Caroline Flint Believable?

Here’s what she’s said about her recent resignation:

On Friday: “left because Brown treated her like ‘window dressing‘”

On the following Thursday: “left because Brown ‘didn’t trust me’

FlintyNow Gordon Brown, Blair and the whole current government have got up my nose in several ways over the years but have done some good things as well.  More bad than good is my current estimate because they’ve alienated the vast bulk of their historical support, probably for ever, and ruined the party because of it.

@AmazonBut Flint has some serious issues regarding her own credibility here.  She’s as believable as a press statement from a lower ranking football club’s chairman regarding his manager’s current job security.  i.e. Unbelievable.

In fact, she’s more like a Frenchie in a Shakespearean play – turn, and turn again.  Using her good looks in a bit of advertising seriously also undermines any words emanating from her mouth in most folks eyes as well.    Then to say that ‘Brown didn’t trust me’ is actually a statement of fact, and in light of her two pronouncements and her actions, totally justified.

Brown was right not to trust you.  I don’t.  All you’ve gained is column inches.

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