Vasco da Gama and Hutton, Somerset

I’ve been away from proper web access for a week (see later postings as I get round to them) and this is my first post since my break.

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Last Sunday, the Somerset HQ branch of the SGI-UK Buddhist organisation had our “day” to celebrate our existence, meet folks and bolster our resolve.  The site for this was Hutton Village Hall, near Weston Super Mare.

index_10_1_.jpg Apart from the wonderful Somerset posters and the local Hutton tapestry which I photographed, one item especially caught my eye.  It was a wooden carving of some swordfish round a heraldic shield, scroll and set of words.  A quick Google search on the words produces some good information, say here .

You’ll notice the Malindi logo is indeed the same as the Hutton wooden carving, so presumably someone in Hutton knows the source and history behind the artifact – which is really good.

This Wikipedia article also notes a white pillar of coral in Malindi which was erected by Vasco da Gama at the port entrance in 1499.

So that’s the connection between Hutton in Somerset and Vasco da Gama, weird eh?

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