The Big Green Con Trick

a.k.a.  Is the wind more expensive now?

Just a quick thought….

Everyone knows that global energy prices are going up and have roughly doubled in the last year.  In the UK, domestic fuel companies have for some years offered a “Green” tariff on gas and electricity.  The cost has been close to the “normal” tariffs, but a bit more, something some nice middle class people in the mee-jah living in Islington would be prepared to pay.

This is the current British Gas tariff blurb: I’m not picking on BG in particular – it’s an example.  My current supplier, Scottish Power’s terms are a bit harder to differentiate or show in one place.

You’ll see you’ve got to pay £2 extra a month and then British Gas will source the supply from renewables.

And here lies my problemLast year, the energy firms still charged the same green premium as they do now!!! But in reality, it should be cheaper.

If I bought renewable energy last year for £1000, then allowing for inflation, it should cost £1035 this year.   But it doesn’t.  It’s doubled to £2000!!!  It’s a pure rip-off con, profiteering on the grossest scale.  As I said right at the beginning,

Is the wind more expensive now? No

Is it the law of supply and demand? No

Is there really less wind to go round? No

If the renewable price was the same as last year, like it should be, as it’s renewable energy, the population would be lobbying parliament to get every last one of the cancelled North Sea turbines stuck up and running, the Bristol Channel, The Wash, Morecambe Bay and the Thames Estuary would ALL be barraged off and creating electricity and Elephant Grass and Withies would be grown everywhere as fuel for energy production.

But they’re not.  The energy companies are just raking it in, like hay in the summer.  And the blame has been chucked at the government.  Shame on them all.  You can be sure of Shell.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. As of today, the British Gas domain name is still working and they have not set up any redirects, make of that what you will. I have now linked to the Internet Archive for the original articles.

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