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Last updated on December 1st, 2010

Ironic innit!

After all the trouble I had getting TinyMCE to work on WordPress 2.51 after the website moves, the solution included a link to LaptopTips.  One page, https://www.laptoptips.ca/projects/tinymce-advanced/ is for a “new improved” MCE, which I duly followed up!

It’s actually a much better postings editor all round…

The install was five seconds and a minute to set up a few new buttons, including the anchor.  I’d previously used a different advanced post editor but it packed in working properly when WP2.5 came out.  I really missed the anchor button it provided when posting, as it’s pretty tedious to have to define names for little things – a button makes it so much easier.

I haven’t tried all the various buttons yet – but all the ones I have seem to be okay.  So thanks to Andrew Ozz at LaptopTips and thanks for the initial hair-pulling problem I had – because otherwise I’d have never looked further!

So this post is done with the new editor – Wahay!

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