Gear mistake flattens sports car (Liberty, Fraternity, Egality, Capability)

Gear mistake flattens sports car

This was the heading in a recent news report.  Some woman managed to drive her car right on top of two others in a public car park!

There are two apects, or thoughts, I have on this tale:

  • I hope she has her licence removed and has to take a re-test AS A MINIMUM.  If she can manage this in a car park, what’s she going to be like on a motorway, main road or back street.  She’s really lucky that pedestrians with push-chairs weren’t passing.  It’s not a right to get the biggest car on the world and drive it any old how.  It’s a privilege.
  • How egalitarian the Co-op is!  Originally created “oop north” by poor workers fed up with being ripped off by the company store and greedy mill owners, the Co-op is now frequented by Porsche and Lexus drivers.  It could be that the Co-op is the only supermarket in town, but I doubt it.

A related point and comment on the modern world can be gleaned from the extra pictures at the bottom of the BBC article, e.g. this one at right….

Look closely.  The car park is situated in a working-class brick terrace area.  The contrast between the tiny old coal-stained dwellings and the nice shiny HUGE cars in the car park cannot be more dramatic, and demonstrates where people’s priorities lie.  These cars are actually bigger than the original kitchen & bathroom extensions at the back of those houses!

Back along I was in a coach that took a wrong turn through a dodgy area in Buffalo, New York State, USA, just over from Niagara Falls.  The houses were wooden, paint-peeling dismal affairs with wooden board-walks and shutters hanging from window frames and unemployed blokes lolling against stanchions.  The streets were full of nice flash cars though!  Just the same.

The UK Subs had a tune out called “I Live in a Car” back when I was a punk.  Still valid.  Still playing!

By Strangely

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