People Are Mad, Not Cyclists; Extra Information

I told you so!!!

Following on from my earlier post, the CTC have spotted something in the Daily Mail ON THE VERY SAME DAY that exactly justified my comment about the penalty that would have resulted if it was a cyclist that was killed and that the “weasely excuse” would be “I didn’t see him”.

Lorry driver who killed cyclist walks free from court with ‘ludicrous’ £275 fine

Quoting from the article,

A lorry driver who knocked down and killed a father-of-four has walked free from court with a fine of £275.

Kashmir Nahal, 36, pulled out at a busy junction without looking and crushed cyclist Glenn Syder as he rode to work.

Nahal admitted a charge of driving without due care and attention and was handed the fine as well as six points on his licence.

Nuff said.

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