Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!


Beat the Scammer and the SwindlerMy email spambuster Mailwasher Pro is doing overtime since I posted my investigation into Google Treasure Chest and the Robert G Allen Grants swindle. In this second investigation, I showed how the email spam system links the various scam systems together. That is:

By signing up for one sytem, I started receiving email spam from all the various scams around even though they all have the mantra “we hate spammers as much as you do” and they all include privacy policies which expressly state that no email address is shared with anyone else….except third parties!

Bollocks! Of course, my interest was started with Google Treasure Chest, and then I issued a sequence of posts detailing my ever deepening investigations into these scum bastards and their rotten activities.

EMail Spam Reduction – temporarily!

Last week, a malware server was taken offline that had a small impact on the amount of spam I received. (see Methinks the ISP doth Protest Too Much). I reckon the rubbish went down to about 75% of the previous week’s level. In fact, because my Robert G Allen Grants swindle post focussed so much on I actually noticed it in my spam by it’s absence! back in the Spam Game

Well I can tell you, it’s back now!

So I decided to see where one of the new spam points… is where the spam notionally comes from. This is despite the fact that I’ve ‘unsubscribed’ from their mailings -twice! So where do they want me to go?…|Ug==.html

And of course, that’s not the destination – I immediately got redirected to:

Google Money Master / Google Revolution

This page is worth ignoring, if you are feeling at all suicidal and want to give all your hard-earned money away to twats, that is!!! Otherwise, pay careful attention. NOW!

  • Firstly, it’s called Google Money Master at the top of the page.
  • The design is awfully like that of the original Google Treasure Chest signup page at
  • It says “As seen and trusted on Google, CNBC, USA Today, ABC, CNN & Yahoo!” – believe that if you will!
  • Now compare this with the statement at the bottom of the page which states “The trademarks in this image are owned by their respective owners who do not endorse this product. Google Revolution, LLC is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with Google.”
  • From this, we can safely take it that they are only afraid of Google and don’t care a toss for the rest!

Now, please continue, and while carefully noting the 100% Trusted banner, check out the Terms & Conditions link at the bottom. You’ll have noticed the Matrix-like title “Revolution”. It’s about the same – what goes around comes around.

The T&Cs are now a bit more technical and a bit more frightening since the Google Treasure Chest days. e.g. take a look….

O. Chargebacks.

Initiation of a complaint or chargeback against Google Revolution for products or services rendered constitutes a severe breach of this Agreement. A “complaint or chargeback” shall be defined as initiating any form of complaint or chargeback with your credit card issuer or bank. Upon receipt of a complaint or chargeback, or threat thereof, Google Revolution will immediately deactivate all Services provided to the Customer, and immediately begin chargeback reversal (anti-fraud) procedures. In the event we lose the chargeback reversal procedures, we will immediately send to collections the full disputed amount in addition to an administrative fee of five hundred dollars ($500.00 USD). Please note that threats of a complaint or chargeback will be treated the same as an actual complaint or chargeback. In all cases, violation of this clause will result in cancellation of all Services provided to the Customer, regardless of services disputed.

This is their way to counter the recommendation by all of the anti-scammer websites to immediately initiate a chargeback against the company to recover your scammed money!

My personal recommendation is to carry on doing this, as recommended by Chris Malta’s scam tips. Cancel your card, get a chargeback and show your card company the scammy “Terms and Conditions” that this supposed company imposes.

Remember – just because someone writes something down as a Term & Condition for a service, doesn’t actually make it legal. You did realise, of course, that by reading this far you now owe me £1 million??? – I thought not! Well that’s my terms & condition for reading this post. Do you think it’s legal? Obviously not. It’s complete bollox isn’t it? Same goes for the Google bollox too!


You will also note that Google Revolution is owned by:

Honshu Systems, LLC
Attn: Google Revolution General Counsel
2850 Horizon Ridge Pkwy
Suite 625
Henderson, NV 89052

Plot Thickens Again!

This would be it, you’d think. But no, the plot thickens again, so check out the actual Google Revolution website…. at, specifically their privacy policy (formerly at ). Like Roger Whitaker, we are back in County Durham in the UK!

You’ll see that all postal letters must go to:

15 Park Terrace Leadgate, Consett, County Durham, DH8 7QD United Kingdom.

But if you want to telephone, you have to call the USA here:


Now, Using Google, I Checked the County Durham Address and Did a Search for Bad Scam Comments

The UK ‘Durham’ connection is interesting. There is at least one business registered at this address – called Spring Systems Limited. It’s details are here,

I checked Google for bad stuff on Google Money Master and Google Revolution. All the bad comments started about two weeks ago e.g.

There are many more.

Q.Now when do you think Spring Systems Limited was registered?

A. On 29/5/2009 – about two weeks ago!


It’s pretty clear that this really is a scam, and if not directly a continuation of Google Treasure Chest, Money Tree, Acai Berries, Grants or Green tea scams – it’s using exactly the same methods.

In searching for a reason for the profusion of contacts in County Durham, UK, I’m reminded of a sweet-faced Geordie bint I recently saw promoting Carbon Copy Pro, a similar MLM/pyramid type thing. My personal knowledge tells me that this part of England is like the Wild West at times. I’m from that area!

….Nevada still is, by the look of it! The sheer quantity of new scam business operating with apparent impunity and disregard for the law shows that the Nevada & Utah law enforcers can’t keep a lid on this.

That’s my definition of the Wild West – when laws are not enforced.

The County Durham UK connection is interesting and there are further co-incidences with the smoking gun of lawlessness and criminality that is Nevada, Utah and County Durham…

Spooky connections, eh?

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. Got this in my Google Alerts today – it's the FTC final judgement on the whole Google Treasure Chest/Money Tree/Eborn saga!

    "An online marketer that falsely claimed ties to Google Inc. (GOOG) has been forced to stop operations as part of a Federal Trade Commission action that also resulted in the defendants giving up about $3.5 million in cash and other assets."

    "As part of a broader operation on scammers that bilk consumers through a variety of schemes–the FTC initially announced a complaint in 2009 against several defendants that allegedly sold a bogus work-at-home product under names including "Google Money Tree," "Google Pro," and "Google Treasure Chest."

    "The settlement includes a $29.5 million judgment against defendants Jonathan Eborn; Michael McLain Miller; Tony Norton; Infusion Media Inc.; West Coast Internet Media Inc.; Two Warnings LLC; Two Part Investments LLC; and Platinum Teleservices Inc.

    A fourth defendant, Stephanie Burnside, is subject to a judgment of $741,900, the FTC said. The defendants will give up cash and other assets that include two cars, interests in a Harley-Davidson Inc. (HOG) motorcycle and a boat, and a gun collection–which total about $3.5 million. The unpaid portions of these judgments are suspended based on the defendants' inability to pay."

  2. Pacific Webworks (PWW), the company behind all the Google Money Tree/Treasure Chest type scams, has released it's financial summary for the past year.
    These are the raw numbers (The best bit is the "Impairment of goodwill" set at only ~$0.5m):…0001023175-10-000080.tx…

    And this is CEO Bell's take on it all:…newsLang=en

    CEO Bell says,

    "As indicated in last week’s press release, the company attributes its current financial success to its unique suite of products and its innovative, targeted marketing strategies."

    For innovative marketing strategies, most sane, law-abiding people would call that

    In fact, CEO Bell's offerings of a full package of software design, tele-marketing, financial and office services (he calls it a "unique suite of products"), should rightly be construed as a criminal's toolkit.

  3. Note the long list of "corporations" (all sharing that same address) listed in the first comment on the complaintsboard link – quite a list there and it includes some familiar names:


    REGIS (Jan 09)

    51 W CENTER ST

    OREM UT 84057-4605


    AGENT (Jan 09)

    51 W CENTER ST

    OREM UT 84057-4605



    REGIS (Jan 09)

    51 W CENTER ST

    OREM UT 84057-4605

    Further evidence of how the Utah scammers just hop from one scam to another – acai, Google cash, colon cleanse, teeth whitening etc – is provided by this note in the BBB report on Smile Bright:

    "On July 30, 2009 the Utah Division of Consumer Protection entered into a Settlement Agreement with York Galland, Jennifer Galland, Adam Galland, Emily Galland, Patricia Terry, First Support Solutions, Performance Health USA LLC, Performance Products, Timpanogos Management LLC, AEG Partners LTD, YJG Partners LTD, B67 Nutra Pure Systems LLC (ResvPure), 37 Vital Health Systems (Pure Colon 1000), 456 Vital Health Systems LLC (ResvPro), T89 Wie Vita Systems LLC (Denta White), 96 Vital Health Systems (Pure Açai Berry), 96 Pure Nature Products (Maqui Berry Burn), Pomegranate Weight Loss, 405 Natural Health Systems (Smile Brite), U22 Wie Natural Products (Açai Fire), 456 Vital Health Systems (Pure Cleanse), Endless Momentum (Açai VAS), Your Google Income, Fast Google Income, Madness Instant Money, Money Genetor LLC and Health Results ("Respondents").

    Yes a multitude of scams [everything from "Fast Google Income" to "Pomegranate Weight Loss" to the usual suspects of Acai, colon cleansing etc] – all linked to the same outfit / group of people / companies. Note the paltry $30k fine – the scammers probably rake in more than that in one day. Not much evidence of "consumer protection" there. Clearly a family affair too with all the Galland's: "York Galland, Jennifer Galland, Adam Galland, Emily Galland".

    1. @Not Kevin.

      Yup. 30k is paltry. On your bbb link, the third company listed after the individuals is “Performance Products”, which is exactly the company that swindled the complainant in the Ripoff Report link from two days ago, 10 Feb 2010.

      So six months on, same old thing. People get swindled and robbed by the same old people in the same old manner – and nothing happens.

      In this case, they are not even “hopping from one scam to another”, as you said…. It’s exactly the same!!!!

      So someone now has to go to the bother of raising more lawsuits to get some paltry fine, during which time the Gallands et al will have raked it all in and stuffed their ill-gotten gains abroad. It does make you wonder if they have any law in what was the “Wild West”?

      Why don’t they just string’em like they did in the old days?


    This link points to someone who has fallen into the same trap(s) with an Utah business (again) at;
    51 West Center St,
    Utah 84058,

    … with multiple “offers” being anonymously signed up for, followed by obstructive and lying customer service etc.

    This was yesterday, 10 Feb 2010, months after the FTC ordered closedowns on the related companies….

    One “offer” was for a permutation on our old Google Treasure/Money/Cash Chest/Tree/Collector nemesis, this time called …

    “Google Cash Center”

    And now, check out this complaint from June 2009.

    The address is at the bottom and is….

    51 West Center St,
    Utah 84058

    The same!
    And what’s more, the complaint is about Blazing Keywords / A-1 Google Chest which is not far removed from “Google Cash Center” is it?

  5. Same scam, different name – looks like the prominent Google logos etc have been stripped from a lot of these scams – so Google payday (or whatever) becomes Internet payday: .

    Same scam, different name.

    1. @Not Kevin

      This appears to be run by a different outfit from any I've previouisly seen, and is just next to Burbank Airport in Cal-i-forn-i-a.

      I ran their pages through, and to be fair, all the crap terms etc, their contact details and even their limited time (3 month tops) contract are reasonably clear and consistent across the various site pages.

      Granted, their web pages still use old php code with Google in the name, and they may still be crap at refunds or cancellations when asked and their actual contactability may end up being suspect when it's tested….

      But at first glance, to me, the amount of hidden stuff is very much reduced compared to the old Google Treasure Chest type of stuff.

      Now lets see if consumers have had any trouble with them so far?…..hmmmm.

  6. Was brought here researching a domain – can't remember what it was now. But looking at the related sites I'm guessing the content on many of them is not very different to the site below.

    site on google give away the user/password access, actually most of the member area content as well.

    1. @Paul

      OH NO! I wish you hadn't have done that. I thought I was shot of:

      "Hi. My name is Michael Green" !!!

      You're not wrong though. This site pops up a lot in relation to the grants scams. I had two postings that sort-of pick this up that contain a heap of references to other much-more-professional scam-busters than myself. See

      Look for "Michael Green" if you can't find eauctionathome directly. eauctionathome T&C pull out on the old Cyprus connection again. Dear, dear. Now what could people in Cyprus POSSIBLY know about US grants or auctions?


      A. Nothing.

  7. 3 seperate scams all linked to County Durham!

    Way back in June I posted that

    "Steve Comer has been busy registering more domains and setting up
    websites with links to newly created UK Ltd companies in County Durham:

    This time it�s 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7OS:

    The address of :

    Home of:
    Web Money Maker Site
    Stallwart Systems 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett
    DH8 7OS United Kindom 1-877-300-5225.
    Easy Online Improving
    Stallwart Systems 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett
    DH8 7OS United Kindom 1-877-300-5661.
    Internet Real Leader
    Stallwart Systems 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett
    DH8 7OS United Kindom 1-877-300-5658.
    Online Guru Now
    Stallwart Systems 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett
    DH8 7OS United Kindom 1-877-300-5659.
    The Web Money Maker
    Stallwart Systems 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett
    DH8 7OS United Kindom 1-877-300-5651.

    All the above domains registered to:
    Steve Comer
    831 East 340 South
    American Fork, Utah 84003
    United States"

    Well I just came across that Lumley Drive address again – this time on the website – the home of a previous scam run by a fella called Brock Felt in Florida:

    Now as far as I know Brock Felt down in his Florida swamp has/had no connection with Mr Comer way up in Utah. However the website (and terms page) now give the address as:
    *Online Business Transactions Ltd*
    24 Lumley Drive
    Delves Lane, County Durham
    Consett DH8 7OS
    United Kingdom
    (For the past year it has been a Florida address).

    Perhaps word is getting out amongst the scammer community that a small village in County Durham is THE place to have your HQ!

    That exact same address is listed as the address of isocialmedia – some get rich quick with twitter and facebook nonsense:

    Another Durham address appears to be linked to various dubious 'health
    products' colon cleanse etc:

    So that means Mr 'emillionaire' Felt in Florida, Mr Steve Comer in Utah and Mr J Willms in Canada ALL have connections to addresses in County

    Meanwhile our friend Jesse Willms has decided to change his product name from Dazzlewhite to Dazzle Smile and his company name from
    Gillmap Limited (in County Durham) to Farend Services Limited (in North Cyprus)
    Farend Services Limited
    3 Athinodorou Street, 2025 Dasoupoli,
    Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus

    Nicosia and County Durham – the scam hotspots of Europe!

    1. @Not Kevin.
      Not only this:

      Perhaps word is getting out amongst the scammer community that a small village in County Durham is THE place to have your HQ!

      …but this:

      Shildon in Co Durham is 2nd tops for credit card fraud in the UK!! Over 1 in 4 transactions are bad from this village of ~10k persons!

      County Durham again!

      On top of your Gillmap etc research, it turns out that not only is Jesse Willms blessed with a suicidal tendency by taking on one of the world's biggest companies (Microsoft), and losing, but he's now in the Acai & Dazzle Dents charge sheet from one of the world's wealthiest and certainly most powerful women (Oprah Winfrey), or at least Dazzle ****something random**** is. I think (or certainly hope) that even Cyrus isn't Farend enough (pun intended) for Oprah's legal tentacles. (see my take on it here:
      I'm pretty sure that old Steve Comer's place in Utah was on the Oprah charge sheet as well, although I haven't taken the time to follow through all the addresses (there were over 50 companies & individuals named – and rising!). Even if it wasn't him, it was just down the road, and we know what that means from studying the Utah maps and genealogy trees….

      But as you say, they ARE all connected. I think there's only one degree of separation between this lot now, not even two. Surely, by now, it must be a piece of cake to wheel this lot off to the Huntsville Sodomy Tree? Oprah's charges relate to the individuals operating the scams as well as the companies – so it's no good changing the company names Willms… Her lawyers have carefully crafted the charge to read something like "persons A & B, owning or controlling the interests of company C on a date round about 'this date' as shown in the offending screen-shot (see screenshot)." It means that name changes won't do and I suspect they have a wodge of proof that the scammers were very tightly tied to the operations.
      Maybe even Nicosia isn't that safe now to stash away some ill-gotten gains? Turkey still wants to join the EU, it's a key NATO member and it uses the Euro in general circulation. With the recent money-laundering efforts by international co-operation following the banking collapses, I suspect conditions will be placed on entry that could include opening up dodgy Stavros hideaways?

  8. Hi

    I would like to get an English perspective on this global shit storm of a scam.

    I have been hit by 3x trainingforonlinecash, this month they have changed the name to 877-703-3234.Also click sell go and taxhotline.

    I have contacted my bank (post office) and listed all the scam deductions; they are charging bank my losses. The card company told me not to cancel the card.

    I then went after the money the Google boys had ripped off me. I contacted the Hotline and clickseel go, and was told subscription cancelled refund in 10 days (never happened) Google Revolution was different, I was told I had to put in writing my cancellation and reason for refund (which I did) and then send it to the Henderson address (as shown at the top of page) I sent it tracked and today it came back as " address unknown. I have filled fraud complains in the UK and USA, but still not a sniff of the lost money.

    Going to send a recorded letter to the Durham address, but I am just not sure where to go with this.

    I am all ears guys!!!

    1. @lee
      I thought this 'shit of a storm' had died down a bit, but as expected, they seem to be up to their old tricks.

      In this case, you must fight fire with fire and get your card company to do the fight for you by getting a chargeback, not least for the non-provision of services but also breach of contract and plainly fraudulent practices with duff addresses and promises as you've said.
      Check out the Chris Malta video:

      Here he plainly tells you what to do.

      I'm surprised that your card company told you not to cancel the card as usually that's the first thing they do! When you speak to them, insist that you've been defrauded. As soon as they get onto it, you should get your money back.
      If the card company says that the T&Cs are plainly visible (many scammers have started doing this under pressure), then your obvious riposte is that the scammer has broken his clear T&Cs – hopefully, you won't need to argue much about this point, but give clear dates/times about the various letters and calls you've made.

      I see you have a UK ISP, @lee. let me know how you get on-and good luck. Don't take NO for an answer and don't slam the phone down until you get proper service. That's what they want as another day has passed…

      BTW. Who did you file fraud complaints with in the UK & USA?

  9. After a hiatus of a month or so, this particular post has had a walloping increase in hits in the last couple of days. I can only assume that there's been some sort of advertising campaign to entice people into the scam, either (or both) email spam and/or infomercials on cable etc.

    Just remember….


    These people will stop at nothing and use all manner of subterfuge and devices to extract money from mainly vulnerable people – vulnerable because of economics or status; vulnerable because they're fed up with the rat race or life and want personal success or revenge……

    Whatever the motive, they are vulnerable and easily led. It's never okay to say "they deserve it" or "finders keepers, losers weepers". In the UK such an action is an arrestable criminal offence, that is, it's theft.

    So watch out folks, and be careful.

  10. Good god Almighty- the google idiots changed the name to GOOGLE Profusion, i googled " google profusion scam," and found you!jajaja I knew it was a scam because every single link I CLICKED ON REDIRECTED ME TO THE ORDER PAGE> DUH ya think they were anxious to get me to order? Well some poor sucker got suckered and I will refer the to yr page as they want to stop the charges on their card, and will probably freak when the read the phoney fine print- thanks soo much keep up the work to protect us dumb….and don't spam me jajaja just a joke.

  11. "Barclays own First Premier Scumballs […] See

    o rly? Yeah I checked that before actually. It's like drinking coffee with off milk in it.

    Here's one I found that disappointed me: I like girl's like this Sarah Wilmington with such beautiful curly brown hair… I figured from the story on the page that even though she has a husband, Michael, with whom she spent $329.99 for The Google Links Program – no wait, but on the disclaimer page it says "keep in mind that Sarah got the Google trials for free" – but anyway.. I thought she's just my kind of girl and I might stalk her.

    So yes I was so disappointed when further in the disclaimer it then said: "THE STORY DEPICTED ON THIS SITE AND THE PERSON DEPICTED IN THE STORY ARE NOT REAL." Well damn it! I suppose at least they are honest and saved me much trouble trying to track her down.

    But then when I clicked the link to the links program I found a familiar site (sic):

    And that got me to thinking I could always stalk my old operator friend Melissa Mercer…

    "I wonder what CP stood for?"

    It stood for my initials =]

    "This geezer says he’s made $200,000,000 […] The contact address given is […] in a building site on a dual carriageway…"

    Laughing my rear side off!

    I've been busy at work and I have a hectic week ahead but I hope to at least nip in the bank soon and grab a statement to see if they're taken that king size Mars bar yet…

    Welp, time for bed!

