It’s Time to Move


  • So it’s time to move…
  • It’s time to get down with it…
  • It’s time to testify..
  • …and I want to know…
  • Brothers and sisters…
  • I give you..
  • A testimonial…
  • The MC5!

With a vague resemblance to my personal life and status, and a bit like “technology mirroring life”, this domain will shortly be getting legs and pushing off to a new webhost.

I’ve become increasingly frustrated at the continuing dropouts and waits from my current host, ixWebhosting.  They were okay when I first started on this yabberring into space life, but now, in a typical pitmatic Northumberland phrase, it’s become:

Hard to Bear

This phrase closely mirrors my personal status – initial relationship,bright hopes for the future, increasing frustration, hard to bear – but I’ll leave it at that.


Funnily enough, while checking through the many hosting companies, one in particular made me quake somewhat.  This one is BlueHost.  It looked okay until I saw the address as:

Bluehost Inc.
1958 South 950 East
Provo, UT 84606

Now they may be all fine and dandy, but I’ve seen some pretty dodgy shit hanging around UTAH over the last three months.  It’s not all fresh air and snowy mountains by a long chalk  I can tell you,  after my numerous investigations into Google Treasure Chest and other related scams…  So they are out!

Search Problems

Finding a new web hosting service is a bit like Russian Roulette, actually.  It’s almost as bad as the Google scammers as virtually all reviews are loaded and/or fictional.  Honest truth is very hard to find.  The only way to tell is to jump in and test the boiling snake oil!

So what I have done, is to check hosts from sites that I “trust” and use, making a mental check of any downtimes I’ve come across and noting the general speed of these sites, as that’s important.  (I know my site is overloaded with crap, but hey – I hate chucking stuff out!)

So I’ve plumped for Site5.   Only time will tell if I’ve made the right choice.  It’s servers are in Texas but it’s registered in Colorado – yeeHaH

I’ve got a while to play with stuff.  The backend user interface is totally different to the current setup so it’s another learning experience for me.  The only bit the same is phpAdmin, although they use a newer version with a claimed 50Meg upload size for database imports!

Then it’s a question of copying files, setting FTP, setting emails, setting up databases, installing WordPress, re-jigging wp-config for better security and finally, changing the DNS pointers etc at my domain name registrar.  Maybe I’ll move all images to another domain for faster page loading…?

So I won’t be posting much while I’m doing this, and hopefully, with a nice bit of luck on top of my planning, the site won’t be down for too long while waiting for domain propagation….  Watch this space!

By Strangely

Founding member of the band Crawling Chaos from the North-East of England