42, Life, The Universe and Imprisonment Without Trial

Following on from my earlier postings about the 42 days fiasco, like https://strangelyperfect.tv/419/its-not-just-me-cutting-their-labour-party-donation/, and https://strangelyperfect.tv/409/law-regarding-measures-of-state-self-defense-leviathan-how-come/ , I now find myself agreeing with a right old bunch of codgers.

We’ve got the ex head of MI5 now, Baroness Manningham-Buller, as well as the Lords Goldsmith, Falconer, tory Baroness Neville-Jones and liberal Lord Thomas ALL saying that the law to allow anyone to be locked up for 42 days with the flimsiest of byes and leaves applied, is BOLLOX.  It removes one of the strongest parts of our whole society and the freedoms that people have fought and died for, in one fell swoop.

In this same BBC article, you’ll find a classic phrase uttered by the Government security minister, Lord West, today, 8th June 2008:

“We face an unprecedented terrorist threat… There’s a clear and present danger to our population.”

Er right.  Let’s stop for a second there.  Below is part of a transcript of a speech that Tony Blair made to parliament, claiming that weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq, and very quickly the speech led to war.  We are still there now with no sign of an end.

(…) even of a so-called dirty radiological bomb is now, in my judgement, a real and present danger. – Tony Blair, Prime Minister’s Speeches, 1973.  Source from the Number 10 website.

Er, and remember, there were NO weapons of mass destruction.  It was all a lie, covered up in an inquiry that led to the death of an honest man that was covered up in yet another inquiry.  Ethical foreign policy, my arse.

By Strangely

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