    Goodnight Sarah!

    Goodnight Melissa!

    1. Ha Ha. Nice one @CeePee.

      You're getting a very good idea of the chicanery going on now! Not only do they contradict themselves from page to page, website to website – they even contradict themselves ON THE SAME PAGE! Quite often the top doesn't even agree with the bottom…

      When I queried the "CP" I was referring to @Not Kevin's URL that he pointed out. We've become inured to the constant stream of websites with similar yet weird names. In an effort to understand their minds, figuring out the "cp" can lead us down another path. (I kindov guessed that they were your initials as well 😉 )

      Now I depart. I've got another $200m to make from my comfy mansion in Main Street Somerset. Bloody boats and sports cars littering the drive….

      Oh! And here's that $200m address in a building site next to the dual carriageway again:

      <div class="aligncenter" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 10px 10px; vertical-align: middle;">

      <iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",+%23133+Schererville,+IN+46375&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&split=0&gl=uk&ei=MTtsSrvGKaChjAeYxeyQCw&ll=41.493021,-87.441301&spn=0.010899,0.015771&t=h&z=14&iwloc=A&output=embed"></iframe><small><a href=",+%23133+Schererville,+IN+46375&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&split=0&gl=uk&ei=MTtsSrvGKaChjAeYxeyQCw&ll=41.493021,-87.441301&spn=0.010899,0.015771&t=h&z=14&iwloc=A&source=embed&quot; style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left" rel="nofollow">View Larger Map</small>


  12. Further News for Bollochio from an Email!!!

    I think the next batch of shifting scamminess is on the way. Bollochio got an email with a highly amusing subject and text, with even more interesting destinations!

    Typically, these promise the Earth and millions, and have the high quality content we've come to love to expect…

    From: "AvoidWebScam"

    To: "Bollochio"

    Subject: The top-three endorsed work at home programs!

    The link, which is a picture of Abraham Lincoln popping out of an egg(I kid ye not) is this:… ( charge $2-400 for 10k drops pcm. they are at 5714 Folsom Blvd., Sacremento, CA 95819)

    After some whirring of the redirection cogwheels it takes you to: (domain owned by Joseph Stein, 250 24th Street, NW, 3rd Floor, Sacramento, California,94203)

    This "honest Joe" kind-ov-a site has the amusing headline:

    «In 2007, My Mother Lost $9,731 from a Blood-Sucking Internet Scam That Destroyed Her Credit, Wiped Out Her Savings, and Worried Her Sick.»

    (the irony, oh the irony!)

    Now, in complete contrast to the spam email which said 3 'programs' – we get 4!!!

    Here they are with a quick summary:

    Grants For Citizen: ->Government Money Secrets, served from (Domain hidden), annoying avatar, terms are JRS Media again.

    GoogleMoneyProfits: ->redirects to (in UK – but n.b. the headline is #1 online dating service in the US!) OR (in USA), modified GTC signup with all the usual cons, graphics, countyer, crap non-working terms.

    Work at Home Recruiters: -> who are c/o General Counsel, 3867 West Market Street, Suite 256, Akron, Ohio 44333. They have a protected WHOIS…

    Mystery Millionaire: ->!prt1343_refprt This geezer says he's made $200,000,000 and wants to pass on the secrets. The contact address given is 228 West Lincoln Highway, #133 Schererville, IN 46375 – which puts it in a building site on a dual carriageway…..

    <div class="aligncenter" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 10px 10px; vertical-align: middle;">

    <iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",+%23133+Schererville,+IN+46375&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&split=0&gl=uk&ei=MTtsSrvGKaChjAeYxeyQCw&ll=41.493021,-87.441301&spn=0.010899,0.015771&t=h&z=14&iwloc=A&output=embed"></iframe><small><a href=",+%23133+Schererville,+IN+46375&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&split=0&gl=uk&ei=MTtsSrvGKaChjAeYxeyQCw&ll=41.493021,-87.441301&spn=0.010899,0.015771&t=h&z=14&iwloc=A&source=embed&quot; style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left" rel="nofollow">View Larger Map</small>


    On the other hand, a WHOIS pulls out the nice juicy millionaires row that he lives on as …

    1555 E Flamingo Drive #155

    Las Vegas, NV 87119

    ….which is right behind the closed off entrance to this trailer park!!!

    <div class="aligncenter" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 10px 10px; vertical-align: middle;">

    <iframe width="425" height="240" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",358.2,,0,5&cbll=36.140681,-115.107885&panoid=&v=1&hl=en&gl=uk"></iframe><small><a href=",Las+Vegas,+NV+87119&ie=UTF8&ll=36.150697,-115.103588&spn=0.012199,0.019119&t=h&z=14&layer=c&cbll=36.140681,-115.107885&panoid=e_Iyw18HIMHwmvcvfYcYGQ&cbp=12,358.2,,0,5&source=embed" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left" rel="nofollow">View Larger Map</small>


    Now after all of this, does this REALLY look like an unbiased email pointing to a real website devoted to somebody who is, in his words:

    "Now, I’m Out To Shut Down All These Fake Sites, Prevent YOU From Being Scammed, And Uncover The ONLY Real Income Opportunities Left On The Internet!"


    Ah Bollochio! For each pile of bollox your nose gets longer and longer.

  13. "12 month millionaire" – should that not be called "how I made 77 million dollars by scamming people then had most of it seized by the state and faced 20 years in jail but only got 6 months" – not quite as catchy though I guess. So basically it's a manual on how to get rich from scamming?! Required reading for certain people in Utah.

    Speaking of Utah, it seems that like Utah, County Durham now has it's own 'Grand Canyon'. Well at least according to the BBC. Not quite on the same scale though are they:

    I somehow doubt that tourists will be flocking to County Durham to see that!

    1. Ha Ha. Yes I've been checking that out to see exactly where it is on Google maps. I played a gig for a load of bikers just downstream from there! Saying that, it's what meandering rivers on a flat flood plain do….
      As for the manual on scamming, if everyone in Utah hasn't read it yet, then it must be out on permanent loan from the Provo library….

  14. I wonder what CP stood for?

    That pdf made interesting reading. As always, they think the law is at fault…. Did you make it down to the bottom of the pdf? If so, you'll have picked up on the comment;

    "I think Vinny Passafiume is back as "Vincent James" with and

    It certainly looks this way! The guy is even bragging about it! And the 'courses' he's flogging look seriously familiar to us in both style and content. See this google search on the two names:

    So everyone – just watch out. These people have made serious amounts of bad money which allows them to operate with virtual impunity, paying for services and persuasion, legal or otherwise, from their ill-gotten gains, and thus dodging the law when any normal person would be in the clink for a decade. It's not co-incidence that the 'products' are so familiar and that mention of money-laundering and the mob can be made in the same article and no-one bats an eyelid…

    Speaking of operating with impunity, the news from New Jersey today where a host of civil and religious officials have been arrested for corruption, including the flogging-on of transplant kidneys from Israel makes interesting reading and shows that anybody, religious or not, can be as bent as a nine-bob note. We should all bear this in mind, especially when looking at the antics of the Utah Tabernacle lot….


    Now I'm just off to check my Cornflakes packet…

  15. Here’s another sordid story of scams and lies which makes interesting reading:

    Interesting comment on the receivership site which is relevant to current scams: “were it not for an abnormally high number of credit card “chargebacks” the company might have gone on selling their products for a long time”

    So to CeePee, Polly and anyone else who has been the victim of a scam – don’t give up, be adamant with your bank or card issuer. YOUR money was stolen from you by deception and you have every right to have it back by means of a chargeback.

    The best way to get your money back and stop other people being scammed:

    : Insist your bank or card issuer do a chargeback.

    : Report the scam – to the,, your Attorney General if you are in the US and anywhere else relevant. When they get complaints in quantity they will investigate and take legal action as they did with Google Treasure Chest.

    : Complain to the site where you saw the original advert. Advertising is what allows the scams to appear all over the internet so the more of these avenues that can be shut down the better. Any decent website doesn’t want scams advertised on it either!
    Google adwords and Facebook are already taking action against scammy ads and advertisers due to the volume of user complaints. Hopefully other ad networks will follow if enough people complain.

  16. Oh and I might add (sorry for double post) that you may have more difficulty in preventing the loss of your money… until such time as they have at least temporarily had their grubby fingers on your dosh.

    Another thing I wonder may be of note: about this common idea of stopping one's card… It is probably best to be safer but the truth is one of the Barclays operators said when I specifically asked about it that after the transaction of the 72p the scammers will probably not even know the card was stopped and changed: it is your bank account they now have access to, not just your old card details.

    This is why it seems it is wiser not just to stop your card but get onto your bank about further or any transactions.

    I originally posted here partly wondering about these people gulled into these scams who might say they stopped their card but then give no further details as to what may have later transpired if anything.

    Well there's a good reason to query this: it's probably not just one's card that the scammers get access to.

    Unfortunately, since the transaction has not gone through yet and thus the bank cannot advise me further, much of what I said is not 100% confirmed unless anyone else has better knowledge than this layman.

    1. @CeePee

      Barclays eh? Might have known.

      However, that aside. What you've said just proves the mantra that many people have said which is to always pay with a Credit Card when on-line. There may be a £100 claims cut-off but the other benefits are pretty obvious now. As a layman, that's all I know on the subject anyway. However, it raises one point in my mind….
      If you'd paid with a cheque, guaranteed with your card, say to £250, you can cancel it! It's called dishonouring a cheque. A not unknown practice for anyone who has run a business like myself. I've had a few presented to me over time…

      And another point….
      If you'd paid for this scam and it cost £300 against the guarantee on your card of £250 – what does that mean? What does it mean if you'd paid with your debit card for £100k motor car and you've only 4p in the bank? Will the bank cough up?

      These all tend to suggest in my mind that the banks can set the rules how they like. It's not all done and dusted yet, I think.

      Finally. Barclays. About my least favourite company in Britain, that has demonstrated their double standards to me many times in my long adult life. Thinking about them, my face now bears a grimace not dissimilar to that which it would have if I were trying to balance a dog turd on my top lip. (I'm sorry it's your bank – truly!)

      Barclays own First Premier Scumballs, a credit card company dedicated for the redistribution of wealth upwards from the poorest, most vulnerable people in America into nice middle-class activities and fat banker bellies. See
      Pay $302 to borrow $72! (Isn't this $72 remarkably similar to the $72.21 pcm that Google Treasure Chest and others grab off people? I wonder how many people have spotted this?) See

      Saying that, there's not much difference between any of them. Wells Fargo seem to be doing very nicely now in the USA now off the backs of the people's rescue. This was a report on UK TV last night…. Same as Golden Sacks of money a few days earlier. And don't get me started on the Scottish lot here…

      I suppose at least they are real banks – today's news from Uganda & Kenya looks bad – some scammers set up (with false cheques) and ran a fake bank for two months before suddenly upping sticks with everybody's dosh!

  17. So here's an update, primarily so you guys who have done these nice investigations know more about debit cards… or in a nutshell that these scammer scum probably love them!

    Today – 2 days after the bank said to wait a couple of days – the 72p has still not been taken from my account.

    The bank (Barclays) are adamant that nothing can be done until it happens, and as it goes their phone service was pretty awful with long queues, no option to go back to a previous menu and operators passing me back and forth seemingly to get rid of me and in one case even mistakenly passing me to the wrong operator wasting even more time in a queue.

    One of the operators told me since debit cards are guaranteed payments that it is not possible to stop such a payment if you voluntarily clicked the button as it were.

    Having made the point this website turned out to be in the Phillipines and that their customer service number is not even recognised, he said nothing can be done even so for a guaranteed transaction, or at least he cannot advise me further until they take the 72p.

    Now it could be that they will not do so for such a small amount now that I have (supposedly) cancelled with the other 3 dodgy companies.

    The reason I say this is as we see from the walkthrough I posted earlier these supposedly separate companies with – I should add – different username/passwords given to their 'customers' quite obviously share the same databases: I had cancelled with Melissa from one 'company' and then Tyrone told me I was already cancelled with his… go figure!

    But anyway, this is a WARNING to anyone who uses a debit card: your transactions are guaranteed unlike a credit card so you may have more difficulty in preventing the loss of your money.

  18. Ok thanks Strangley. Unfortunately I have missed opening hours for my local branch today and I know from experience calling them off my mobile to enter their ALWAYS busy queues will destroy my credit so I'll have to wait until tomorrow anyway.

    As to the walk-through, it's the least I can do after the great info and guidance recieved here, and hopefully it might help others who either fell for these scams or are fighting against them.

    It's just a shame I've had to waste my three afternoons off work on this.

    I've learned three lessons here though:

    1. NEVER to take my eye off the ball even once.

    2. How these people work.

    3. I should learn how to find out who or what is behind a website, for instance if it's based in the Phillipines etc.

    Thanks again!

    1. @CeePee

      You'll probably still be okay with it by tomorrow. It's just a pity that you got sucked in enough to hit the "Okay" button! Still, you can pass the message on, and tell folks about the videos below. the key, as Chris Malta makes out, is to have no fear and an absolute certainty in your rightness, and the scammer's badness (their scare tactics prove this).

      For anyone that's been frightened by the scare tactics in CeePee's initial posting, or if you need re-assurance that fighting back is the way to go, just watch Chris Malta's video on chargebacks – and do it!!

      He has produced a host of related videos about all aspects of the scammer's toolbox. See – there are 11 now! All free, all straightforward.

  19. Hey thanks Strangely for the info, guidance and support!

    So I called the phone number in the email quoted above with the correct US dialling code and got a number not recognised. This seems to me enough to deal with any quibbles from my bank, and as you say I can try asking them to call it themselves whilst pointing out the site is run from the Pillipines.

    I will do this tomorrow since yesterday the bank advised me to wait a couple of days until any transaction is made (no money was taken from my account at that point). So the initial 72p charge for the google pack is as yet unresolved.

    As to the three other companies/sites mentioned in the email quoted above it seems on the surface of things I have made some headway…

    Two of them as quoted above gave user/passwords for their site log-ins, the third featured links and info to close one's account.
    Frankly, it seemed a little too easy given the nature of these people, but if things go as they seem to be then I guess it's all part of their need to seem completely legit.

    Anyway, here are the details of what occurred, although I have removed some info as noted below:

    21st July 3.30pm GMT

    Melissa Mercer: Hello, and welcome to Live Chat. Please wait one moment while I locate your account.
    Melissa Mercer: Thank you very much for your patience, how can I be of assistance to you today?
    You: hi Melissa
    You: i would like to cancel my account in entirety please
    Melissa Mercer: Alright, the best way to cancel any portion of your account is by speaking to customer service. You can reach our Customer Service at 1-(800)-546-2919. Our Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    You: why can you not cancel it now?
    You: i want you to remove my account from your system right now
    You: i did not wish for this 'service'
    Melissa Mercer: One moment please and I will see what I can do for you.
    You: this service is entirely irrelevant to me
    You: i am not even in the united states
    You: please be aware i am logging all of this communication
    Melissa Mercer: Thank you for patiently waiting. ********** will be your confirmation number. Your account has been successfully canceled. I have taken the liberty of sending you a confirmation email as well. Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
    You: no melissa that is very kind of you if this is the case
    Melissa Mercer: Yes, I can assure you that the full account is cancelled. Thank you for using our chat assistance. I hope you have a wonderful day!
    You: thank you again and you too =]

    21st July 3.40pm GMT

    Tyrone Iverson: Hello, and welcome to Live Chat. Please wait one moment while I locate your account.
    You: hi Tyrone and thanks
    Tyrone Iverson: I apologize, but according to your account, your service with us has expired. If you feel this is in error, please call customer service at 1-(866)-396-5694 . Customer Service is open from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    You: please explain, why would my service be expired?
    You: are you saying i no longer have an account with you?
    Tyrone Iverson: Correct. Our records indicate that you canceled earlier today.
    You: ok Tyrone thank you very much for the info. Please be aware i have logged this communication
    You: i hope you have a good day
    Tyrone Iverson: I do apologize and hope you have a wonderful day as well.

    21st July 3.50pm GMT

    No live chat here but links and info to cancel:

    "Canceling the Networkagenda is very simple you may contact our customer service at 1-800-418-9320 or you may also email us at or simply click the cancel membership button on the customer resolution website."
    (cancel membership button results in a blank browser page)

    21st July 4pm GMT

    Email sent to:

    Please cancel this account: *** ***
    ZIP Code: *** ***

    I have used the cancel membership button on the customer resolution website but I am also sending this email as a secondary measure.

    Please be aware I have recorded this communication and I thank you for your time.

    Checking my email for Melissa Mercer's cancellation confirmation nothing had appeared yet and I figured they might appreciate hearing from me again…

    21st July 4.10pm GMT

    Leave a message
    Our operators are currently offline. Please leave us a message using the form below and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

    Having spoken to operator Melissa Mercer my account has apparently been closed as I wish. However she did say: "Your account has been successfully canceled. I have taken the liberty of sending you a confirmation email as well."
    Since when registering on many websites a confirmation email usually comes rather quickly and 35 minutes later I have still not recieved one I thought I might let you know in case there are any problems. Please be aware this communication has been recorded.
    Thank you for your time.

    Soooo thankfully I won't need to waste my time and money on pointless calls to the US. I just need to see what happens about the google pack 72p charge and speak to my bank again, but right now although things are going well on the surface I will make no assumptions everything is resolved until I've both spoken to my bank again and see a couple of months worth of bank statements.

    They have been extremely lucky to catch me whilst my eye was off the ball because I never get caught like this usually, not because I know how these people work as you probably have noticed but because I am very cautious.

    So now it's off tot he bank again tomorrow. O well.

    1. @CeePee

      That's a really good walk-through of your process. I've seen similar ones on other sites, but yours is excellent. Thanks for taking the time to get back with your experience and feedback. If I were you, I'd phone the bank now, give them the duff phone number as per your receipt, let them try it and then surely, they can make a sound judgement about your experience based on that! Just block the 72p – that's a king-size Mars Bar!

      And you may as well have it and not them.


  20. Good to hear it’s almost gone!

    I wonder if we will see swine flu related scams soon – if they can claim that Acai makes you lose massive amounts of weight it’s not a giant leap to imagine them making equally ridiculous claims about it’s effects on swine flu. But then by the time it arrived you would probably be over the flu so they are probably more likely to go for the prevention angle – “amazing new green tea with acai increases immunity to swine flu!” or some bollochio like that.

    Going back to credit card theft and fraud – there seems to be a lot of reports of people who had previously made a purchase at on online bike store called Nashbar being charged various amounts by and

    and many more:

    Now what all these people appear to have in common (apart from making a purchase at Nashbar obviously) is that they did not purchase and indeed have never even heard of “Google Money Profit ™” [Why do these Google scammers always use a trademark symbol – there’s no way they would actually be granted a trademark for something called Google Money or Google Profit or whatever given that Google is already a trademark!]

    Anyway, clearly someone hacked into Nashbar and nicked the credit card details of their customers for fraudulent purposes.

    “According to pages and pages of complaints from angry customers on, Nashbar has acknowledged that one of their websites was hacked back in December 2008. However, according to this local newspaper story, the company didn’t tell customers about the security breach until July 1 of this year.”

    Then somebody used those card numbers and customer names to sign-up for lots of Google Money Profit Kits. Now only 2 people would benefit from that, given that a Google Money Profit Kit is some worthless cd and ‘membership site’:

    1) Google Money Profit or whatever the company behind it called.
    (Raven Media apparently):,ssl&ei=IiBOVsGqF4r3aKL2gdAB
    They also offer “Free Gant connection software”
    What’s a Gant?
    2) An affiliate of one of the cpa networks running the Google Money Profit ‘offer’ – who would get around $36 for each and every sign-up.

    As speculated above, my money would be on option 2 – they are harder to trace, it’s less obvious who the perpetrator is and they would get the money regardless of wether or not the credit charges were reimbursed.

    1. Ah! Bollochio (TM)(pat pending)

      Well that bike shop, if there’s any common sense in it’s customers, should be out of business by now. Good grief! Half a year’s worth of compromised system and they told no-one nor fixed it!
      I think you’re correct with the “harder to trace” option. It’s a no-brainer for dodgy folk seeking the easiest and safest path to rip people off.

      As far as I know, a Gant is missing a letter. Either a t or an r. But probably not the t.

      Now I’m off to concoct my new Acai-Green Tea anti-flu toothpaste!

      Thanks again for your input @Not Kevin. I’ll check these through later.

  21. Hello folks

    Sorry to burst in here but this thread is quite simply the most relevant and informative I have come across.

