Crawling Chaos File Sharing

Yay.  I’ve spotted another batch of file-sharing websites recently.  Like the cash-cop-out neep-heeds at Pirate Bay (see news item “Cash for Pirate Bay file-sharers” on their cash sell-out – ha,ha, so much for freedom of speech; the real motive has now panned out), these sites don’t host files, they just tell people where to go, give them the keys, and help them open the doors….

Anyway, for avid fans of Crawling Chaos, has pots of stuff.  The links go through to, amongst others.  Any one used to my ramblings on internet fraud will not be surprised to find that the owners of these domains have been hidden – one by US-based and the other by a Singapore outfit called Katz Global Domain Name Trust.

As with all this stuff, the user (ironically) pays to get stuff for free……  (Yes I know – you work it out)

I noticed a 187Mb download as an ISO of the track Gygno.  This means a very high bitrate and good quality.  Presumably they have access to the master tape?  Or are they very good at cleaning up vinyl? Or pumping information out of the low quality MP3 on the Crawling Chaos website?

The question is, is that it takes time to transpose all this stuff.  So how much is their time worth when they ‘give’ our music away for nothing?

I know why I’m doing this – do they know why they’re doing it?

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.