Scott Walker Vinyl Wanted

Hope you are well
Im on the lookout for some specific albums(Vinyl ONLY) by Scott Walker(Scott 1, Scott 2, Scott 3, Scott 4, Nite flights, Stretch, Climate of Hunter, Tilt, The Drift)
If you have any of these or know anyone who does that wants to get rid of them or sell them at a reasonable price please let me know
Thanks and have a great weekend


  1. Its a shame that we lose so much of our history, and then it is replaced by crap thet we dont need or that has any relevance to our evolution.

  2. The whingeing pom aussie comment for us is quite apt I think!

    I saw something in a Bridgwater history book that showed that corner being knocked down and rebuilt. There was quite a bit of archaeology done in the process so it wasn’t all wasted. Same as West Street. That area was called the “West Street Slums”! The “Excel Fish Bar” existed then as well, and was moved to it’s present location along with it’s name.
    …now what’s the name of the book….

  3. Yeah I know, cool isnt it?. Thats what I hate about the commercial world that we live in. Unfortunately are heritage doesnt warrant cool old shops, just crappy Argos. Its about time the English stated making a stand rather that not doing anything and then complaining 24/7. Trying to help your fellow man is like trying to get blood from a stone. Miracles do happen. Its quite sad really.
    Well I got that off my chest. I feel a lot better now.

  4. There’s a neat picture of Bridgwater on that link, Paul. The river is in flood and it’s from the fifties I think. The shops on the left were all knocked down and replaced by the Argos shop etc. The water always used to come over there, apparently, but the flood wall that was stuck up a couple of decades back keeps it all out – for now!

  5. Hey man, went to West Quay website, that place looks off the hook. Left a message with them

  6. Wow! I didn’t know he had one. You should put the link to it in your comment. Tell me what it is and I’ll do it if you don’t know how.

  7. BTW Paul.

    Sorry about all the cheap Scott Walker jibes. There’s some good stuff in there. You have to remember that I (we?!) grew up with all that at school so my thoughts are somewhat coloured by those memories, especially the fact that we actually had a Scott Walker at our school. Of course, it was worse for him I guess, children being cruel with their comments, but I think he weathered it remarkably well, turning the situation to his advantage.
    That’s my opinion of course. I know he’s on Friends Unlimited and he hasn’t mentioned any of that.

    No Regrets was a good’un that sticks in my mind. The little high vocal harmony is the hook I think when it kicks in.

    West Quay Records. I was being serious about checking in there. He’s got all sorts. And he really is known as the stinky piss record shop by the kids. Check out the Nowhere Guide for Bridgwater! (I’ve just checked – the page has gone but it still shows in a Google search…)


  8. ????
    I used to go to school with a guy called Scott Walker! He was a really good swimmer, a bit of a fanny magnet despite having a railway fetish and couldn’t sing for toffee!

    Keep well dude. I’ve got nowt here what you want – more to the point, WHY do you want them?!!! I’ve just got back from Taplow after doing a bit of studier’s study with the European Women’s chief-ette, Mrs Takahashi.


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