    It’s embarrassing I fell for this Google crap since I’m usually very cautious and never did anything like it before.
    My hometown was even mentioned (actually same name as one in the US it turns out) along with big names being plugged from the web and the media.

    Normally I would have googled it first but I was overtired and not concentrating properly and someone was distracting me and it seemed way more legit than things in the past in the heat of the moment as it were.

    So I too fell for the ‘Google’ scam whereby you supposedly pay a small shipping fee for info to post links on Twitter or wherever (I still have no idea what it was SUPPOSED to be, it was such a negligable amount for ‘s&h’ to find out).

    I have seen many posts now about this scam where people have had trouble being removed from the scammer’s database etc. I wonder if it’s even worth my trouble since I had stopped my debit card within 25 minutes after signing up.

    Here is the ad I found:
    (Originally this page specified the service was only open to those in the US but that seems to have been removed today – the next day – and of course they accepted me anyway).

    Here is the site it then takes you to:

    Also during the registration process there was a pop up to a site called which I think implies your details will be forwarded to there if you don’t pay up. Should I care about this or not?

    Immediately after signing up I realised my mistake and didn’t even follow the link to get the ‘product’. I contacted my bank to stop my card within 25 minutes.

    Here is the confirmation email they sent me with some details removed:

    Client ID #:
    Order Total: [number removed]
    $1.14 Make Money With Google Software Download
    Just $1.14
    Here’s your download link again, SoftwareDownload
    Search Market Members Site – 7 Day Trial
    Member Login: wwwDOTsearchmarketmembersiteDOTcom
    Username: [removed]
    Password: [removed]
    Membership access is $59.95 per month should you choose to continue
    Grant Membership Page – 14 Day Trial
    Member Login: grantmembersiteDOT com
    Username: [removed]
    Password: [removed]
    Membership access is $7.95 per month should you choose to continue
    Network Agenda Membership Page – 21 Day Trial
    Member Login: networkagendaDOT com
    Click here to access your free trial
    Membership access is $9.95 per month should you choose to continue
    For billing information or any other questions regarding your order, have your order number ready and
    contact customer service at 1-888-216-4952 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    Thanks again for your order, [removed].
    We sincerely wish you well in your endeavors!
    Remember, your trial periods begin 07/19/2009!

    Just for info, I don’t think they actually have my personal home address unless they can get it from my debit card info. They asked for a ZIP code so they have my Postal Code is all (the street I live on).

    Judging by the complaints across the internet about these scams if I try to remove my ‘account’ I would just be wasting much time and precious phone credit on endless calls to shady people in the USA who do not remove you anyway much of the time.
    I really don’t know if it is worth wasting any more time on the scammers themselves by asking them to delete my account.

    Will there be repercussions for me now if I just ignore them? I am in the UK.
    Can scammers chase you up or get you blacklisted if you stop your credit/debit card to prevent them taking money off you but you do not attempt to close your ‘account’?
    It seems impractical they persue all the thousands of people worldwide that initially fall for it.

    I had originally called my telephone banking and they said they would stop my debit card, but they gave me another number for debit card specific related issues to sort out any issue of further transactions ie. those monthy fees people are getting.

    What I was told here is that the original $1.14 (72p) cannot be disputed since it is a sign up fee that I agreed to and so I will lose this money. I now have to wait until it appears on my statement because the scam company have not yet taken the money.

    Further to that, I will also have to pay at least the first monthly fee because it is apparently only at this point that my bank can dispute any further money taken from my account by writing to the company and ordering them to stop in future.

    He also advised me I should contact the company myself and specifically tell them I want to cancel, but this of course will just send me on a wild goose chase and waste more of my time and money in phone calls, and frankly I can’t afford these calls anyway.

    I am aware (now) of their Terms Of Service which DO specify some of the charges in the small print and despite reading here some supportive comments about how these people are criminals that is not the same as trying to say this to my bank…

    So I’m thinking of telling my bank I want to close my account with them and switch to another… I mean these are scam sites and by definition I am unlikely to be able to cancel.

    I have seen numerous references to this scam across the web with different phone numbers to call. One that seemed relevant to me and posted just a week ago is not recognised already.

    So now what on earth do I do?

    Also I’m not entirely sure what the point is of cancelling my card anyway if the company (and it’s affiliate companies) can still access my account!

    So now I wonder about all those people who simply cancelled their cards (even after the monthly fees were taken, unlike my case as yet..) people who never got anywhere with the company: either because they could not get a response from emails, get through over the phone or just because they didn’t want anything more to do with it after getting a new credit/debit card… So many people post about it but few seem to specify what happened next other than stopping the card, or just that they were scammed.

    Thus I have no idea what might occur now.

    1. @CeePee
      No need to apologise about bursting in – it’s not a private conversation!

      You’ve already put blocks on your card, but it’s a debit card not credit card and the rules are different – the only similarity is they are both made of plastic!
      If you’d used a credit card, the onus is on the scammer to prove to the card company that it’s a valid charge. It’s a different ball-game altogether, I think.

      Personally, I should phone that telephone number 1-888-216-4952 straight away. They’ve let it be known there that that’s the contact point. You’ll also have to ensure that all the various signups are cancelled – some people have said this is all done on the one number. They may flit about from point to point – I can’t tell.

      Try this posting for a good example of cancelling via the telephone. You’ll see how they try to duck and dive, but when you hammer home your point, they cave. They always do.

      If you can’t make contact with the ‘company’ then get onto to your bank immediately and say this. At that point it’s a fraud. If they don’t believe you, ask them to call on your behalf or get them to set up a 3-way phone call so that they can listen in. (All these sort of things have been successfully done by people who’ve contacted me)

      As for your bank – the child on the phone obviously hasn’t seen the ‘contract’ or has any idea of the nature of the beast they are dealing with.
      Even under the scammer’s rules, you DON’T have to pay a month – that’s why I’m saying it’s imperative to cancel using the “company’s” route as detailed on their receipt to you.
      If this isn’t honoured, you have full power to say that they are scammers to your bank and have everything blocked as a fraud. Until that point, the bank is partly right in that a contract has been made between you and the scammer. In actual fact, your receipt is quite detailed – some people don’t even get one! Use this to keep right on your side.

      When (or if )you get through to 1-888-216-4952, keep a note of everything said and all the various numbers and codes that may be given to you – you’ll need them. If you need 10 cups of coffee to keep you alert, then drink them. Don’t get palmed off with anything. Be firm and loud and certain in your demand for a cancellation of all charges and contracts.

      As I said before, if you can’t make contact then it’s a definite fraud that your bank should be made of, and then they should have no difficulty believing you and setting up full blocks to any money draw-downs against you.

      There are various ways of looking at the website you signed up to. If you’d have checked a bit more you’d have seen the T&Cs and that the company is in Pasig City in the Phillipines. Still. Live and learn, eh? To me it just shouts BARGE-POLE, but I’ve spent a fair bit of time with these scum as web-fellows. For someone, who’s new to all this, it’s easy to get sucked in – and THEY KNOW IT!

      As for
      Forget about them. They have no power or substance and are just dust in the wind. It’s just another way of threatening people. They are on Paradise Road in Las Vegas which Google Streetview shows to be about as far from Paradise as it’s possible to get! Absolute shite.

  22. Well chaps…seems my ordeal is now over at last. I have had the Cap1 close my account and transfer the balance to a new one. (I WILL BE SOOOOO VERY CAREFUL FROM NOW ON)

    The amounts have been refunded, but only after a long haul. So glad I have had your input guys to refer to to get some advice and immediate results. BIG X (But from outside looking through a window to "strangely"!

    I hope your feeling much better…is it as bad as normal flu? and have you had the proper meedicine the Doctors have stockpiled yet? Someone said it hits you more in the chest, so inhale with the good old Vick…I swear by it.

    TTFN :-0

    1. @Polly
      That’s excellent news from you. Like I thought, they always cave in – it’s not in their interests to object which is exactly what Chris Malta says in his video, and others. You’ve just NOT got to say no, that’s all! (easier said than done, for many people).

      The flu, if it was the flu, is almost gone. Nearly got my voice back now. It was really a bad throat that closed the airway quite a bit, and then it went part-way down into my chest. So that was the cough. I was also pretty dizzy and stuff, and kept bumping into things and dropping stuff. I didn’t feel stomach sick much, but that’s probably due to a lifetime of booze and I’m used to the world spinning round and round, ha ha. The Tamiflu is supposed to reduce the symptoms and speed recovery – so if that’s what happened to me, then it works! In this case, I can’t do a controlled experiment, and they’re not testing anyone for the virus any-more, so there’s no way of knowing if I (a) had the flu for real, and (b) was improved by the Tamiflu medication. I also consumed a bottle of Venos, some Covonia, some Beecham’s powders (dry, great on the throat, really), and some hot berry drinks. (Crikey, I sound like an advert)

      From what I had, anyone with a smaller throat would have been in quite a bad way. And as an aside – the side effects of Tamiflu, as listed in the documentation, are remarkably similar to flu itself! see

      I’m Okay! You’re okay! Success! That’s all that matters.


  23. @Not Kevin

    Quote: “However, this is not the first time I have seen someone say they have had charges like these while being adamant that they never ordered (or even heard of) any Google biz kit or cd.”

    I’ve had a few people contact this website who’ve said exactly the same thing! When it was one person, I thought that maybe they were forgetful or absent-minded about what they’d been doing on-line. But when it happens several times – well that’s different.

    AS for your theory – I think it’s a good ‘un. Apparently stolen cards or card numbers are about 2p each or something. Now most criminals would just try and empty the account as fast as possible. But maybe some of these more ‘enlightened’ ones reckon they can make more by a continual scraping process, hoping that the owner won’t notice? It seems highly plausible, and what better way to camouflage your activities than by burrowing yourself behind another scam and hiding within several levels of click-through and other obfuscations.
    As you say, even if they’re discovered they don’t look like the culprits!

    Of course, don’t forget the double-double bluff. One of the dodgy site owners at the core of this could also set up hundreds (thousands?) of such schemes pretending to steal from their own dodgy scam sites!
    I’m going to be quiet now and de-boggle my mind. But in the meantime, this is the ABC news report on the original Google Treasure Chest thing from your initial URL link. Just click past all the ads…

  24. Interesting account here:

    which says “In recent months, she made purchases only from Amazon online and paid the card balance in full each time….However, with the July statement, Suzy knew her credit card balance was much higher than the total dollar amount of her recent purchases.”

    The next page:
    then lists the charges:

    04/02 FOR REFUNDS CALL866957002 866-957-0020 UT $ 1.97
    04/12 FOR REFUNDS CALL866957002 866-957-0020 UT $72.71
    05/14 MONEY TREE SYSTEMS 866-5491132 UT $72.71
    06/15 SEARCHCHEST 888-247-9239 $72.71

    Two interesting things here – firstly that the $72.71 charges are made using a different name and telephone number each month (which would make them much harder to identify, track down and cancel).

    Secondly of course is the claim that the person made no other online purchases apart from at amazon and therefore they were charged even though they did not order the kit! As there is a charge for $1.95 it is possible that the person did order the ‘kit’ (which perhaps never turned up) and then not realising there were any ongoing monthly charges associated with what they signed up to – completely forgot about it.

    However – this is not the first time I have seen someone say they have had charges like these while being adamant that they never ordered (or even heard of) any ‘Google biz kit’ or cd.

    In which case it becomes out and out fraud – although how the card number was obtained in the first place I don’t know.

    One other possibility is that with the high bounty (around $37 per trial) offered by the cpa affiliate networks, one or some of their affiliates perhaps decided it would be a nice money earner to get hold of stolen credit card numbers from somewhere and create lots of leads at $37 a pop? Given all the different layers – affiliate > cloaked tracking links/redirects > cpa affiliate networks link > advertisers site; it’s a lot less likely that the fraud would be traced back to them as the source than if they used stolen card numbers themselves for their own purchases. Plus they get paid in cash by direct transfer into their bank account from the cpa affiliate network. Any disputed charges would result in the advertiser (Google Treasure Chest or whoever) having to refund the money – but the cpa affiliate would still get paid. (CPA affiliates get paid on a weekly or fortnightly basis and the money for a lead gets added to their balance fairly soon after a trial/kit sign up, whereas a chargeback or disputed charge may take weeks or months to occur).

    Just a theory of course, but I think it’s plausible and something which would be quite hard to prove – therefore people might think it would be something they were highly likely to get away with. Even when cpa networks do discover their affiliates are providing what they call ‘low quality’ or fraudulent leads chances are they will just kick them off the network (and there are dozens of cpa networks running the same offers so the affiliate can easily find another one). Neither the advertiser nor the cpa network is likely to get the law involved, given that neither of them would be too keen on anyone investigating their business model!

  25. Very interesting…and all true! when it asks for cash has an email address in PayPal of

    If you use for a whois on and extra level of detail is revealed.

    Bearing in mind that only private, non-trading individuals are supposed to hide their identity (take note Google Money Bollox dot con), the web wizard thinks he doesn't trade…

    Now check to the right of screen in the domaintools whois… I realise these are just links stuffed in. As soon as you click on the image, DomainTools trots off and gets some new ones.

    <img src="; alt="The Web Wizard's screen dump" />I saw a screendump that domaintools makes absolute statements about the business and the follow through isn't by accident; they never are…..

    The picture had a hyperlink in it which took me to with the headline moniker of;

    Welcome to MyGoogleTool

    -trademarked, naturally.

    I liked a later graphic sooo much I thought I'd share it with you…

    <img src="; alt="Man in Toilet plus His Tool Equals Money!" />

    Which says to me:

    Man in Toilet plus His Tool Equals Money!

    But that's just me, I guess. I'm sure that's not what they mean 😉

    There is one thing I've found out from this, and it's the concept of a Google Adwords Qualified Individual. I never knew such a thing existed! Now that's a qualification worth having. Beats my humble BSc!

  26. Also did a search on Google for yourezpayday… and one of the results is a pdf page which appears to be blank – but if you go back to the results and click on 'view as html' it's the yourezpayday terms and conditions as quoted in the post above. However if you go to the root domain of it's a basic website offering for sale: "1 Million WORLDWIDE EMAIL ADDRESSES – only £20 GBP


    INSTANTLY after payment

    Email as many times as you like!" with a link to a paypal button to pay for them. Did a whois check on the domain and suprisingly the owner is not hidden – it's registered to a David Watson of Stockport, UK:

    Even gives his phone number and email address – if you search for the latter it is given as the contact us address for a web design company in Manchester (whose site is down so I had to view it using Google's cache). That website is also registered to David Watson, although this time he has opted to have his "address omitted from the WHOIS service".

  27. Nile or Yangtse – good one. 🙂

    Sean Jones is probably a 'pen name' attached to a stock photo – here's another gem from the small print in their terms:

    "In some cases, the owners, originators, founders, developers, and marketers of this product may use a 'pen name' to allow for privacy and confidentiality. Because we give valuable information away for free, the same information that others sell for thousands of dollars, we have made some industry 'guru's' quite mad. This should not be construed as an attempt to not disclose, but rather simply a desire for privacy from an ever-growing threat of jealousy and attack by our competitors."


    I am sure I can think of some possible alternative reaons for their desire for "privacy and confidentiality".

    And while they seem VERY concerned about their 'privacy and confidentiality' (to the extent of making themselves invisible!) they seem rather less concerned about your privacy:

    "the Company or third-party may ask an individual to provide various information to the Company, which may include his or her name, email address, street address, zip code, telephone numbers (including cell phone numbers and carriers), birth date, gender, salary range, education and marital status, occupation, employment information, personal and online interests, and such other information as may be requested from time to time"

    Well there's not much about you they DONT want to know!

    "The Company will use the Credit Card Information for the purpose of processing and completing the purchase transaction, and the Credit Card Information may be disclosed to Third Parties only as necessary to complete the purchase transaction or to offer related products and services by trusted affiliates and partners."

    Great! They may pass on your credit card information to other people!?

    "The Company may use Individual Information to provide promotional offers to individuals by means of email advertising, telephone marketing, direct mail marketing, online banner advertising, and package stuffers, among other possible uses."

    Translation – expect spam, junk mail and telemarketer calls galore!


    They can sell or transfer your information to anyone for "Any purpose" ?!! Yikes.

    Privacy policy excerpts all from:

    I think your guess as to the next wonder product is close, but surely it will be:

    "Google's Green Tea Slimming, Wrinkle, Debt Elimination and Grant Cream (with Acai extract)”

    Actually if you want to find out what Google Kit bullocks is heading our way next check out this website which lists the offers at CPA affiliate networks.… If you click on preview, you can view the 'offer' and if you sort the 'offers' by payout you will see how much they pay an affiliate for each lead (which is usually a sign-up for the $1.95 "free" kit/cd). So they are paying around $36 plus a fee to the affiliate network + merchant account fees and other costs (so well over $40) in exchange for $1.95 – as the say in the US of A – do the math. Something doesn't quite add up there..well not unless they can milk every single one of those people who paid $1.95 for a whole lot more. Plus they would have to factor in chargebacks /refunds etc.

    Hardly surprising then that cancellation is often almost impossible, refund requests are often not granted and even the existence of any ongoing monthly charges is made as hard to find as possible – but of course it is always hidden somewhere – so that when they get the inevitable complaints they can say "well it's in the terms and conditions.."

    1. @Not Kevin

      Well said again. It's a completely one-way traffic flow isn't it? Both money and information.

      That link is now on my shortcuts bar. I'll be having a trawl…. And you're right. HOW could I forget the acai? !! ha ha.

  28. The terms and conditions of the 'Google Kit' sites are getting even more draconian. Like this one at [Google's Easy Payday is now YOUR Payday!] – where you only have 3 days trial before they start charging you (most of the others were 7 days, some are 30 but I did see one which was 24 hours! [, but they changed it to 7 days on 01 July]


    "The initial shipping and handling charge of two dollars and ninety five cents, includes the Your EZ Payday Kit as well as three days worth of access to the online directories and training. After three days, if you choose not to cancel, you will be billed your first monthly membership fee of sixty seven dollars and eighty three cents for the membership fee for the membership."

    (Note the popular trick of putting the amount in figures [sixty seven dollars and eighty three cents] to make it harder to to spot)

    And further on in the agreement:

    "You agree in advance that referencing this site (including its owners, physical address, URL, links, content and legal name) on any other website, electronic message board, forum or review site is strictly prohibited without prior express written authorization from the owners of this website. You agree not to post the URL (web address), link to, or otherwise disclose any information whatsoever that has to do with this site and its contents or the terms of your purchase. Should you violate this agreement, or provide information to a third party who posts said information, you agree in advance to specific liquidated damages in the amount of $10,000 for each violation."

    Er, no i don't agree to such nonsense, sorry.

    Although finding it's owners and physical address in the first place would take some doing!

    It also says "NOTE: Memberships may not be modified or cancelled via email. "

    But nowhere in the terms is there any indication of how you do/may cancel. And there is no physical address or telephone number at all in the terms! (Only an email address, right at the end and that's only there because "Under California Civil Code Section 1789.3, California users are entitled to the following consumer rights notice: If you have a question or complaint regarding the Site, please send an e-mail to support@…").

    Filled in the form to see where it would take me and I ended up at:

    Twitter Easy Payday

    – eh? Twitter? What happened to Google?

    There I found another link to a different page of terms:

    The text is the same though, including the bit about "NOTE: Memberships may not be modified or cancelled via email." But the order page (which does have the ongoing charges in tiny print under a big logo saying Satisfaction Guaranteed) says: you may cancel your subscription by contacting our support center at support@….

    So can I cancel by email or not!? And if not then how do I cancel given the complete lack of phone number, address, etc!!??

    1. Thanks @Not Kevin for spelling it out – again!

      I hope @Polly reads this as it just goes to reinforce my statement that these people are crooks. There are NO ifs and buts about it. It's obvious to any person how they shift and dive, dodge and weave. In fact, times must be getting tough for them as they are going back to their extremely dodgy ways from what you've said. Previously, they seemed to be becoming more transparent, especially in response to the Texas AG case. Now, it's like a distant dream for them and they think no-one is watching! As for the email bit you spotted – that must surely clarify everything for @Polly as she's had no reply…. The sooner some cases get hammered in court the better!

      There should be no question in her Credit Card company's mind that this whole thing is anything less than a scam. For instance, using your 'Amazon' reference in your other comment;

      Amazon don't change their T&Cs every time you view the page.
      Amazon don't close down after 2 months and start up again as Nile or Yangtse
      Amazon have a full refund policy
      By buying from Amazon you don't find yourself buying books from every month for ever
      You can actually phone or email Amazon
      You can see decent previews of much of the audio-visual content that Amazon sell before you buy
      You can cancel an order even after you've ordered it and before it's despatched
      You can see the progress of your order through the delivery system on-line until it reaches your door

      Now do these scammers do any of that? Do they Eff You Cee Kay?

