Firefox 3.5 Flies!

Firefox 3.5 Beta 4

Firefox 3.5 b4
Firefox 3.5 b4

I’ve just installed this last night as it’s due out soon.  It’s running in parallel to the current release version so I can pull it when the time comes.

It’s claimed to be faster than the current Firefox and twice as fast as Firefox 2, especially on javascript heavy web pages (which most new are, aren’t they!)

Well my intitial tests seem to prove this.  Every site I’ve tried whizzes along and even this website and it’s backend admin screens (which use a lot of javascript) flies along without any problem, so far.  I use a myriad of plugins and they all appear to work – and the imagemanager plugin works even better with the window resizing correctly now!!

(I’ve just seen that the image manager plugin is no longer in development.  It still works for me though, but I’ll have to hunt around for a new one soon as I don’t like the default WordPress way of doing things)

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