George, 2nd Most Handsome Beardie in the South West

Most Handsome Dog 20080608 std
Most Handsome Dog 20080608 std

The self-named “forgotten middle child” Alice, has been a-busy a-brushin’ and a-washin’ the dog, George, this past year so much so that now he won a rosette for 2nd Most Handsome Dog!

Apparently the dog didn’t even notice, the shaky video showing that his prime interest was the other dog’s bottoms.

Dog Show 20080608
Dog Show 20080608

The show was notable (apart from the fact that I didn’t go) for the fact that one other prize was not awarded – the prize for most crap pictures at a dog show. I don’t know who took the most using my camera but it takes real skill to take a picture of a line of dogs and have them all obscured with an upside-down tape (seen at right). This was about the tops – it has a certain “englishness” about it, the twee ladies totally not posing, dogs at all angles, the photo being taken in portrait mode and 50% of it being grass. The one “with-it” woman is correctly posed but her dog is chopped out of frame. It’s got everything, although it’s not up to the standard of Ron’s (Alice’s granddad) pictures at our wedding – when all our heads were cut off.

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  1. i love george he is soft and wonderful and it must have been a damn sexy beast that won first prize!!!!!!

  2. Look. You know that and I know that.

    But the rest of the world doesn’t and I think they deserve to suffer like I have to!

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