      As for Twitter? Well it had to happen, I suppose.

      Also, under the heading of "if it's okay inside, rub it on outside", I got a Green Tea email spam this morning – except this time it's called "Green Tea Slimming and Wrinkle Cream" !!! It had Subject: Now availabe to the public- Botox Alternative (sic)

      I suppose the next one will be "Green Tea Slimming, Wrinkle, Debt Elimination and Grant Cream"… One easy rub, twice a day, and all your problems are gone!

      And back to yourezpayday dot con ……what IS so new about it?
      <img src="; alt="Your EZ Pay Day dot Con" />
      <img src="; alt="Sean Jones – or is it!" />And WHO is Sean Jones and WHY do they have such a job figuring out which company the web-page is for and WHO they actually work for?

      Put your answers on a used bit of toilet paper and send to Pacific WebWorks, Utah

  29. I am now so very confused… I received a refund from CrateAmoney which I saw by accessing my Credit Card Account on line , which was for for £46.66 ( orginal fee £47.02 difference due to exchange rate I assume.

    My Credit Card Company, whom I have informed about this, have now sent me a print out of the web site Terms and Conditions, and have verbally informed me that the way USA Financial System operates is different to ours!!! Seems they think peopkle are enetering into an agreement without checking all the crap they put on their web site.

    Then, I look the following day and I have been debited from clicsellandgo £23.62..It seems that Capital One had to wait to cancel my card number on the original Account, so I have had to advise them that I did not authorise this payment either.

    What I don’t undersatnd, is , if the googlerevolution website states all the terms and conditions, I assume, if they are legally binding, we should have a “cooling off period”.. Would this not stand up in Court in both Countries?
    I had a letter from my Credit Card Company, stating that I will need to contact the Merchants to cancel the agreement…this was done by email as soon as I read all about the scamon various web sites including this one,.but as I have had no reply, they could say they didn’t receive it couldn’t they?

    I wish I had never seen the *******g website. I still feel thet Google should do something as well? to stop us thinking it is part of the official Company.

    P.s Hows the Virus..Hope you are feeling better..they get everywhere don’t they?

    1. Flu’s weird. Bad sore throat, hacky cough and blocked ears. Tamiflu seems to do what it says in the tin! Thanks for your concern – much appreciated.

      As for your problems. You are thinking about it too hard! It seems that Cap1 are too. It’s not at all confusing.

      These people are crooks.

      They are like shape shifters – constantly moving, changing ‘rules’ of their own invention and loosely applying the rule of law in whatever country they ‘appear’ to operate in.

      Just remember, YOU are the aggrieved party here. THEIR T&Cs are unfair and misleading, if they show at all, and they illegally sign you up for an indeterminate amount of other ‘contracts’ for which you’ve not agreed. The fact that some may or not be in the wording is irrelevant.

      It’s the core, the heart that is important, and their core is rotten. The heart of their operation of to obfuscate and deceive with the intention of getting as much money off people in as short a time as possible – and then move on.

      Their past actions prove all this e.g. is no more! Their current actions are only slightly less illegal than earlier – and I mean slightly. The fact that their websites CHANGE SO OFTEN, means that anyone examining them now is seeing something different to the day when any ‘contract’ is agreed. The fact that on this ‘contract’ they put terms similar to “these terms may be changed at any time – please refer here for the latest” does NOT make it legal. In English law, a contract has to be clear and verifiable. US is based on this, and the ‘contracts’ that these sharks put out are neither.
      If Cap1 check and the ‘contract’ looks valid, it only ‘looks’ valid. It doesn’t mean it ‘is’ valid. Remember Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact? He says to Jenny Lerner, “things only appear that way”…

      So stand up for your rights. Don’t take placebos from your card company; Insist you’ve been defrauded by action, meaning and intent; Point out the reams of websites that have detailed these dodgy dealings; mention the impending court cases for similar scams.

      As I say, it’s you who’s been cheated, not them. As you’ve noted, one of the illegal contracts has already caved – keep at it, and they all will. clicsellandgo has a heap of shit attached to their name so it shouldn’t take long for Capital1 to spot that.

      As for other details you’ve mentioned – NOT ANSWERING EMAILS is one of the key fraud actions they do and is one of the charges in the FTC and Texas AG sheets! Cap1 shouldn’t be dithering. This is so bleeding obvious. So try again. Ask for an immediate chargeback because of fraud.

      As for “cooling off period”? Get real! These people don’t play by the rules. For them, there are no rules. It’s like fight club.

      Remember, it’s UTAH. If been doing some reading up on that place….it seems that they’ve had several wars with the rest of the USA and many of the folk think it’s still going on! THAT’S why so many of them feel so aggrieved as victims that worked in the call centre that was closed after the FTC called. They actually think the FTC is bad and against freedom. As long as they can sit in their state bathed in a protective democracy that allows them to electronically con people across the globe with virtual impunity, they’re happy. They believe that the world owes them a conman’s living.

      Rant over! Good luck.


    1. Ha Ha. Paul's pulled that one apart very nicely. The only thing worse would have been if they'd used Obama or Gordon Brown's pictures. Or Madonna. It looks and feels very much like a CarbonCopyPro thing that he has er..carbon copied and twee-ified with naff music. Much of the wordage (the "what if" etc) is the same, although the hard sell talk is softer. the invisible text at the bottom was a laff as well.

      Another thing, what's this clickbank lark. I see it everywhere, quite often with reputable companies. I know it does ads and stuff. What ALWAYS gets me, is the ClickBank terms and conditions, which include the fascinating statements:

      # The Clickbank Marketplace is not a chartered bank or trust company, or depository institution.
      # The Clickbank Marketplace is not authorized to accept deposits or trust accounts and is not licensed or regulated by any state or federal banking authority.

      So if they are not a bank or similar, and they are not authorised or licensed by anyone, why would I give them any money? Isn't that just a simple definition of the Mafia?

      1. Clickbank is an affiliate network with an “online marketplace of digital products” – in reality that means mostly highly priced ebooks (in fact the ‘books’ are often just short pdf files with the type in gigantic font!). The subjects of these ebooks are often some ‘get rich quick’ nonsense sold by means of cheesy 1 page ‘salesletters’ like the ‘offer’ Paul Schlegel investigated. There is a good parody of these rather ridiculous salespages (which are all very similar in layout etc) at:

        This hubpage explains Clickbank quite well:

        As well as hundreds of get rich quick ebooks there are also ‘books’ on how to run your car on water (yes really! – ), something called fat loss for idiots, stuff on dog training, beekeeping, curing yeast infections – you name it there is probably an ebook on it! While some (a minority) of these ebooks may offer decent quality information, a lot of them are just something that someone probably cobbled together after doing a few Google searches and rewording the info they found. Hence the alternative name for clickbank – crapbank. While self publishing is not necessarily a bad thing – I am puzzled why anyone would fork out $40, $50 or more for an ebook from an unknown author when they could go to amazon and buy a book that has at least had to pass some sort of quality control in order to get published, has reviews from customers as to it’s quality/usefulness and is also a quarter of the price!

        One of the reasons for the inflated prices of these ebooks is that they pay a commission of 60 to 75% of the price to affiliates for each sale – so people who don’t really care about the quality of what they are promoting will be more likely to promote a $50 ebook for 75% commission than a $12 book on amazon for 8% commission.

        Clickbank ‘products’ do have two advantages to consumers which all the ‘Google Kit’ offers do not:
        1) Clickbank offers a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee on all products (although not many people know about this).
        2) There is usually only a one off charge not the hidden negative option monthly rebills and sign-ups to other unasked for services you get with the “Google Kit’.

        So if you do get scammed by a clickbank product at least you can get your money back (by contacting clickbank not the seller) assuming you know about this option. And you only get charged once. I think the reason for these two things is that clickbank processes the payments.
        However I would guess that even when people buy something which was a complete crapola a certain percentage of them will just think “well that was a complete waste of money” but just write off the $40 or whatever and not bother to try and get a refund. So even the sellers of the scammiest crappiest ebooks will make some money based on the fact that even if 100% of purchasers are not satisfied, a lot less than 100% of them will bother getting a refund.

  30. @Not Kevin…

    The thing about all these scams, in whatever incarnation they choose, is that they are crooks, and crooks, as every copper knows, usually stick to methods they know.

    Also, if they are crooks in one sphere of their life then invariably, they are crooks in ALL aspects of their life.

    Here are two examples.

    ONE: Today's news of a little Welsh eBay scammer who has been convicted, twice, of eBay fraud, and sent to prison – twice! He's virtually the same age as Jesse Willms who, you'll note, continues on his wily ways!


    TWO: The Yorkshire Ripper. Multiple arrests including drink-driving. Finally caught for having a rear-light out on his car and arrested when the number plate was found to be false. Then there was the hammer i the boot and prostitute on the front seat..


    So to properly nail these people, just as with Al Capone, they are going to need targetting from all angles. We don't need to worry about them moving on, because most, won't bother. It's in their nature. If they crop up in other spheres – then so much the better.

  31. In this Google discussion thread about Google Revolution:
    shrnks121 has posted "I was also scammed by these people. It showed newebizfordummies and they took 73.83 out of my account. I called and they agreed to put the money back into my account. Then two days later sellerslounge too 28.95 out of my account charges were still pending when I found it."
    Well is one of Steve Comer's multitude of sites, the address on this one is Apprise Solutions
    15 Park Terrace Leadgate, County Durham Consett DH8 7QD, United Kingdom

  32. Oh dear!..sorry you have the swine flu..I trust you haven't been sent anything unusual in the post from USA?

    Get well soon.:-( I have had a few other emails from some " google "related offers in my Junk folder. Did not open them in case of a virus.

    Have submitted an enquiry at Google HQ on line asking about googlerevolution…no answer as yet?

    (Keep rubbing the old "Vick Vapour Rub" on yourself..I have been told it stops you wanting to cough!)

    1. yay ta man! I've had worse – it's only a flesh wound.

      Now check out the webworks – I've had a bit of a reprise on this one! I figure that if it's big business cash amounts, then we should look at it from the big business viewpoint. And big business starts with stocks and shares, does it not?

  33. Wow, you have been busy detective Rees. 🙂

    Yes, I think that linkedin one is the guy as the domain is registered to Steve Comer (now hidden by Whois privacy). However the home page is just a blank page (403 forbidden error whatever that means). Reverse ip shows it’s on the same server as accidentalguru and other S Comer domains.

    I think I found him on Twitter too – not much info as he has only made about 3 tweets (all about his holiday in Mexico in early May). Nothing since then – guess he has been too busy setting up all those websites and UK Ltd companies! There is a picture but it’s tiny. BUT – check out who he is following: Mark Comer (the accidental guru guy) [would make sense that he would be following his brother]. And – well that name rings a bell I thought and sure enough it’s one of the “extra services” people were unwittingly signed up to when they ordered the Google Revolution Kit according to the comments here:

    by natnice: “also be aware of taking out money out of your account once the 7 days free trail is up email them as well and cancel it. I think they work with google revolution as well so there is two amount coming out”

    “thought that was the end of it until i recieved another email 0n 17th june from saying my 7 day free trial is coming to a end and that my credit card will be soon ready for processing i sent them a email back saying if they dont cancel my free trial i will phone the police and contract watch dog. In about 20 minutes or so they email me back saying they are removing me from their
    accounts that they are sorry to see me go and i hope i consider using them in the future f**k i will not.”

    Don’t know what connection Steve Comer has with etaxhotline apart from following them on Twitter – but a comment in this Google discussion thread!category-topic/adsense/i-dont-yet-have-an-account-getting-approved/8ztXRGXF0CQ (by Madca3) is interesting:

    “SCAM!!! Google Revolution / Google University.

    I agreed to pay $2.97 then they crashed and charged me it twice.

    Without warning there was a $75 charge on my credit card from: MONEYSEARCHTODAY.COM 877-703-3233

    They also automatically signed me up for another pay service I didn’t want – This service had to be cancelled separately.”

    Well… is one of the (many) domains registered to: Steve Comer and has the company name /address :
    Stingray Technology
    25 Green Street, County Durham Consett DH8 5LP, United Kingdom with the US phone number: 1-877-703-3233

    So there we have what appears to be a direct link between Steve Comer’s websites with County Durham companies and the Google Revolution scam.

    People in that Google thread also report being charged by of
    3049 North Executive Parkway
    Lehi, UT 84043
    whoever they are, people are not happy – they seem to be linked to powersale, blazing keywords grant masters and other names:

    Funny you should mention the Brigham Young University – that seems to crop up a lot in connection with the people behind these scams!

    1. Ha Ha. there's even a Comer who's a respected BYU Electronics professor and member of the IEEE!

      I think we had that Green St, Consett address some time ago…can't remember the number though?

      I have been busy. I'm at home with swine flu! Check out…. which is a Financial Times run-down of:

      Fortune Fincl Systems of Nevada Inc (Nevada? sic)

      6975 Union Park Center

      Suite 180

      Midvale, UT 84047

      I've checked their acquisitions which go back to 1997 and include various internet and marketing things. A Steven Comer is listed as a director…? But as I say, it's a common name there. If you check Suite 180 on Google Maps, their list of companies doesn't have the FFSN but a different Real Estate company with offices all over the USA. I think they've moved and morphed? The FT info is only for the last millenium….

      <img src="; alt=" Fortune Fincl Systems of Nevada Inc Performance" />

      Anyway, it's all public information and grist to the investigative mill.

      Freud said there are no co-incidences. Checking up against Eborn (Jonathon D, remember), we have addresses for that name in Midvale, Utah!

      <a href="“>

  34. Keep at it boys,so to speak… we may get a job with Panorama! Why doesn't any TV station have a weekly programme discussing Internet scams and how they operate. Make it an interesting debate and allow Internet "golden oldies" to see just what is going on out there in Cyberspace. The whole problem needs a good airing.

    We all (on this topic)could be given a job as consultant/investigators for a start. You chaps have been very busy finding out all this stuff..I am impressed. Hope we can put it to some use. Has anyone seen any pictures of Steve Comer? Just wondered.

    1. It's not guaranteed because there are a lot of Steve Comers in Utah and thereabouts, but given the nature of the business, it's probably this guy:

      Steve Comer

      Manager at Wealth Tools

      Provo, Utah Area

      Steve Comer's Experience


      Wealth Tools

      (Marketing and Advertising industry)

      Currently holds this position

      Steve Comer's Education

      Brigham Young University

      1982 – 1985

      The Uni dates give his age as mid-40's. Now there's a guy of about that age with the simple dot com domain name in Las Vegas – but that's too easy and simple, plus, he's got to be in the Provo etc area.

      There are some potential Comers in the Provo High School reunion things, but not definitive.

      So I can't find a definitive picture yet… I've a potential narrowing of the focus because of Facebook and it's capacity for linking friends… watch this space!

      In actual fact, there are zillions of Comers in UTAH, and most seem to go the Brigham Young University! So we must be careful!

      However, in trawling through old posts looking for stuff, and I did find Eborn on this PDF file at his local golf club:
      <a href="”>…“>

      <img class="size-thumbnail wp-image-5092" title="Eborn + Burnside CC entry" src="×86.jpg&quot; alt="Eborn + Burnside CC entry" width="86" height="86" />

      I never noticed when I first looked after he'd been charged by the Texas AG, but his partner Stephanie Burnside is at the same address.

      Both are included in the recent FTC charge sheet! And I know they are partners, because of this webpage:
      …which is local SLC Utah births from 2005. I feel sorry for the little girl now. It's not her fault if her two guardians get plopped in the slammer.

  35. Ah, dazzlewhites the company with it's world headquarters in a house in County Durham. Yes, I remember them now. Just done a few searches on Google and it looks like their real world headquarters is in Canada and the owner has been in a little bit of legal bother with Microsoft and Symantec in the past, according to this:

    Wonder if he has anything to do with Steve Comer and his empire of websites? Or maybe it's just coincidence that they both decided County Durham would make an ideal business "headquarters".

    Also found this note from the BBB on the BBB report on Dazzle White – they are recommending people report dazzlewhite to the FBI!

    "As of June 2009, this company has received a large amount of complaints. The complaints are regarding consumer order a free trail sample of the product. In most cases, the free sample is never received and the consumer are charged $58.76 for monthly membership and monthly auto shipments.

    At this time, your BBB has not been able to contact this company. The toll free number is a call service that just process their orders. Dazzle White was using a address listed in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Which location was a UPS Store.

    The website is listing a contract address out of the country. The World Headquarters address appears as Gillmap Limited 9 Broomhill, Stanley, DH9 8AZ Durham

    The BBB at this time is requesting that everyone please file their complaints with the Internet Crime Department of the FBI. The website is;


    Clearly spelling and grammar are not strong points at the BBB. 🙂 First time I have seen the BBB advise people to contact the FBI though – must be serious!

    Looks like Dazzlewhite has an actual real live person 'live help' rather than one of those fake live people which is just a computer. Might have to think up some interesting questions for them…. 🙂

  36. Hmm, looks like Dazzlewhite has 3 “World headquarters” now – the globetrotters!

    World Headquarters
    1021018 Alberta Ltd 11 Athabascan Avenue Suite 240 Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A 6H2,Canada
    According to:


    World Headquarters
    JDW Media LLC
    2184 Channing Way #322
    Idaho Falls, ID 83404
    According to:


    World Headquarters
    Gillmap Limited
    9 Broomhill
    Stanley, DH9 8AZ
    According to:

    Note the world map on those contact us pages covered with red dots implying that they have offices all over the world!

    1. wot you meen wiff my spelin an grwammer?

      I think the definition of “world headquarters” needs redefining now. All it seems to imply is that it’s somewhere on the world.

      Funnily enough, I had a nice email from the tooth fairy (or is that truth fairy) last night in the form of this piece of spam:

      From: As Seen On CNN []
      Subject: Amazing Dental Invention Delivers Bright Fast!
      If you can’t read or see this email, Click Here

      To unsubscribe please go here

      or send mail to:
      Dazzle White Pro
      Vasilissis Freiderikis
      Nicosia, Cyprus

      This email advertisement has been brought to you by WhiteMail. If you wish to unsubscribe from WhiteMail, please visit our unsubscribe page or write to us at: WhiteMail, 3616 Far West Blvd #117-165, Austin Tx 78731

      When it comes to being cool it’s no longer about having a shiny new car or the latest designer labels. In fact, a lot of people think stuff like that is simply superficial. In fact, the coolest way to impress people and make the best first impression these days is to have whiter teeth. That’s what everyone is looking for! And that’s why, over the past five years, the American Society Of Cosmetic Dentistry has seen requests for teeth-whitening procedures increase 300 percent! Doctors admit that the trend shocked them at first but they’ve since gotten on board and started performing more teeth-whitening procedures than ever before. Celebrities like Tara Reid have been known to shell out thousands of dollars to have the whitest teeth possible. They want their smiles to be so white that they shine across the red carpet. The only challenge is determining how white is right for you. Doctors use a 16-shade whitening guide that sets the standards for whiteness. But, in reality your teeth should never be whiter than the whites of your eyes otherwise, you risk teeth damage. Plus, they won’t look natural. The good news is that you don’t have to go overboard. There is no reason to spend thousands on dental visits to get your teeth brighter. And you can whiten your teeth without the risk of damage. Dazzle White Dentists are “FURIOUS” about the release of this Unprecedented Technology! Why? Because You’ll Never VIsit for this Service Again! What Denstists Don’t Want You to Know! ——————————————————— To unsubscribe please go to: or send mail to: Dazzle White Pro Vasilissis Freiderikis Nicosia, Cyprus This email advertisement has been brought to you by WhiteMail. If you wish to unsubscribe from WhiteMail, please visit or write to us at: WhiteMail, 3616 Far West Blvd #117-165, Austin Tx 78731

      So naturally, in my quest to keep my dentist FURIOUS, I followed it and it went to Just as you’ve said, the new contact address is:
      World Headquarters
      1021018 Alberta Ltd
      11 Athabascan Avenue
      Suite 240
      Sherwood Park,
      Alberta T8A 6H2,

      The webcops link takes you to this picture of young Jesse Willms, tooth-whitening and software stealing gaffer of the above:
      And a Google search on “1021018 Alberta Ltd” chucks out 250 highly uncomplimentary results. One of them, a M$ news piece, shows that 1021018 Alberta Ltd is a bit of a family affair…

      Microsoft Settles Lawsuit Against a Canadian Software Seller for Infringing Distribution of Software
      Microsoft Corporation recently settled a lawsuit against eDirectSoftware, a Canadian partnership, and Jesse Willms, Linda Willms, Dave Willms, Canadian corporation 1016363 Alberta Ltd., and Canadian corporation 1021018 Alberta Ltd. operating in Billings, Montana, and Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. In the amended complaint, filed on October 31, 2006, Microsoft alleged that, among other illegal activities, the defendants illegally imported to the United States and distributed infringing Microsoft software that was intended for schools and other qualified educational users in the Middle East. The defendants paid Microsoft over $1.0 million in cash and property and agreed to a court-ordered injunction prohibiting future sales of infringing Microsoft products. Additionally, the Court ordered the impoundment of more than 50,000 copies of infringing software that will be destroyed as part of the settlement.

