It’s Not Just me Cutting Their Labour Party Donation

Further to my previous post about my dissatisfaction with the Labour Party’s legal tilt that leaves the easy way open for a totalitarian state, another body of people have decided to withdraw funding. See this BBC post, It’s only 600,000 people affecting 108 Labour MPs directly and maybe the rest of the party in future.

So no worries there then for the top brass…

This is terribly sad given all the wonderful work that’s been done on tax and family support. But the current lot have been seduced by the few nutters who can’t see the wood for the trees and seem destined to remain within a think-tank mentality, focussed on some bizarre “vision” destiny that seems to have more attachment to Cloud Cuckoo Land than any vestige of the real world that I recognise. If they stopped worrying about their jobs and worried about the real erosion of freedoms like the 28 and now 42 days that Jaqui Smith has now admitted just been pulled from thin air, I think people would have more faith.

Jonathan Swift would have been proud. We need another one like him to write a new Gulliver’s Travels. But the new Cloud Cuckoo Land is a land of induced fear where a very minor threat exists. We’ve had these threats before (IRA etc) and now the same people are elected representatives in our parliament. This is a testament to the power of dialogue, NOT fear and loathing in Basingstoke. Currently the manipulation that Goering spoke of seems to be working. Be very careful about people that wrap themselves in the flags of patriotism.

By Strangely

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