Trouble with and Browsers

WordPress User Registration Spam

Last year I told how I tackled various sorts of spam hitting the website, in particular, in this post, User Registration Spam.  Even now, my main defence is SABRE, although I don’t use all the options.  This gives me the combination of flexibility, security and openness I require on this website.  Other plugins combat comment and trackback spam with similar arguments of implementation.

As part of the post, I mentioned how I was getting repetitive pings from a Latvian (or certainly E European) outfit called and It’s Browser Differences

This is the guts of this post.

I have four browsers installed on my Windows XP machine.  All software is current and my anti-virus NOD32 updates when it feels like – sometimes every hour if there’s a big web attack happening.

My browsers are:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Opera
  • Chrome

All software I use is at the latest build version.  I’ve tried Safari but it was too open and naff when I tried it and haven’t installed it since.

Browser Happenings

Now you try this experiment and see if you get the same result as me…

Open in each browser in turn.

3 browsers say the site is okay.  Opera says it’s dodgy and hosts malware.

Now this is weird.  Firefox normally picks up on stuff like this, as do the others.  But Opera is the only one this time….  It’s not as if it’s a new site.  My original post was from April 2008 (last year) and it’s behaviour was such that I had to block it out.  Since then, cleaning out .htaccess hasn’t resulted in the Latvian’s return.

Weird, huh?

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