      From this link,
      ..we also learn that xxxxxxxx Alberta Ltd can provide an almost unlimited amount of company names. See at the bottom of this link say:
      We find that the case is against “EDirectSoftware, Jesse Willms, Michael Callaway, 1016363 Alberta LTD., 1021018 Alberta LTD. and others…”

      It’s important to note that the Willms’s wholesome business parentage above when applying for their toothpaste. They demand quite a bit of information from you, as per their T&C page here:

      Remember. It’s a tooth whitener you are supposed to be buying….?? !!!

      3. Application Process. In order to obtain Online Products, enroll in the All-Access Program and/or become a Member, you must first submit the applicable application form (“Application”) to DazzlewhiteTM for review and initial approval. DazzlewhiteTM reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny the Application of anyone at any time and for any reason, whatsoever. The information that you must supply on the Website in order to obtain Online Products and/or enroll in the enroll in the All-Access Program may include, without limitation: (a) your full name; (b) mailing address; (c) e-mail address; (d) phone number; (e) credit card information; (f) current weight; (g) goal weight; (h) height; (i) gender; (j) year of birth; (k) date of birth; and/or (l) any other information requested by us on the Application (collectively, “Registration Data”).

      Second Bit of Interesting Spam (I can’t believe I just wrote that!)

      From: Kevin Nelson []
      Subject: I’ll pay you $375 a day
      I’ll pay you $375 a day to post ads online.
      Weekly paychecks,
      No experience needed,
      Work from home.

      I’ll show you how I do it.

      Kevin Nelson

      What is “interesting”, is the nature of clicking the link. Keep an eye on the browser status bar and watch the redirects fire through….I counted at least 7!!! But the final landing page is one of two.
      First click:
      Takes you to…Google Pay Day at

      Second Click:
      Takes you to…Chris Jackson, Working from Home at

      Strangely, all subsequent clicks take you through to Chris Jackson. If you clear the browser cache you get the first one again, but only once. Anyway, I clicked through under the name of “Bollochio”, because they value my privacy. 😉 If you try it, it’s an abyssmal audio monologue version of the text on-screen! It’s as bad as the “pipe salesman” of Kevin Hoeffer. Currently, there’s not much muck floating around any of the names yet, for this second click. Textual searches on the boring sentences throw back a few bizarre web skimming sites (e.g. 101 Guitar Tips!).
      I’m leaving it at that for now. I’m anticipating big things for Bollochio! Watch this space.

      1. Oh Bollochio!

        I got my first spam for Bollochio this morning! This puts the time gap as ~24hrs.

        It starts off as:

        Dear Bollochio
        You are receiving this notification because you've been chosen as one of our VIP candidates to preview the YourBillKILLER system for the introductory price of $49.95.

        So I'm now a Very Impressed Person!

        Jesse Willms and His Photo

        Since old Jesse Willms took the time to remove his photo, in much the same fashion as Jon Eborn and Philip Danielson, the legal person for Infusion Media Inc removed theirs from public view, it actually throws some light on their activities…. How so?

        A. Well, this website is a tiddly little affair. In the scheme of investigative things, it's miniscule. Yet Willms, Eborn etc are soooooo paranoid that they can afford to take time from their wealthy lives to check every inbound link into their vast sites, run a host of Google Alerts, and then tediously undo every part of their own little self-publicity empires that they've constructed.

        Social Networking? Oo-er missus. Too risky!

        As an example, following Willms's picture pull, I found a stack of little website blogs, twittery places etc, on a host of different platforms, that were all assembled by Willms himself! Obviously constructed in haste, as if to secure a footing in the ever-expanding social networking world, most appear to have just the one or two entries, say holiday snaps from Mexico or something. Then heavy metal hero Willms, after testing the water, appears to have got bored and moved onto the next big platform thing.

        I imagine, after this tiny little comment on this tiny little blog, by myself, he'll have now toddled off and laboriously pulled all the links he can find….Ha Ha.

        With this in mind, all the multi-million dollar promises of health, happiness, clean teeth and wealth, actually appear to be just pure fluff and dreams. Methinks life's a struggle for him if all he can do is waste time on little ol' me.

        – a true gaffer of substance and honour wouldn't feel the need.

        It's just a thought!

      2. Oh Bollochio again!

        And so it goes….

        This next one reads:

        Hi Bollochio,

        Let me be the first person to tell you…

        You made a GENIUS decision (I'm talking Rocket-Scientist SMART) when

        you checked out that "Bill Killer" website about making money online.

        …and it's from a 'different' source.

        Rocket-science-ingly, I got a new type on my old 'Morton' nom de spam. It's finally reached the online dating area, so next stop casinos and large genitals?…. It went;

        Are you Naughty or Nice?

        With over 21 million Naughty and Nice singles, your soul mate could be closer than you think…

        You know, I'm getting to quite like the Bollochio moniker – it's strangely perfect! Ha Ha.

  37. @Not Kevin.

    Going back to your comment on June 23rd, someone here,… a converstaion between 'you' and the UTAH call-centre. 'You' reckons they live just round the corner from Gillmap at the Broomhill address.

    The picture of the house is off Panoramia on Google maps and is some way from the Google derived location for 9 Broomhill. However, it's still funny with an extremely serious relevant point to our investigations. Copied below:

    A live chat between a customer and CS.

    Annie: Hello and welcome to DazzleWhite. I'll be your live operator today. May I know, whom am I chatting with?

    you: a disatisfied customer

    Annie: Ok, how can I help you?

    you: has your address changed to the UK?

    Annie: No.

    you: it says that it has here GIllmap LTD etc Durham, that is the UK

    Annie: Just a moment please.

    you: hello?

    Annie: No, that is not our address.

    you: why does it say here that is your world HQ?

    you: why does your address change from day to day? how are people supposed to get their products back to you & why are your product packages underpaid?

    you: hello?

    Annie: Our head Quarter is

    Annie: : Gillmap Limited

    Annie: 9 Broomhill

    Annie: Stanley, DH9 8AZ

    Annie: Durham

    you: that is in UK, around the corner to where I live. I live in the UK!!

    Annie: Ok.

    you: its not OK. You said above that wasnt your address, what happens to products sent to US address!

    you: hello?

    Annie: We have return address in US also.

    you: what is address in US?

    Annie: Just a moment please.

    you: I was instructed to send the product back to US? can I send it to UK?

    Annie: 3600 Army Post Road

    Annie: Des Moines, IA 50321

    Annie: Yes, you can.

    you: Des Moines, that isnt the address I was given. This has changed & products already gone to Idaho falls…

    you: idaho falls was address given. why do you change the addresses so frequently

    you: hello?

    Annie: Please call our member support at our toll free number 1-866-989-2686. They will assist you much better regarding your concern.

    you: I have already called them & they were alos unable to answer any of my concerns & those concerns of a lot of other people

    you: how often does your address change please, is it every day?

    you: how interesting?

    Annie: We are not authorized to give such kind of information. You have to call them for further assistance.


    Also of note (well it made me laff), is the Google Map of the area:

    <div class="aligncenter" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 10px 10px; vertical-align: middle;">

    <iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",Stanley,+DH9+8AZ&sll=54.889998,-1.839454&sspn=0.001086,0.00239&ie=UTF8&ll=54.891813,-1.829653&spn=0.017377,0.038238&t=h&z=14&output=embed"></iframe><small><a href=",Stanley,+DH9+8AZ&sll=54.889998,-1.839454&sspn=0.001086,0.00239&ie=UTF8&ll=54.891813,-1.829653&spn=0.017377,0.038238&t=h&z=14&quot; style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left" rel="nofollow">View Larger Map</small>


    About a mile to the NNE of Broomhill is a country lane called:

    Cut Throat Lane!

  38. How can the latest post time be set at 2:O8 AND the time is 12:10 /est? JuST ASKING????

    1. It depends on:

      where you are,
      what time it is when you look,
      if I've set the correct time zone for my WordPress installation,
      the clock at my host being accurate
      …er..can't think of any more yet…
      Oh, one more. As admin I can set the DATETIME for anyone's posting at any time. I can do this from within WordPress or by using phpAdmin. So if I felt like it, I can adjsut anything to be anything. Ah! The power!

      All of this means that times on anyone's website (not just mine) should be taken with a pinch of salt. They are not real. They certainly do not have any legal standing whatever might happen on CSI…!

      To add to this, Einstein's Theory of Relativity excludes the concept of simultaneity as he called it. It means that where you are in Washington is one point in space and time unique to yourself. Experiments prove this.
      However, experiments have also proved that Entanglement over-rides this occasionally, which allows for simultaneity. Obviously, we are now at a very exciting time in Physics as this conundrum is churned over by the cleverest minds in the world (not me, by a long chalk).

      What it all means as an entirety, is that time is a flaky concept. Even though we appear to be living through it, we only appear to be doing so. I think a much spookier thing is going on. Buddhism treats it quite well, in explanation.


  39. Interesting Polly. So the Consett police said that the people living at these addresses have nothing to do with the Ltd companies?

    That makes these companies even more suspicious – why go to the trouble of setting up a Ltd company (actually dozens of them!) and then just picking some random address as the company address!? Surely that would attract more suspicion as mail would go there addressed to the company as would any communications from Companies House. Of course it's a no no to have a false address for a LTD company but I think the penalty is just a small fine or something?

    Also, most of these domains (with UK Ltd company names on them) are registered to a Steve Comer in Utah, USA (although he has now hidden that info using domainsbyproxy)

    All very odd.

    Setting up a UK Ltd company at Companies House is very easy and no they don't ask for proof of id or anything. You only need to register for Vat if/when your turnover exceeds a certain amount, so that comes after registration (if at all).

    There are however quite strict regulations about your obligations as a Director, filing accounts on time etc. See:

    Not sure how these companies would get their stuff from Companies House if they are using false addresses, filing accounts for all those companies would be a nightmare too (if done properly) – which is another reason it's odd that there are so many of them which just multiplies the work and could make it very confusing! Perhaps they are not planning to stick around long enough to bother with legalities like filing accounts!? (Allegedly) (You can be in business for around 18 months I think before your first years accounts are due).

    Well..the plot thickens. 🙂

    1. Spot on mate. See my reply to Polly above.

      It's pretty obvious isn't it? Why make accounts when the cash goes to Nevis/Cyprus and new shells can be made at any time.

      It also ties in with reports that people have not had replies when mailing to these addresses! I mean – they could set my address up as one of these shells – maybe even use my name? How would I know until I started getting weird mail and calls from the coppers?

      If the scammer has no intention at all of ever using these addresses and the company names are just there to make things appear official, then they'll just make their money and bog off. They don't care.

      Looking at it this way, there are an endless supply of potential names and addresses to use on website contact forms, aren't there? They are just space fillers to give an appearance of formality. Anyone checking (like us), sees a veneer of officialdom to stop us digging any further. THIS IS WHY THEY ONLY ALLOW CONTACT VIA THE PHONE NUMBERS IN UTAH!!! It's the only contact point they need (apart from the money collection service they use) with their 'customers' (aka suckers). With one contact zone they can ensure that there's only one stream of outbound information to manage!

      Talk about smoke and mirrors! It's much worse than I originally thought. I think Polly did an amazing thing and the time has come to get the UK big boys involved. Nevis is only a little volcano.

      The key thing for me, is to realise that nearly all the UK addresses are a sham. Some may be key to the plot, but once you realise that most are a mirage, it all becomes clear…

    2. Just been following that business link to trace the formalities through….

      It seems that Companies Ho take £20 and then presumably send a confirmation. I'm saying 'presumably' as they are thin on info about the actual practicalities.
      After that, there's a huge list of 'obligations' with suitable warnings about not doing stuff correctly…. For instance, one reads:

      Display your company's name clearly on the outside of all its offices or other places of business.

      I can picture those houses in Dipton, Consett, Leadgate etc ABSOLUTELY PLASTERED with neat signs – they probably can't see out the windows!!!! They must look like patchwork quilts…Ha Ha.

      <hr />

      Except They Don't
      I remember a TV series that was about when I were a lad – aye up! It was called "The Mind of Mr. J. G. Reeder". see

      Anyway, Mr Reeder always solved the DPP's cases because, as he'd always say at the end of each episode, "I have a criminal mind, sir"….

      Well putting myself in Mr JG Reeder's mind, here's a scenario for setting up hundreds of shell companies in County Durham.

      1. Have someone on the spot.
      2. This person must watch for empty properties. Preferably, if they were in a rented property (council is best, empty for ages sometimes especially if it's a dodgy area), they could move on and keep a key copy.
      3. Set up companies at these addresses.
      4. Go back occasionally for mail. (break in round the back if no key)
      5. If a new resident appears, don't visit any more. Just do nothing. The mail will be ignored by the new resident along with all the other pile of stuff from the 'previous resident'.
      6. If there are no complaints, this situation could last for weeks and weeks.
      7. Rinse and repeat – i.e. go back to 1 or 2.

      What do you think? With Mr Reeder's hat on I can think of many more ways to flesh out this story.

      All it means is that HM Gov can do bog all about catching anyone, as there are just ghostly shadows. Any penalty threats are worthless in such a situation because the main protagonists are, well exactly where are they? With the legalised secrecy enforced on Nevis, who knows?

  40. My computer seems to have got over the must have been reacting to my anger and fume at the tossers who operate these scams.

    I have been in touch with Durham Police in Consett who confirmed that the poor folk who live at these addresses in Durham, have all been getting demands and letters from abroad, so they are aware of what has been going on. I Gave all the information and web sites.

    I have made an enquiry to Companies House, by email, to ask why these people can give false information to register a Company without anyone asking for proof of identification of the Directors ie Birth Certificate or Passport,VAT number and a phone number which actually works. Also to have an actual name and address for the Secretary, same documented evidence. There has to be a different system in place to stop anyone else having their I.d stolen and addresses used. Like me, I thought a Registered Company was legitimate….not any more.

    I also asked my Member of Parliament what can be done…still waiting for some response from Him.
    Right Honorable John Gummer.:-o

    1. Gummer! – he could always get his daughter to help… naa. That’s a bit cruel.

      What you and Not Kevin are pointing at really is top crookery. A money laundering thing like you first said. Tie it in with the invisible disappearing money when it goes into a Nevis “management” “Trust” (as an aside, the word ‘Trust’ seems singularly inappropriate, don’t you think?), and it suggests that the FTC might have a job just finding out how much “ill-gotten gains” the Utah mob have actually made.

      It also shows how pathetic and ill-informed the former employees of the closed call centre in Utah are. Are they aware of the hundreds of false companies set up in unknowing UK addresses in their name? !! This is staggering. Thanks for having the wherewithal to contact the police on the spot! Of course, all those poor Consett folk could be lying, but it now looks highly unlikely that they are in their entirety.

      So I apologise unreservedly to anyone in Co. Durham who feels slandered and tainted by my earlier statements based on initial investigations.

      My guess is that there are couple of key people up there who are controlling these address setups in cahoots with folk from Utah. Where to look in Utah?

      A. probably a good place is anyone who’s recently decided to hide their domain ownership! Good as anywhere? Tie it in with the continuing appearance of Google Money Bollox clones, (even if they are cleaned and sanitised compared to their earlier incarnations), all based just around the corner from the original scammers, using the same image servers (mostly pantherSSL), hosts and domain obfuscation services, almost the same graphics and wordage, and what we see is business as usual, most likely the same people pulling the strings even under court restrictions…..After all, who can tell what’s going on in the “Trust” in Nevis? the charter promises absolute secrecy!!!

      I don’t know what it’s like in the USA, but in the UK, there is no maximum penalty for contempt of court. Someone can be locked up indefinitely for contempt. It’s worse than murder! All the FTC has to prove (if the law is similar), is contempt, and they can all be bunged away for good!

  41. Multiple Streams of Theft is about right 🙂

    Interesting comment from an ex-employee from the thread you linked to above about the Utah call center and Google Treasure Chest / Money Tree:

    “But, we all knew or were suspicious (whether we will openly admit it or not) that there was something fishy with the company’s business ethics. For example, the company told us to inform the customers that their money had been refunded when there was nothing noted on their accounts; And as the company always said,’If it isn’t documented, it never happened.’ The company had shady business tactics, and I think that it was about high time that they were shut down; even though it has put a lot of us in tough situation.”

    So basically they just lied and told people they had been refunded (although they had not been refunded) to get them off the phone?

    It seems some of the other people (ex employees) in that thread repeated the mantra of lies so often that they came to believe them too! While I am sure the company did not tell them the whole truth (especially for example about which sign up page people were really sent to and how clear the terms and conditions really were [or not!] etc); anyone with a bit of common sense MUST have realised the company they were providing “customer service” for was a bit dodgy!!

    More info on the address of 10 Edith Street. County Durham. Consett DH8 5DN United Kingdom – it is also listed on these websites:

    reverse ip shows some more sites on the same server, eg: with another Caribbean address:
    PO BOX 642, Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis, East Caribbean

    A search on that address brings up a whole bunch of dubious “health” products:
    RezV Clear; Pliatrol; Colon Cleanse 3000; UltraSlim XS etc,+Charlestown,+Nevis,+Caribbean&btnG=Search&gws_rd=cr,ssl&ei=wB9OVu3jN4S3a_iyvdAG

    And another address: 4400 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite 9-351 Scottsdale, AZ 85251
    Which is also listed on complaints board / rip off report as well as on fake news sites promising ‘miracle cures’ like the “wherever your ip address is” Herald:

    1. @Not Kevin – I thought that would get a laff!

      As for that lot of “former employees” – they’re all in denial as far as I can see, if they are who they say they are, that is?

      My opinion is that their prime excuses are:

      people are stupid not to read the terms and conditions properly so they deserve to be relieved of their money…
      We are doing our job and the company pay well and look after their employees…
      It’s not our fault – it’s the government’s for not letting our nice employer pay us…

      These statements could equally well be applied exactly to the mafia mob……..
      – people are too weak to defend themselves against the mafia’s “terms and conditions”,so pay up…
      – we are doing our job and the mafia pay us well…
      – it’s nopt our fault, it’s the governments for not letting the mafia pay us…

      I bet Polly above will be chuffed to bits to find these handy companies all crammed into Edith Street! She now can go to a company she can trust, cleanse her inner self and get rid of all those worry wrinkles! 😉

      I don’t think I’ve seen that Scottsvdale, AZ address before, but we’ve come the one in Nevis in the Caribbean before, some time ago, I think. You spotted them here:
      and here:

      Unfortunately, unless they move from the PO Box, all we can do is drive round and round the island as Main St is like a ring road for the 10km diameter island. Of course, if we went there, it’s so small so everyone must know everyone…ha ha.
      We could pop in and ask at the Post Office, which doubles as a Philately Museum & Shop (stamps for those that don’t know – the things you get in Post Offices where the PO Boxes are kept!) A picture of the front door is here:

      However, we don’t need to visit and ask…This webpage, provides a name of:

      Nevis International Trust Co. Ltd.
      Mr. Eugene Herbert
      P.O. Box 642
      Hamilton Development
      Tel: 1 (869) 469-5132
      Fax: 1 (869) 469-5898

      You’ll see it’s the same PO Box!!

      The header at the top of the page says it all. It’s a dinky little island so has to make money somehow…

      Nevis is an excellent jurisdiction in which to open a Limited Liability Company (LLC). The Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance was passed in 1995 and has become very popular.

      It offers a full range of financial services and products including asset management and protection, company formation and administration, insurance, foundations, mutual funds administration, offshore banking, investment management, and trust services.

      Nevis offshore companies are free from taxation and are protected in privacy by the 1985 Confidential Relationship Act.

      The blurb on their website offers strict confidentiality along with business expertise from the United States and Britain!

      Ho hum. The money laundering comment that someone made is looking to be a closer reality now?

