Jul 082008

Last updated on November 20th, 2015

In an unequivocal demonstration that the world really is warming up, an ice wall in South America has broken in winter, for the first time ever.  This means that for all of human history in that part of the world, this has never, ever happened before!  Think about it – never, ever.


What Happens when the Thames Barrier Breaks - Erith, 1953 Floods

So each time that one of the ice chunks cascades into the water, the sea edges a teeny bit higher.  The Thames Barrier was supposed to last 1-200 years when it was made.  I reckon it’ll be good for 10-20 now.  Soon the water will be pouring through Chelsea and Twickers, Whitehall and Wimbledon.

Even the Chelsea Tractors won’t make it, and good riddance too.

While not being the sole cause of the problem, cars like that are diagnostically a symptom of our attitudes to conspicuous consumption and our withdrawal from nature.

Originally, most people were farmers and/or closely tied to the land and the seasons.  It is obvious when you live like this that your actions have a profound impact on your surroundings, and thus your very life.

Farmers know the seasons and plan years ahead for crops to eat and forests for wood.  They know that if they don’t, they will die.  This is what we’ve now lost.  The connection.  And the arrogant people in their Chelsea Tractors have lost it more than anyone.

I suggest they all check the picture above before gloating about the money they’ve saved while driving round Chelsea.

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