If it’s not about heroin, then Why are the British in Afghanistan?

The recent deaths of soldiers have awakened another bout of soul searching in the British public as to the relevance of the army in AfghanistanAnd no wonder! The reasons for our presence have never been made clear apart from maintaining the “special relationship” with the USA, no matter what the current regime says or does.

One thing it’s NOT about is cutting down the supply of drugs to the addicts in the West, despite the confusion that some people have on that point.

Here’s How:

This website, https://www.unodc.org/, the “United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime”, seem to know a thing or two.  Let’s see what they have to offer.

pdficon_large.gifThis link to their pdf documentation (stored locally by me, originally at https://www.unodc.org/pdf/research/wdr07/WDR_2007_1.2_opium_heroin.pdf, contains several graphs, one I’ve reproduced below.  It warrants careful study.

UNODC Graph of Worldwide Opium Production
UNODC Graph of Worldwide Opium Production

Examine the dark green data.  This is Afghanistan’s output.  You’ll notice that when the Taliban started implementing their horrible Muslim laws such as curtailing women’s freedoms and chopping hands off, production drastically dropped.  This was just after they blew up the big stone cliff Buddha statues.

Now since the British have been there, opium production has accelerated, recently, a lot more than this chart shows, as it only goes up to 2006.

So despite all their horrible laws and oppression, the Taliban’s stated aims of making the highways secure and creating an atmosphere where people (i.e. men) could trade freely, actually decimated opium production.

In contrast, the West’s intervention, notionally for democracy and to stop opium production, has done nothing of the sort.

Heroin, (apparently), is now cheaper than ever, so maybe that’s the reason the British are in Afghanistan – driving down prices like in PC World.

Dick Cheney is richer, so maybe that’s why the British are in Afghanistan – charity for poor Americans.

People still die needlessly, so maybe that’s why the British are in Afghanistan – population control.

One thing they’re not there for is to stop opium production, or if they are, they’re crap at it.

By Strangely

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  1. Well they’ll never make it now. They can’t drive along the road without getting blown up – what chance for a 1000 mile pipeline. Look at the ones in Nigeria for example. There are more leaks than throughput.

    Really though. Education is the key in all these places. That’s why the Taliban knocked it on the head. Once people are properly educated and informed, they’ll have a better chance of seeing straight. Then, when shit happens, the people will have no-one to blame but themselves.

    Like the British. We are all notionally educated and free, and yet we elect people and allow bad things to happen in our name. It’s not a recent thing. Anthony Eden did appalling acts of deception that led to the Suez crisis and in the process ruined Britain’s reputation for fairness in the Muslim lands for decades.

  2. The US wants an oil pipeline. Pre 9/11, they told the Afghan govt. let us have our pipeline or it’s war. The response was 9/11.

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