    2. @Not Kevin

      I've been revisiting the Nevis conundrum. Check out the official government site here:
      and some finance sites like:
      This one, the official government bank, has a highly suspicious Money Tree logo, given our starting points in these investigations! Ha Ha.

      <img src="; alt="A Money Tree!!!" />

      Or try this site:
      …for it's comforting messages of forthrightness and legality(bearing in mind the promise of absolute client secrecy that the island affords those that can pay)

      On this same site, there's a list of regulated, licensed companies operating on the island, under "Professional Directory". They are grouped into various classes, like Accounting, Credit Unions etc.

      Under nearly all entries, all the companies are Nevis based. Our P.O. Box 642 is under "Registered Agents",

      However, check under "Licensed Insurance Managers" and we get a wholly different setup!

      There are 15 companies listed here. Here I list the State where they abide. There's a few shocks!

      Park City, UTAH

      Irvine, CA

      Newport Beach, CA

      Charlestown, Nevis

      Charlestown, Nevis

      Charlestown, Nevis

      Basseterre, Nevis

      McMinnville, Tennessee

      Charlestown, Nevis

      Tortola, Virgin Is

      Charlestown, Nevis (Gibraltar Trust Company dot com!!!)

      Charlestown, Nevis

      Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      Mesa, Arizona

      Ramsey, NJ

      Quite a few of these places (although not the exact addresses) have appeared time and again in our research.

      And remember; for all the other business classes, virtually all businesses are Nevis addressed!

      According to Wikipedia, there were 17k banks registered in Nevis in 1998…..the population is just 12k. This is about one and a half banks per person!

      So what exactly is a Licensed Insurance Manager???

      You may say that these are just co-incidences. It's just that these co-incidences stink.

      Why are there no investors and companies from France, Germany, New Zealand, Namibia, Chelmsford?

      Why, time and again, do we see Utah, Gibraltar, New York, Arizona and California?

      The smell does go the the heart of the City of London though (as it would, as it was there that the whole concept of offshore banking was dreamt up as a means for the British ruling classes, the aristocracy, to hide their wealth when inheritance tax came in after WW1). One of the Nevis companies (PKF), is in Farringdon Road, EC1. Doubtless there are many more, and being multinational, PKF would have to have offices everywhere that money holes up. It's their job.

      Gibraltar, Utah, County Durham, Nevis. It just goes round and round.

  42. By the way…since I replied on the googlerevolution web site with my comments “we R on 2 You”, my screen has been jumping up and down, this happens when I log onto a new website…do you think they can send a virus to my PC ? It didn’t happen before!

    1. @Polly
      Just keep plugging away at your Card Company. If you were conned by a heap of negative options and hidden clauses, then that's fraud.

      I don't know how directors are checked. Because the papers and news endlessly report on dodgy directors and companies, presumably, like any thief or criminal, they'll just keep breaking the law until they are caught and stopped. The onus is on ourselves to ensure that the checks and balances which we want in our society are applied. Otherwise, it's a police state – but who checks the police? It's like all the CCTV on the streets – just because they can film someone being beaten up doesn't make them good. All it does is to make it easier to catch the culprit – the person being hurt still gets hurt!
      It's society, the people living in it now that must make the change and take action. You just can't rely on cameras to protect you or the police (or state) to enforce all the laws. It's not feasible, and the crooks know it! Same goes for your situation. Just keep plugging away and don't take NO for an answer. You are the one that's been conned, not the card company, and the onus is on the scammer to prove to the card company that the charge for their "service" is justified.

      I'd still have a go at your pet idea. You may not end up rich, but it seems an excellent way to help people, and in anyone's judgement, this is good. Who knows where it might lead? !! Just because it appears that the web is full of crooks, don't let them put you off. The numbers only appear large because of the speed and ease that messages and information can be disseminated. For instance, most of the spam in your inbox comes from a few hundred crooks. Maybe a thousand. Compare this to the now accepted figure that over a BILLION people are now on-line and it doesn't look so bad, does it?

      As for your wonky screen…? Hmmm.
      If you have decent anti-virus installed, you should be fine. However, this behaviour can arise due to hardware (graphics card on the way out or not seated properly? Dodgy mouse?) or faulty plugins and stuff in your browser (say Internet Explorer or Firefox). It could be that the browser software itself is corrupted and needs a re-install? OS update? There are a host of things, and I need a bit more detail…
      Maybe it's just on the crook's page? In this case, the popup that appears asking if you want to speak to the "agent" could be doing it. This points to a flaky javascript somehow.

      For a start, make sure your anti-virus is current and updated and running properly.
      Check if the screen jumping is only when you are on the internet – that is, does it occur when you are typing a letter or playing a game, say?
      Make sure your Windows has been updated (95% of folk use windows, so I'm guessing here!)
      Completely empty your browser cache and clear duff cookies. (If you can't do this, make sure your browser is recent and updated also as all the new ones do this easily).

      ….as I say. There are a lot of possible causes! Hope this helps!

  43. I will ask my credit card (Capital one -a USA company!) to do a chargeback…thay have been told what has happened, and I was expecting a call back yesterday, to ensure the card is not used again…but no one called..hope another clawback has not been tried. They didn’t take my complaint very serious in my opinion. 3 different people..all saying I will have to wait for a form to fill in before they investigate it!!!!

    If the Compies are registered at Companies House in uk, and a name and DOB of the Director is showing on the Company Register Information which I paid £1.00 on line for ( fingers crossed it is genuine), what methods are in place to ensure the people who call themselves Directors, are legal? Do they have to show a Passport or Birth certificate with the address on when the company is registered? I find this all a maze, why are no such things in place, so we poor mortals can locate the so called owners of these false companies. I have been looking for Russell Martin DOB 25/5/1981… I also think that the telephone numbers given on web sites, should have to be listed in YELL as a confirmation that they work? And Companies House, has genuine telephone numbers for the Directors as well.
    Now I have read all the information about scams, I am not going to try my idea. It was for people who had lost a Pet, and needed some help and advice. The Pet would have died, not lost..and the site would include. Adopting a new pet, or buying a new pet, or vets etc…just an idea..but now feel the web is just full of criminals and I was not fully aware before how they operated, so thank you , it’s good to know genuine people are united by these blogs and we can all warn each other.

  44. @Polly – funny you should mention money laundering as being one possible option (allegedly) – in trying to work out why on earth all these newly registered UK Ltd companies keep springing up at various addresses within a stones throw of each other in County Durham (often 2 companies at the same address) that was one possible explanation that sprang to my mind as well.

    Whatever these new UK Ltd companies are set up for – they are charging people the the $73.83 according to this comment by P1BRX on "I also agreed to nothing and didn't accept the trial, but they still took $1.87 off me, the $73.83 6-days later. The latter amount was in the name of"

    ( has this address:

    Spring Systems Ltd

    15 Park Terrace Leadgate, County Durham Consett DH8 7QD, United Kingdom

    1-877-300-5671 )

    The comment by allstarleb at the same link is also interesting:

    "The worst part is I kept getting calls from people who say they "work for google"! These guys LIE through their teeth! He kept telling me that he works for GOOGLE and that google is sponsoring a bunch of students to learn how to start their own website!" Seen comments elsewhere that people have been phoned from someone calling "on behalf of Google" which is almost the same thing, but that's the first time I have heard someone say they were called by someone claiming to be from Google. Very naughty telemarketer! The FTC would have something to say about that I'm sure.

    Also..remember Steve Comer of 831 East 340 South

    American Fork, Utah 84003 United States? (Domain owner of the sites (many listed above) with various newly registered UK Ltd companies in County Durham as the contact address.

    Well, he has changed his name on the whois info on all of his domains to:

    Domains by Proxy, Inc.

    Got something to hide Steve?

    Prosperous Distribution Ltd of

    10 Edith Street, County Durham Consett DH8 5DN, United Kingdom is the contact address on: and – all also owner hidden by domains by proxy. As you discovered the images are all hosted in the directory called /templates/google/ at

    A reverse ip search on shows other sites on the server as:

    (website for the book by Mark Comer, brother of Steve. Foreword written by Robert G Allen)


    Steve Comer

    831 East 340 South

    American Fork, Utah 84003

    United States (some Acai crap)


    Steve Comer

    831 East 340 South etc

    Registrant hidden.

    (Robert G Allen)



    5072 N 300 W

    Ste 130

    Provo, Utah 84604

    United States

    Administrative Contact:

    Pope, Byron

    (address as EWI above)

    who is a * Programmer at Multiple Streams of Income * Network Admin/Programmer at Enlightened Wealth Institute (EWI)

    Multiple Streams of Income is Robert G Allens "official website". Enlightened Wealth Institute (EWI) is also something to do with Robert Allen:
    (Interesting read about their high pressure sales tactics at that link)

    Prosper, Inc and the Enlightened Wealth Institute seem to be one and the same:

    Robert Allen is "a partner" of Prosper Inc:

    A company which is alleged to have some 'interesting' motivational techniques:

    So – Robert G Allen, Steve Comer, Provo and American Fork in Utah – all connected with: County Durham! The Utah of the UK!? 🙂

    1. @Not Kevin.
      I’ve found that an interesting exercise is to go through your previous comment and replace words like prosper, create, wealth etc, by the word THIEVERY.

      It all becomes horribly clear – see below:

      @Polly -funny you should mention money laundering as being one possible option (allegedly) in trying to work out why on earth all these newly registered UK Ltd companies keep springing up at various addresses within a stones throw of each other in County Durham (often 2 companies at the same address) that was one possible explanation that sprang to my mind as well.

      Whatever these new UK Ltd companies are set up for they are charging people the the $73.83 according to this comment by P1BRX on I also agreed to nothing and didn’t accept the trial, but they still took $1.87 off me, the $73.83 6-days later. The latter amount was in the name of

      ( has this address:
      Spring Thieves Ltd
      15 Park Terrace Leadgate, County Durham Consett DH8 7QD, United Kingdom
      1-877-300-5671 )

      The comment by allstarleb at the same link is also interesting:
      The worst part is I kept getting calls from people who say they work for google! These guys LIE through their teeth! He kept telling me that he works for GOOGLE and that google is sponsoring a bunch of students to learn how to start their own website! Seen comments elsewhere that people have been phoned from someone calling on behalf of Google which is almost the same thing, but that’s the first time I have heard someone say they were called by someone claiming to be from Google. Very naughty telemarketer! The FTC would have something to say about that I’m sure.

      Also..remember Steve Comer of 831 East 340 South
      American Fork, Utah 84003 United States? (Domain owner of the sites (many listed above) with various newly registered UK Ltd companies in County Durham as the contact address.

      Well, he has changed his name on the whois info on all of his domains to:
      Domains by Proxy, Inc.

      Got something to hide Steve?

      Purloinerous Distribution Ltd of
      10 Edith Street, County Durham Consett DH8 5DN, United Kingdom is the contact address on: and all also owner hidden by domains by proxy. As you discovered the images are all hosted in the directory called /templates/google/ at

      A reverse ip search on shows other sites on the server as:
      (website for the book by Mark Comer, brother of Steve. Foreword written by Robert G Allen)
      Steve Comer
      831 East 340 South
      American Fork, Utah 84003
      United States (some Acai crap)
      Steve Comer
      831 East 340 South etc
      Registrant hidden.
      (Robert G Allen)
      5072 N 300 W
      Ste 130
      Provo, Utah 84604
      United States

      Administrative Contact:
      Pope, Byron
      (address as EWI above)
      who is a * Programmer at Multiple Streams of Theft * Network Admin/Programmer at Enlightened Thievery Institute (EWI)

      Multiple Streams of Theft is Robert G Allens official website. Enlightened Thievery Institute (EWI) is also something to do with Robert Allen:
      (Interesting read about their high pressure sales tactics at that link)

      Purloiner, Inc and the Enlightened Thievery Institute seem to be one and the same:

      Robert Allen is a partner of Purloiner Inc:

      A company which is alleged to have some interesting motivational techniques:

      So Robert G Allen, Steve Comer, Provo and American Fork in Utah all connected with: County Durham! The Utah of the UK!? 🙂


  45. Thanks…I was hoping to see a Google earth close up image of some fat,balding guy in white speedo’s sitting on a new boat..but what I did do is send an e mail to them with just” we r on 2 you”…I got a reply from the googleuniversity..with “sounds interesting”. But please tell me Oh knowledgeable one! can they have all these web sites running, and not get caught? Also, if the money is paid to Banks off shore, then surely all this could be investigated couldn’t it?

    We all should stick together an make the bastards life a misery…just tell me how and I am in Big Time.

    If the Companies are registered at Companies House in the UK..why is no phone number listed? This ought to change in my opinion.

    All I wanted was to set up a Pet web page, to help people who have lost a pet and needed some support:-(

  46. @Polly
    Well some of them have been caught. Not enough, but some. Some have been convicted as well – it seems to be a few biggish ones a year.
    The thing is that they set up and close down sites with a gay abandon. Also, there are very few ‘ringleaders’ so to speak. The nature of the affiliate business means that most operators are actually former suckers who’ve taken the bait. And no. They are not millionaires. Most places, when I’ve seen the addresses, are poor to middle income places in the US & UK.
    Each operator sets up a basket of companies as per the business model – the thing they’ve bought that details how to set up websites and where the templates and stuff are located.
    Then it chains on outwards, each new sucker’s cash being skimmed off to pay the various levels in the MLM chain or pyramid.

    Of course, if you have a bright idea to start something like say, then this info would be fairly useful – but on the other hand, if you are that bright you don’t need the info, do you?

    The means of communication, the spam etc, this is handled by firms, most of whom appear to provide ads and lists for a variety of clients, not all of whom are scum bastards. For me, this would be the ideal hook to collar these scams down with some proper national and international laws….
    In the same way that the Credit Crunch has forced off-shore states to open up their banking secrecy to external audit under penalty of… – well, us big countries with the real big bombs; then a similar scheme could force marketeers to deal with accredited and accountable organisations and prohibit the selling of lists and other services to any business that cannot provide proper accounts or accreditation. We do it for gas-fitters and electricians; I can’t see why it can’t be applied to any business in the land.
    Maybe, set a payment ceiling to exclude very small fry or set a max limit on email list size to be sold on unless the buyer proves positive, accountable credentials.
    Any US and UK based business would find it hard to justify having offices in Pasig City or Nicosia then. Suitable robust prison terms etc would force businesses to act within the law in this area, as they are supposed to do if you are a plumber or shoe-seller.
    Of course, this might force the scum overseas. This would be good as they can then easily be IP blocked. The nature of the more open banking regs now mean that even if they are overseas, to collect and bank their ill-gotten gains means they leave a trail. A lot of these checks can be automated in the same way that Credit Card companies watch out for suspicious card activity and block it.
    Sorry to be political, but there are big blocks to my musings above in a free society. For instance, the enobled Tory benefactor Asheton, as far as we are aware, still has evaded tax and claims to live in Belize! If the country grabbed the nettle and forced the twat to own up, then the situation would be in place to lock down other dodgy foreign dealings. Same goes for Murdoch of News International. His nationality flipping makes the recent MP expenses homes flipping positively amateurish. Has he paid tax anywhere?
    As for your pet loss support site – it sounds good. It’s a development on the “lost and found” thing like when we lost our cat…. What sort of support were you intending to offer/provide?

  47. Methinks I have been scammed. The funny thing is in my invetsigations on requesting on line from for £1.17 which was taken out of my credit card, I was interested in starting up a web domain to make some money, legally! But 2 days later showing on my statement on line, I had also another amount of £47.02 taken by "…which was fraud but from the same address in Durham.

    I know that this company is registered as Prosperous Distribution Limited 10 Edith Street Consett County Durham DH8 5DN and from Companies House the Director is called Russell Martin…but get this the Secretary Bournewood Limited address Palm Grove House PO Box 438 Road Town Tortola British Virgin Islands….I cant find a telephone number for anyone of these addresses or names…My credit card is investigating, but in the meantime how many more of us is being hit….I never realised how bloody clever these bastards are, until now. best of it is, my credit card had a securer code password so bolloxs to that system. The States are involved big time and it is money laundering in my own opinion.

    1. @Polly
      I hope you weren't planning to make money like them…ha ha.

      As I've said before, what we have now is a shockwave of copycat enterprises emanating from the now closed (but possibly having a Phoenix-like rejuvenation) initial operations. I've found 4 companies registered at the 10 Edith Street, DH8 5DN address so far, all of which started in the last month or so. They all want $73.83, which is consistent at least. They have different US phone numbers though!

      Just do a chargeback. Don't muck about.

      I've had a West Indies address pop up previously (earlier comment here), but not this one. A quick Google check showed oddles of businesses all crammed like sardines into Palm Grove House PO Box 438 Road Town Tortola British Virgin Islands (859 hits, mostly in Box 438!!! That's a big box…) I haven't found a telephone number, probably because there isn't enough room left in the box 😉 , but I can tell you it's in a Palm Grove shopping centre in the middle of this map I made.,-64.61787&spn=0.00184,0.002752&hl=en&t=h&ctz=0&vpsrc=6&z=19&app=mp

      By the way, all the images on the Edith St contactable websites are served from And just to remind you (and look how happy the money woman is!), here are the headers….
      <img src="; alt="search for dollars" />
      <img src="; alt="Instant cash with Google!" />
      <img src="; alt="Stacks of cash with Google" />

  48. follow up on appsportal, Royal Fusion Limited of the Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom and Hong Kong appears to be wholly owned subsidiary.

  49. here is another that needs to be reviewed. smartappsportal, appswizard, phoneappsbiz or whatever
    they are today. I fell in.

    1. @charles jordan
      Thanks Charles. That's all I need – more web dirt! I'll have a detailed look soon, but from what I've seen, they appear to have been going a couple of months and have already appeared a few times on the anti-scammer sites.

  50. The reason Nevada is used by a lot of these companies is probably Nevada has such strong liability protection for both the entity and the directors, officers, and shareholders.

    Also (with LLCs at least) companies are not required to list the ownership of the corporate entity publicly, which makes it much more difficult to determine ownership.

    Those are the ones I know off the top of my head, but I hunted around and found this list which is good:

    1. Thanks Paul.
      You've done a pot of good work at your site.
      That link you provided has a good phrase that the company keeps using:

      Pierce the Corporate Veil

      Their whole raison d'etre is to be shrouded from view, and that's one of their chief promotion points!

      So a good selling point is that the Feds can't easily get you – state governance good, federal governance bad. Unfortunately, this point has been sorely tested for them this past week! Yee-HaH!

  51. Yikes – you are getting some weird and nasty spam! And all that just from giving your email address to Bobby Allen? Crikey. Ties in with what they said at

    "Consumer Warning: Brace yourself for a flood of future spam once you fall a victim to affiliate spammers. We have taken inventory of spam mails received by one client who purchased one of the advertised products through the affiliate spam link, today this client receives approximately 40 unsolicited advertisement emails per day, from hundreds of domains and numerous spam affiliate entities: everything from home warranty, to clense your colon, to become an x-ray technician, get slim again, you name it � it will arrive to your inbox once you have entered to the �business relationship� with the spammer. As a consumer, you most likely do not realize that these affiliate spammers will receive your full email address, name and home address because they will have access to customer data through the details on the affiliate commission sale. So brace yourselfves for flood of spam and who knows what. These snowshoe spammers are unscrupulous. They have no reservations about evading spam filters to ram through sophisticated desquise methods: thousands of spam domain identities, hundreds of distributed web servers, shielded identities and mail drop boxes to make unsubscribing from their JUNK MAIL impossible. Do you think your identity and privacy will be safe in their hands?"


    That Natural Kitchen shop connection is a bit odd – but I googled the 78 Marylebone High Street address and there was a mention of a mailboxes etc address which no longer exists. So with the organic food place (I think?) being fairly new [as reviewed by Michael Whinger – no, he didn't like it much:… ]) perhaps the address for Seva-Host Ltd harks back to the (now closed?) mailboxes etc place and Seva-Host have not changed/updated it yet. Makes sense as mailbox etc addresses are the favourite hiding places of dodgy businesses. Another website also mentions that address in connection with some spam from 2004 –,com_cont

    However Seva-Host Ltd (incorporation date: 30-04-2009) is registered at companies house as being at the 78 Marylebone High Street address:

    As for the 18 FAIRHILLS AVENUE, DIPTON, STANLEY, COUNTY DURHAM, DH9 9DY address yes, you are right it's the one associated with several of the identical looking 'blazing keywords' sites:

    [Blue Cord Marketing Ltd]

    By the way, came across an interesting post here by Jay Weintraub on Flog v2 – the Fake News Sites / Fake News Articles:… – (a follow up to his post on the rise of the flog).

