMCE is working!!!.

After much tedious searching through the forums, I got a fix that worked after uploading all the WordPress files umpteen times as per the usual advices.
It’s here:

http://wordpress.org/support/topic/164217/page/3?replies=73 in the posting by user lcf.

This is a slightly more in depth description of how to the edit suggested by azaozz in http://wordpress.org/support/topic/165449?replies=43

The fix is a simple one – I didn’t bother with the zipped php file. Just edit this config file:


Look for:

‘compress’ => true,

Then change it to read:

‘compress’ => false,

My visual editor, at least, works now – which makes me quite glad after all the fannying around today.

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