    1. @Not Kevin

      I should have used a really big IF when I mused on Vadim Prokopenko's presence in or at the Kitchen Shop!

      Of course, I never assume any of these people are where they say they are. As for the standard mailbox drops – I guess it's perfectly feasible to set up a mail redirect with the Post Office from a mailbox, as it's just an address as far as the GPO is concerned… Usually when I move house I set it up for 6 months. If these bad dudes are expecting cash at the mailbox, then it's quite a feasible solution. I don't know if it's possible to set up a chain of redirects in the same way as you can do with web and email addresses…?
      I also don't know what powers the cops have to query the GPO and ask for a list of current forwarding addresses? Presumably it's in the statutes somewhere?

      It seems that normal advertisers have picked up on the dodgy Google Bollox now. I had some hits from… which goes on about Google's stance with regard to the scammers. They mentioned my (and your!) continuing diatribe on the subject…
      As I said some time ago and have posted on the various scam reporting sites, Google are quids in whatever they do. In fact, as long as their bottom line isn't hit by any perceived customer dissatisfaction with their 'brand', they'll continue with their weasel words (customers should always take care on the web) and rake in the dosh regardless. Their intransigence on the matter is very telling, isn't it?

      This is why I now recommend everyone to click on every get-rich-quick-scheme ad they see. Because then Google get rich and the scammers get rapidly poorer. It doesn't matter that Google get rich because they are rich and will continue to get rich anyway. The important thing is to hit the scammers where it most hurts – in their pockets. In their article, AdAge say, had 2.2 million visitors in May, down from more than 4 million in April, according to web-analytics firm Compete.

      We know that these sites rise and fall like an endless red tide so that as one dissappears another pops up. If each click is a dollar a pop, that's a lot of Adsense Adwords dosh that the scammer has to cough up – and remember, paid Adsense is paid in advance! How many of these hits turn into the $71 a month cash cow, I don't know. But if everyone who has read my articles, Complaints Board's, etc, etc, and if everyone clicks 10, 20 or 30 a day of these ads, that's a big hole in their pocket. You don't have to sign up – just click the ad and close the page down or backspace.

      The current slow pace of governmental and legal actions, coupled with the cross-border nature of these scurrilous activities mean that people must do something pro-active, and that's as good a way as any and costs everyone nothing except a few seconds of time. That's gotta be worth it!

  52. Ha Ha! They’ve got bog-all-else to do up in them thar hills, you know! The mines finished ages ago, the steelworks similarly. All they have is a crisp factory and that pub where time has stood still, at least from it’s appearances!

    I think we came across that Fairhills Av address in Dipton a month or so ago – but apart from that…. well done again! I think we found it was connected to that Essex porn place… Saying that, the sheer amount of stuff registered in Fairhills Av coming off that Google search you’ve done, is just staggering.

    That webcops post you spotted is just like the thing I did when I contacted happy little smiling Bobby Allen. Same thing. Not only can you not get off the lists, but the quantity exponentially increases! So thanks for that as well. I’ll check through their stuff later.

    On the subject of spam, I had an interesting one this morning… These are all deactivated hyperlinks – so copy and paste into your browser at your peril – I haven’t looked. This is the post:

    Best child porn – Especially for muslim!
    Lolita Godleski []
    Muslim people, have a look at best child porn with unbelieved white kids, go to All the money will be route to muslim community in UK and European countries.
    If you want to earn money as webmaster, register at Let’s make money together!

    P.S. If not work, please chek other url

    Allah Akbar! Alkaeda forever!

    __________ Information from ESET NOD32 Antivirus, version of virus signature database 4194 (20090628) __________

    The message was checked by ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

    Needless to say, the title activated my inquisitional tastebuds by it’s very incongruousness! Here’s (some of) the crack: is in Pskov Oblast, the first bit of Russia after Estonia & Latvia. The wikipedia article has a breakdown of it’s population. There are no Muslims! and the rest are all hidden owners (called ‘Private Person’) but all domains that I checked are hosted in the UK e.g.

    These have the details as:
    org-name: Seva-Host Ltd
    org-type: OTHER
    address: 78 Marylebone High Street
    address: W1U 5AP, London, United Kingdom

    The contact at this place has the very British sounding name of:

    Vadim Prokopenko

    Now I don’t want to make connections at this early stage, but I got pulled into North London some time ago when checking out all the Google Treasure Bollox…?

    Vadim is either in or above “The Natural Kitchen” shop! I kid ye not!

    Of course, if Vadim is behind this and IS actually in London, he’ll probably get his collar felt soon. And a good job too.

  53. Indeed. Utah, home of scam and spam! Impossible to unsubscribe from spam:

    Along with County Durham – home of scam and porn.

    Found a whole bunch more billing / payment sites in County Durham:

    Here are the urls and the addresses:

    Ribbon Water Solutions Ltd. 87 Briardale Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7BG United Kingdom
    Cardinal Wave Solution 71 Newburn Road Shield Row, Stanley County Durham DH9 0EX United Kingdom

    Ribbon Water Solutions Ltd. 87 Briardale Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7BG United Kingdom
    Ribbon Water Solutions Ltd. 87 Briardale Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7BG United Kingdom

    Sour Kiwi Media Ltd 18 Fairhills Avenue, Dipton, County Durham Stanley DH9 9DY, United Kingdom
    Cardinal Wave Solution 71 Newburn Road Shield Row, Stanley County Durham DH9 0EX United Kingdom
    Sour Kiwi Media Ltd 18 Fairhills Avenue, Dipton, County Durham Stanley DH9 9DY, United Kingdom
    Cardinal Wave Solution 71 Newburn Road Shield Row, Stanley County Durham DH9 0EX United Kingdom
    Cardinal Wave Solution 71 Newburn Road Shield Row, Stanley County Durham DH9 0EX United Kingdom
    Ribbon Water Solutions Ltd 87 Briardale Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7BG United Kingdom
    Sour Kiwi Media Ltd 18 Fairhills Avenue, Dipton, County Durham Stanley DH9 9DY, United Kingdom
    Pierce Enterprises Ltd
    4 Cooperative Terrace
    West Dipton, Co.Durham
    Stanley DH9 9AQ
    United Kingdom

    Looking up those companies data shows:

    Incorporation Date: 15-06-2009 (2 weeks ago)
    Google search shows links with porn sites:

    Registered at Companies House on 15/05/2009
    Google search shows links with porn sites:

    Incorporation Date: 10-11-2008
    Google search shows links with porn sites:

    Meanwhile the “world headquarters” address of Dazzlewhite teeth whitening:
    9 Broom Hill
    Stanley, DH9 8AZ

    is literally just down the road from the 5 Sunny Terrace Stanley DH9 9DX address associated with the Blazing Keywords, Google Money Master, Google Treasure Chest scams:,ssl&ei=gB9OVr6fJ8TlaLeBsoAD

    Given all the various addresses in such a small area it seems like a significant proportion of the area’s population must be involved in the scam and/or porn industries!

  54. Hmm, well I don’t know anything about Mormons but there is certainly something fishy in the State of Utah and I don’t mean in the Lake (too salty, no fish in there!)

    For further reading take a look at:

    Speaking of Utah – it seems Steve Comer is the brother of this fella: Mark Comer, author of:

    (The site is registered to Steve Comer)

    Mark Comers book also has a foreword by…Robert G Allen 🙂

    By the way it looks like Steve Comer ran out of addresses when he made this site:

    Instead of a variation of the usual theme: (recently registered UK Ltd company name, address in County Durham and US phone number) we have the following:

    123 somewhere, 456 sometime, Some Place

    1. @Not Kevin
      Same as before – thanks for the info – …..and WHY am I not surprised to see Robert Allen’s name pop up?? !!!

      …it also looks like Steve Comer is following my tips about completing address information. Actually, it just shows the contempt for running a proper business that these people have, doesn’t it? I hope the FTC see that one! If that’s the way to register a legal business then I’m a cuckoo.

      And when @gregw said

      the main players are all in Utah, where they are protected by the government and laws

      …your reference to that Salt Lake City investigation bears his comment out. Staggering, absolutely staggering.

  55. The Durham scam connections keep on coming…

    Going back to our friends at Just Think Media:

    And their various ‘offers’:

    One of which is Dazzlewhite:

    Well, apparently their “World Headquarters” no less, is located at:

    Gillmap Limited
    9 Broomhill
    Stanley, DH9 8AZ

    according to their website anyway:

    But hang on, this one says:
    World Headquarters
    JDW Media LLC
    2184 Channing Way #322
    Idaho Falls, ID 83404

    They seem dazzled and confused, maybe that teeth whitening stuff has that effect!

    Meanwhile, over in Utah, Steve Comer has been busy registering more domains and setting up websites with links to newly created UK Ltd companies in County Durham:

    This time it’s 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7OS:

    The address of :

    Home of:
    Web Money Maker Site
    Stallwart Systems 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7OS United Kindom 1-877-300-5225.

    Easy Online Improving
    Stallwart Systems 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7OS United Kindom 1-877-300-5661.

    Internet Real Leader
    Stallwart Systems 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7OS United Kindom 1-877-300-5658.

    Online Guru Now
    Stallwart Systems 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7OS United Kindom 1-877-300-5659.

    The Web Money Maker
    Stallwart Systems 24 Lumley Drive Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7OS United Kindom 1-877-300-5651.

    All the above domains registered to:
    Steve Comer
    831 East 340 South
    American Fork, Utah 84003
    United States

    or is he in Nevada?
    Tyro Solutions, LLC
    871 Coronado Center Drive, Suite 239
    Henderson, NV 89052

    Note the words in the top left corner: “Google Revolution”

    and the terms:

    Specifically section Q:
    “Q. GOVERNING LAW. These terms & conditions shall be interpreted, construed, and enforced in all respects in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom (UK). The parties agree that the laws of the UK shall govern and determine all issues concerning the validity, construction, interpretation, and enforcement of the terms & conditions of this agreement.”

    UK? But the website says
    Tyro Solutions, LLC
    871 Coronado Center Drive, Suite 239
    Henderson, NV 89052

    Seems like Steve is dazzled and confused too!

    Well it’s not surprising he gets confused – do a search for |+%22Privacy+Policy%22&hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&filter=0 and you will find a seemingly endless combination of UK companies with County Durham area addresses and company names.

    Prosperous Distribution
    10 Edith Street, County Durham Consett DH8 5DN, United Kingdom

    Team Everclear
    8 Stuart Court, County Durham Consett, United Kingdom

    and on and on and on…….about 158 different websites in fact (and that’s only the ones indexed by Google – there may be more). Told you he has been busy!

    What on earth is Steve up to!?

    1. Cor be-jesus @Not Kevin!
      I’ll have a look later at this lot – the day job beckons… But it seems like a nightmare of clean teeth smiles and hands in other people’s pockets.

      Two things though:

      Is Idaho Falls anywhere near Sioux Falls?
      Were The Osmonds mormons and didn’t they have clean teeth?

      ALSO, we’ve been to Steve Comer’s end of the road address before:

      Over and out!

  56. So sad. My mother is from Durham. Her maiden name is Durham and my fathers family are from the Isle of Wight. I hate to see the connection of Durham and Utah. Maybe there are a lot of Mormons in Durham now? Check out how strong they have become converting in Durham.
    Utah, not Nevada, is the stronghold of the scammers in the US. They do use Idaho and Nevada addresses and business sites but the main players are all in Utah, where they are protected by the government and laws. No one has been convicted or brought to trial for Internet fraud in Utah and I will be surprised if that ever happens.
    They, the Mormons, feel that other people, that are not Mormons, are Gentiles, and are fair game for cheating and stealing from.

    1. @gregw2
      Crikey. I don’t know much about the mormons. You’ve a valid query about the connection twix Durham & Utah.

      Is it the same in Nevada and Wyoming? There are a similar (and an increasing number of) schemes in those states as well, but you’re right – it does seem to centre round Utah. Still, the finance companies aren’t based there, and if enough people find out about this stuff and institute chargebacks instead of fannying around with emails and calls, then it’ll hurt their pockets. Their continuing bad karma will build up against the scammers, of that I’m sure. How this will manifest itself, I don’t know. But I do know that America has a load of guns and people have been known to take the law into their own hands. Please note that I’m not suggesting this as a remedy, but the long litany of lone killers going beserk points to one possible scenario.

      (BTW. I was born in County Durham although that part is now in Tyne & Wear!)

    2. @gregw2

      It appears that not all law enforcement people in Utah are mormons!

      Recently, a big charge has been made by the FTC against many scammers under the umbrella term of:
      “Operation Short Change” – see

      At the bottom, it specifically says this my emphasis!:

      The Commission has obtained
      temporary restraining orders barring further illegal conduct and freezing the assets in these cases: FTC v. Wagner Ramos Borges d/b/a Job Safety USA, FTC v. In Deep Services, Inc. d/b/a Grants For You Now, FTC v. Cash Grant Institute, FTC v. Mutual Consolidated Savings, FTC v. Google Money Tree, and FTC v. Classic Closeouts, LLC. The agency is asking the courts for permanent injunctions that would provide for possible consumer redress in each of the cases announced today.

      The FTC would like to acknowledge the assistance of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and the Better Business Bureau of Southland, Inc., Colton, California, in connection with FTC v. In Deep Services, Inc.; and the Utah Department of Commerce’s Division of Consumer Protection and the Draper Police Department in connection with FTC v. Google Money Tree.

      This is a very good step. The FTC is asking for a return of all monies from these operations on top of the cease and desist etc.

      The bad thing is that the pirana-like spawn of these operations are already well established and will most probably move completely overseas, well out of reach of extradition treaties and such things.

      Even so – it's excellent news, don't you think?

  57. This site suggests the $100 fees (to the merchant) may be a bit of high estimate, but it still costs them: “Chargeback fees are usually around the $30 mark” (to the merchant) and also says that “Once you’ve had a [merchant] account terminated, it’s a bit like having a criminal record – you’re blacklisted and likely the only merchant services provider that will take you on will classify you as high-risk and charge accordingly.”

    I came across one of these “merchant services providers” when looking at the emillionaire scam – it looks like emillionaire may possibly have been blacklisted as they changed from one merchant account provider to another one which was based in the Bahamas and said they specialized in providing payment services for “high risk transaction vendors” or something like that. They didn’t say what they meant by that bit of jargon but I think we can work it out. 🙂

    As for:
    They claim they are following FTC rules:

    “All terms and conditions are fully disclosed several times throughout the site, and user testing is conducted on a regular basis to confirm that such areas of the site are clearly noticed and recognized. Billing details of the offer have also been included directly beside the payment area, and disclose fully all terms and conditions in relation to immediate and future fees as well as negative option billing. These details are presented in a clear and conspicuous manner, with regular font sizing as well as clearly legible font colors and backgrounds.”

    But that’s clearly not the case – I filled in [fake] name, address and telephone info on the first page and was taken to the second (payment) page which only had the terms in tiny print at the bottom which you have to scroll down to read. That was the only place they mentioned the ongoing charges and the payment form was prechecked with a sign up to 777Discount Club – whatever that is! So while it’s a (slight) improvement on not having any mention of the charges on the payment page at all (only buried in the text of a long page of terms and conditions accessed via a small ‘terms’ text link at the bottom of the payment page) it’s still not following FTC guidelines.

    Peggy, helpfully put up an FTC document about clear disclosure of terms and conditions and charges on her blog:
    (‘Negative option pdf file’ under helpful links)

    Hmm, well that FTC stuff is all a bit heavy going for a Saturday night – so here is a site (by lawyer Mike Young) which demonstrates several of the ways that some online marketers are deceptively using recurring billing systems.

    You can see his instructional parody at:

    Make sure you read the terms and conditions. 🙂

    1. Ha Ha. How *did* you find that parody site?

      Yeah. When I said they “actually taking note of FTC rules”, I didn’t make it clear that they were not abiding by them in any way! My point was that they are responding to criticism by making it appear that they are doing something about it.
      Clearly, it’s the same old side-shifting dance.

      BTW. One thing I’ve found helpful when filling in their forms is to use official USA addresses from either major news organistions or government institutions. These are all widely available in the contact pages.
      This way, if there is any postcode(Zip Code) validation going on in the background, you can punch through it. Sometimes I need to use a proxy to fool them I’m in the USA, but usually, it doesn’t matter.
      A further benefit is that when (not if!) they start spamming you with more “opportunities”, it’s the official organisations that get the shit, and so, if the big guns want, they have a ready supply of evidence for any investigations they may wish to pursue.
      I know it’s a bit underhand, but large organisations generally have good spam filters anyway and their investigative resources are much greater than mine. IMHO it’s all grist to the mill to fight back against the scum.

      After my experiment when I only used three different email aliases, the sheer increase in related spam means I don’t use my own any more. I’m still getting shedloads of stuff from that experiment and it’s quite interesting and instructional to see the various emailing floods come and go along with the variations in emailing addresses. From this, I get first hand knowledge of the “next big thing”!!

      Thanks again for your work @Not Kevin. That’s one helluva Saturday night you’ve had!

  58. Somebody should tell them that they got the information about chargebacks the wrong way round – as far as I know THEIR info goes onto a database when a chargeback occurs and if the percentage of chargebacks from payments processed goes over a certain amount then THEY go onto a blacklist. Doing a chargeback does nothing to YOUR credit record unless you do it all the time (ie: on legitimate purchases). And what on earth is “internet credit”? 🙂 Comments here: seem to confirm that this is yet another daft empty threat by scammers to try and avoid chargebacks – which means that a chargeback is the best way to get your money back and (eventually, if enough people do it) shut down the scammers merchant account and source of income.

    It can cost them extra $ too:
    “Merchants whose ratios stray too far out of compliance may trigger card association fines of $100 or more per chargeback.”

    So no wonder scammers don’t like chargebacks – it turns the tables and costs them money. Revenge!

  59. I’ve spotted neat one here where they’re actually trying to formulate some rules and exclude themselves from any blame of their “affiliates”. They are actually taking note of FTC rules..

    However, notable by their abscence on this sign-up page and the links at the footer, are

    • any contact details apart from a phone number.
    • There is no geographical location for the business.

    But they’ve cunningly wangled themselves out of this with their phrase:


    SP – my emphasis.

    So that’s alright then.

    1. secure3.profit/
      I did the ultimate bad and signed up. After much research and losing money even after they were told to cancel..I have found the address and telephone # of the actual business.
      Intellipay Inc.( (801) 578-9020.
      Address is 230 West 400 South Salt Lake City, Utah. 84101
      They still appear to think they are entitled to my money…
      Hope this helps!!

  60. @Not Kevin

    It can cost them extra $ too:
    “Merchants whose ratios stray too far out of compliance may trigger card association fines of $100 or more per chargeback.”

    This is exactly the principle that Chris Malta mentions in his video. It’s why they will cave at the slightest provocation and exactly why they don’t want people to enact chargebacks!
    Video link.

    It’s much more cost-effective for them to take the hit while getting a few more dozen $71 or whatevers. I imagine many people suffer in silence and only manage to cancel after many attempts…

    I now urge people to cancel their cards and get a chargeback. Don’t bother calling any of the constantly shifting sands of phone numbers. Just hit-em where it hurts, in their pockets.

    I’ll repeat an interesting observation from a comment someone made a while back… Because of Google’s intransigence (they make cash from the bastards after all), get-rich-quick ads appear on many websites. Obviously the terms of my account preclude me from encouraging people to click on my ads ….
    ….but please, feel free to click on any of the ads on other websites. Each click costs the scammer quite a bit – nearly a dollar, I’m told.

    Now that’s a definition of irony, isn’t it?

    I’ve been into the irony word all day… tee hee!

  61. This one adds an address in the West Indies just for a bit of variety:

    Grant Research Guide:
    If you have any questions, please contact us using the above form or write to:

    5348 Vegas Drive Suite 866
    Las Vegas, NV 89108


    Woodgate Cottage, London Road
    Danehill, East Sussex
    RH17 7HS, United Kingdom


    New Online Systems Ltd.
    P.O. Box 642, Main Street
    Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies

    That West Indies address is also linked with porn:
    (another Co Durham address on that one too!)
    “health products”:

    Colon cleansing:

    and Govt Grants:

    Dirham! 🙂 is an odd one, registered to an address in Algeria but if you Google that gmail address it belongs to some 16 year old kid!
    Here he is selling a website as “With school and everything i just dont have the time to run it.”
    Here he is annoying people by spamming some website:
    “I am only 16 btw”

    The site he is spamming belongs to:
    Eric Landstein
    Roslyn, NY 11576

    Here is again with a slightly different address:

    Clearly he annoyed the people at this forum too as it says banned next to his name:

    Although here he claims to be 18 (still at high school though)

    Going back to “Dirham Solutions”
    it says “From the desk of: Eric Landstein” hmmm.

    1. @Not Kevin
      Dirham! 🙂 16 year old kid indeed?

      Did you spot the link he tried to push in one of those Halo 3 forums you linked to? It goes to: with the tag-line:

      “Discover The Secrets To Making
      Money Online with Bum Marketing
      And Video Marketing With This Free
      Step By Step Guide($47 Value)”

      Eric Landstein ties in with warriorforum as his user name is Eric Land!

      And finally, did yoou actually read the frightener at that you spotted? I’ll repeat it here as it demonstrates the lengths that these bastards go to frighten people. By their attitude, you can tell they DEFINATELY DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO FORCE CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACKS!!!

      Now why do you think that is?


      A billing chargeback will place your name, address, zip code, and credit card number into an Internet fraud database. ALL INTERNET CREDIT CARD COMPANIES USE THIS DATABASE. We DO NOT have any control over this fraud database.

      If you chargeback your membership, the billing company WILL add your information to the ban database. If you get into this database you will not be able to use that billing company again. It is impossible to get off the ban lists.


      Try THIS GOOGLE SEARCH on the text in bold above… There are 6840 hits! Some are sites like this one, warning about internet perils etc, but most are the actual scam bastard places in one scam bastard incarnation or another.

      Thanks again for your input mate. Your contributions and work are invaluable. The more folk look into these scum and publish their work then the harder it is for them to stay in operation.
      I’ve said it before, but a real business wants to stay in business for as long as possible.
      These lot just want to be in and out as fast as possible and quickly move on to the next scheme like a load of criminal barrow boys.

      Now I’m just popping off for a bit of Colon Cleansing…

    1. Actually checked another half dozen of the things. They nearly all have the same visual format and layout, usually with the same young woman with a headset.

      This post from says that:

      seems to be owned by a network of fake payment processing companies

      The recommendation by them is our now standard mantra of:

      Call the bank to dispute the charge (chargeback)

      Cancel your card and get a new one

  62. @Not Kevin
    You’re gonna like this! It’s to do with the pronounciation of the word “Durham”…(as for the porn site links you found, there was an Essex based thing hooked in with this lot that we found some time ago, wasn’t there?)

    I had a hit from someone looking for Google Revolution, which you’d expect as it’s in the name of this posting! However, it’s a link to a YouTube video from “Dirham Solutions”!!

    It’s in Arabic!

    Now my arabic isn’t up to much (well zero actually) so I whacked the text into Google translate and this is what they say:

    Do you want to become like
    Click on the link to learn how to reap the same
    AED’s electronic commerce solutions is the first company in the Arab world provides you with free training on how to profit from the Web

    Anyway, there’s a link in the “info” to which is broken. However, the main domain works! Try it.

    You get presented with a page that’s very much like CarbonCopyPro, including a horribly honest up-tempo video, just like all the others I’ve seen.
    The webpage (for there is only the one) has these depressingly familiar words:

    If You Struggled To Make A Profit Online In 2008, How Would You Like A Treasure Chest Of Marketing Know-How To Make 2009 A Better Year?

    It then goes on:

    “Will You Be One of the SMART Marketers Who Takes Full Advantage Of This Crazy Sale With $1776 Of The Hottest And Most Amazing Learning Tools And Snatch It Up Before This Offer Is Completely Gone Forever?”

    …but the template is all wrong as they refer to 2009 being just round the corner!
    Amazingly, the sign-up button goes to a PayPal page with the guy’s gmail address!

    So where is it? Where is

    It’s in Algeria! You’d never guess from the guy’s catchy American accent and all the words being in English!

    There are another couple of errors with the website, which as you can tell from the page, is a wonderful opportunity (not). Even though, right at the bottom it says it’s a 100% Turnkey Success, the Disclaimer and Privacy page links don’t work!

    So what we have is Utah, Gibralter, Florida, Cyprus, Essex, Phillipines, Durham, Home Counties South, Dirham, Algeria, Michigan….???

    Check out some of the related videos. It’s a veritable cornocopia of promises. Some are soundless arabic powerpoint shows but others are the usual optimistic hard sell. This one:
    ..has an interesting use of the word “FREE” where the cute and fashionable young Englishman wants to show us “guys” how get rich for free. And it’s all for nothing.
    Amazing! People’s generosity knows no bounds!

  63. Yes, Internet Profit Gen / Gene and Hot Business Market Pro seem to be one and the same.

    “My account was charged as INTERNET PROFIT GEN but the website for the membership site (Hot Business Market Pro) you are unkowingly joining is”

    A reverse ip at for gives 155 domains on that server mostly related to Acai, Govt Grant, Ebay and Google Kit scams.

    Clicking on a couple of them brings up yet another UK address – looks like they can afford a country cottage in Sussex now. 🙂

    Both sites give their contact us address as:
    5348 Vegas Drive, Suite 866
    Las Vegas, NV 89108


    Woodgate Cottage, London Road
    Danehill, East Sussex
    RH17 7HS, United Kingdom,0.000454,19z/data=?dg=dbrw&newdg=1!3m1!1e3!4m2!2m1!4b1?dg=dbrw&newdg=1

    A search on that address brings up a number of websites plus lots of complaints relating to Govt Grant scams.

    If you go onto page 2 and 3 of the results you also find the same address belonging to a ticket exchange site in Canada and various p*rn sites! Radical Entertainment UK Ltd, Incredible Online Ltd and Incredible Communications Limited all list the East Sussex address in relation to the latter.

    Found this suggesting even other people in the ‘adult’ industry regard them as dodgy:
    [Warning! You probably don’t want to click on this link if you are at work!]

  64. I couldn’t find this Internet Profit Gene either, someone mentioned it on ripoffreport as being on whose links go to:
    and some “Get rich with youtube” garbage.

    The site mentions being subject to the laws of Cyprus in the terms and conditions but there is no contact address, phone number or mention of the ongoing monthly charges at all in the terms!

    I filled in (fake) info on the first page and the next page does have the monthly charge in tiny print at the very bottom:
    By submitting this form I authorize Web Profit to immediately charge my credit card one dollars and ninety five cents for access to Fast Cash From Google.
    I hereby request that Web Profit activate my account and authorize them to advance funds as indicated. Monthly Service fees will commence 7 days from the
    date of this purchase, and will be billed monthly thereafter. You can cancel your trial anytime within the first seven days. After the seven day trial you will be billed forty nine dollars and ninety cents monthly for the continued access to Fast Cash From Google. This agreement will remain in effect each month until canceled.
    You may cancel at anytime by calling 1-877-379-6463. Our phone support is open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    You have also unlocked a FREE fourteen-day trial and twenty one-day trial to the Identity Theft Protection Center and to Craigslist Income Secrets
    for just $9.95 and $11.95 a month thereafter (shows as “IDProtect” and “Craigs Course”) should you choose not to cancel. Prior charges for
    all programs are non-refundable and a monthly $1 transaction fee applies to each bonus membership but bonus subscriptions can be canceled and
    future charges stopped at any time by calling toll-free 1-888-851-8601 and 1-888-862-6521.

    Hmm, so $49.90 – can’t be Internet Profit Gene as the comments on that all refer to $81.32:

    So it could be something to do with: Cash Secret Club, Hot Business, My Profit Investment, Thunderbird Media Ltd and Google Fastcash who all seem to be one and the same and have an $81.32 monthly charge. Perhaps Internet Profit Gene is another one of their various names?

    Rip off reports mentions:
    My Profit Investing 866-716-2239 GB and in connection with unauthorised charges of $81.32

    cashsecretclub has the name Hot Business Market Pro
    and a Vegas address as well as a UK one: Thunderbird Media Ltd.
    Unit 2, 15-17 Caledonian Rd.,
    PO BOX 177 London,
    ,England,N1 9DX

    (That might explain the GB on the end of credit card charges and reports of people (in the US) being charged a foreign transaction fee)

    So it could be them, but another poster suggests the amount charged by Internet Profit Gene is $84.72, so who knows!?

    As for the strange terms and conditions (liquidated damages of US$100,000.00) mentioned above that seems to be part of a standard template bought from:
    Which would explain why it appears on thousands of sites!

    1. @Not Kevin
      Quote: “twenty one-day trial to the Identity Theft Protection Center” – now that’s irony!

      That Caledonian Rd, London address we’ve come across before with GTC etc. And without looking, I’ve a good idea whereabouts in Cyprus can be found! Ha Ha! (It gives an address of LANETE ENTERPRISES LTD WHOSE REGISTERED ADDRESS IS 3, BELL LANE, GIBRALTAR again as service provider but omits the bloke in Nicosia this time. It’s exactly the same sign-up front end though with a couple of name changes. Also, did you notice the web page name is “Google Fast Cash” which is different from the web address AND the name at the bottom, “Google Income Club”!!! You go dizzy just looking at this lot.)

      As you said in an earlier commemnt – “where do they get these names from?” !! It’s just a continuous stream. It looks like “Internet Profit Gene” is just one name among many that appear on a web page, and the conned person has just reported what they saw and didn’t notice the plethora of names on the single page… As for the amounts charged for the “service”. These vary depending on who’s tuck the page up. There is no logic to it, is there? The number is just pulled out of the air by holding up a wet finger and going “hmm…? what should I put this time?”

      BTW. I have it on reliable (personal) authority from my mate “Len” at work that in the UK, trading standards etc will do fuck all for the consumer unless there is a hit to government finances, like a tax avoidance, say. The only way for UK consumers to get anything done is to do it themselves (a bit like the BBB in the USA I think). It’s up to the conned person to either:

      sue the company (hard, as they are not really real are they, and pack up shop at a moments notice)
      get their credit card company to do something about it

      That’s about the upshot of it. If the government isn’t losing money from these activities, they don’t care.
      Lovely, eh?

    2. Oh! And one other thing I’ve found that’s made me laugh…

      Check out which is a site dealing with the other end of these scams, amongst other ones, of course.
      There’s a comment referencing my site here from…
      Jon Eborn – 8 Jun 2009 !!

      Like it. Roll on the Hunstville Prison Sodomy Tree…

  65. There seems to be a new one on the block (or the same one with a new name) – Internet Profit Gene (where do they get these names from!) which has appeared from nowhere in at #2 in the ‘worst rating’ chart.

    Also, just did a Google search for the phrase “You hereby agree to liquidated damages of US$100,000.00 plus costs and actual damages for violating this provision.” (with quotes) and threatening your customers for merely linking to your site or mentioning the url anywhere seems to be quite a popular tactic: over 13,000 results! Unless all these websites are owned by the same company which seems highly unlikely.

    As for the “County Durham companies” these are some of them, there are likely to be more:


    Sometimes the same UK address is used for one or two companies, for example,
    25 Green Street Consett DH8 5LP is the address on all 10 of these domains: (with either Team Senpaku Ltd or Stingray Technology Ltd as the company)

    All 10 domains are owned by someone in Utah:
    Steve Comer
    831 East 340 South
    American Fork, Utah 84003
    United States
    Most were only registered in late May 2009.

    University Of Cash
    Team Senpaku Ltd 25 Green Street Co.Durham Consett DH8 5LP United Kingdom 866-756-9229.

    Training For Online Cash
    Team Senpaku Ltd 25 Green Street Co.Durham Consett DH8 5LP United Kingdom 866-898-7053.

    Money Search Online
    Stingray Technology 25 Green Street County Durham Consett DH8 5LP United Kingdom 1-877-703-3231.

    Quick Easy Online Cash
    Team Senpaku Ltd 25 Green Street Co.Durham Consett DH8 5LP United Kingdom 866-756-5572.

    Money Search Today
    Stingray Technology 25 Green Street County Durham Consett DH8 5LP United Kingdom 1-877-703-3233.

    Best E-Biz Guru
    Stingray Technology 25 Green Street County Durham Consett DH8 5LP United Kingdom 1-877-703-3228.

    Money Fast Search
    Stingray Technology 25 Green Street County Durham Consett DH8 5LP United Kingdom 1-877-703-3230.

    E-Biz Guru Today
    Stingray Technology 25 Green Street County Durham Consett DH8 5LP United Kingdom 1-877-703-3226.

    Find Online Cash
    Team Senpaku Ltd 25 Green Street Co.Durham Consett DH8 5LP United Kingdom 866-757-0823.

    Find Online Cash
    Team Senpaku Ltd 25 Green Street Co.Durham Consett DH8 5LP United Kingdom 866-898-1403.

    A lot of sites have the address as an image file so it is not indexed by Gogole and therefore harder to find, eg:

    A reverse ip [ ] on that domain though shows 123 sites, including some familiar names – many with a US address in (Utah) and various UK addresses.

    1. Thanks @Not kevin
      yet again you’ve come up with a huge list to drive me nuts!

      That yougetsignal website is interesting. For the it comes up with 123 other sites, as you say. However, try the Reverse IP at – they come up with 228 web domains, although you have to pay to view them all… I wonder what the disparity is?

      I tried the same thing with …!! yougetsignal show two domains – both the www one and the non-www one. DomainTools just show the one. Weird. BTW, I have the canonical domain name set to non-www as you’ll find as is exactly the same. Also of interest, is that it’s possible to have two websites www & non-www that are different, but most people don’t do this.

      I ran that Google search on ‘You hereby agree to liquidated damages of US$100,000.00 plus costs and actual damages for violating this provision.’ which anyone can get by clicking the link. Amazing! Of course, I’ve ramped up the warning with my own particular version which goes:

      Disclaimer to Following Text of this comment below:
      By reading the following words you are liable for a payment to Strangely Perfect TV of $100,000,000.53 payable in one dollar bills, two quarters and three cents, left in a plastic bag behind the third bus stop along Taunton Road, Bridgwater, Somerset.
      Close your browser now to save future charges against yourself.
      You have been warned.
      Do not read further under penalty of law.
      OK. You’ve been told.

      That 25 Green Street Consett DH8 5LP, must be bursting at the seams. Of course, they don’t appear to have a phone as they are all in America, so that’ll make a bit of room 😉
      I checked the map, and they’re not far from the Phineas Fogg Crisp factory which is on the Industrial Estate on the north side of town. Yummy and handy.

      Finally, for the life of me, I can’t find any Internet Profit Gene websites – just references to the scam. Have you found one yet as I’d like to have a poke around it’s insides?

      Cheers again.

  66. Another site with crazy threats in their terms and conditions:


    Unless expressly authorized by website, no one may hyperlink this site, or portions thereof, (including, but not limited to, logotypes, trademarks, branding or copyrighted material) to theirs for any reason. Further, you are not allowed to reference the url (website address) of this website in any commercial or non-commercial media without express permission, nor are you allowed to ‘frame’ the site. You specifically agree to cooperate with the Website to remove or de-activate any such activities and be liable for all damages. You hereby agree to liquidated damages of US$100,000.00 plus costs and actual damages for violating this provision.


    The website disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of the content of this website. Visitors assume the all risk of viewing, reading, using, or relying upon this information. Unless you have otherwise formed an express contract to the contrary with the website, you have no right to rely on any information contained herein as accurate. The website makes no such warranty.

    (But it seems to be an exact copy of the emillionaire one)

  67. Oops, just read your new post above after commenting on the Google Treasure Chest post. I see you are onto the County Durham connections already.. There seems to be a new UK Ltd company incorporated there every week with links to these scams.

    These are the ones I have so far:

    Will add SPRING SYSTEMS LIMITED to the list.

    There seems to be a pattern of UK billing address, US post box address in either Utah, Wyoming, Nevada or Florida and “customer service” calls outsourced to a call centre company in Manila (Philippines) with a few Nicosia Cyprus addresses thrown into the mix too.

    The threats in the T&C just back up what Chris Malta said – scammers hate chargebacks because the onus is put on them to prove to the bank/card provider that they are entitled to the money they charged for and of course they don’t have a leg to stand on! So they resort to (empty) threats against their customers. The chance of them getting their $500 “administrative fee” is nil, zero, nada, zilch. They are the ones whose actions are fraudulent.

    It’s the same empty unenforceable threat made by another scam site which threatened people who link to them (!) or “reference the url (website address) of this website in any commercial or non-commercial media without express permission”

    Madness indeed!

    1. Ha Ha.

      Disclaimer to Following Text of this comment below:
      By reading the following words you are liable for a payment to Strangely Perfect TV of $100,000,000.53 payable in one dollar bills, two quarters and three cents, left in a plastic bag behind the third bus stop along Taunton Road, Bridgwater, Somerset.
      Close your browser now to save future charges against yourself.
      You have been warned.
      Do not read further under penalty of law.
      OK. You’ve been told.

      @Not Kevin.
      Thanks for all the Durham links… they seem to have a bit of a tupperware party going there in County Durham!

      Just checked Mark’s Musings “Linking madness from a con-artist”. Unfortunately, his TOS link is dead.

      But wait! All is not lost! We can still link to the ridiculous emillionaire page here,, which contains the highly amusing text:

      Unless expressly authorized by website, no one may hyperlink this site, or portions thereof, (including, but not limited to, logotypes, trademarks, branding or copyrighted material) to theirs for any reason. Further, you are not allowed to reference the url (website address) of this website in any commercial or non-commercial media without express permission, nor are you allowed to ‘frame’ the site. You specifically agree to cooperate with the Website to remove or de-activate any such activities and be liable for all damages. You hereby agree to liquidated damages of US$100,000.00 plus costs and actual damages for violating this provision.

      This is followed by this pile of dog-poop where they disclaim any damage to your computer etc from malware and the like in software THAT THEY SUPPLY!! You’ve got to laugh.

      The website disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of the content of this website. Visitors assume the all risk of viewing, reading, using, or relying upon this information. Unless you have otherwise formed an express contract to the contrary with the website, you have no right to rely on any information contained herein as accurate. The website makes no such warranty.

      The website assumes no responsibility for damage to computers or software of the visitor or any person the visitor subsequently communicates with from corrupting code or data that is inadvertently passed to the visitor’s computer. Again, visitor views and interacts with this site, or banners or pop-ups or advertising displayed thereon, at his own risk.

      Visitor downloads information from this site at this own risk. Website makes no warranty that downloads are free of corrupting computer codes, including, but not limited to, viruses and worms.LIMITATION OF LIABILITY
      By viewing, using, or interacting in any manner with this site, including banners, advertising, or pop-ups, downloads, and as a condition of the website to allow his lawful viewing, Visitor forever waives all right to claims of damage of any and all description based on any causal factor resulting in any possible harm, no matter how heinous or extensive, whether physical or emotional, foreseeable or unforeseeable, whether personal or business in nature.

      And I suppose that’s me stuffed now for pposting these words and making the link back to the scammer….

      Oh no I’m not!

      I put a disclaimer at the beginning. This is specific to this comment and does not over-ride the normal privacy policy and disclaimer here, so that’ll do. If it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me…

      Speaking about credit card chargebacks, I just got a spam from It was titled “Do you know the SECRET to making money on eBay?”
      What is interesting in an ironic way, is the link in the post….

      It’s obviously been preying on someone’s mind, ha, ha. The advice for GTC scammed people seems to be taking effect!

      This redirects to with another of those annoying actor avatars.
      The terms on this site aren’t as threatening as emillion-bastard-aires but do include the helpful information that it belongs to our old friends in Gibralter:


    2. Oh! I just remembered!
      @Not Kevin

      Back in May you made a neat comment with some of these companies and also a quite expansive list of con websites.

      It was here

      Have you actually got round to collating this list of ‘companies’ at all? You know, just one neat informative list for reference, updated with new ‘companies’ as necessary. (I’m sorry, I can’t call them companies – I have to put them in quotes…)

      One other thing.
      I didn’t make it clear in the post, but the Ricin-toting white supremacists caught in County Durham are in exactly the same area as all these other ‘companies’, as well as those in your comment last May (link above). In fact, they’re all only about a mile apart. This may sound a lot for apartment dwellers in New York, but for the wilds of upland County Durham, it’s like kissing cousins.
      I’ve also checked the BNP membership list which came out last year on Wikileaks – just in case. The postcodes are similar but there are no exact matches. It was worth a look though.

      I make no apologies for making a political point in what is an investigation into dodgy dealings. This is because my life experiences and knowledge of history teach me that dodgy crime and dodgy politics go together because both activities have a fundamental disrespect of humanity at their core.

      Think: Mafia and mayorial corruption.
      Think: Hitler was elected and look what happened next…

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