Cause and Effect in Deaths of Six Teenagers in Melton Mowbray Crash

Six young people died at about 2 this morning on the A607 just south-west of Melton  Mowbray. This is where it was.  It was a bend of about 45 degrees on a 40mph double white-lined single carriageway road.

Bizarrely, one of the father’s blames the police for confiscating his son’s car as he was driving without insurance – so we can tell the standards of responsibility existing there!  Fair play to the coppers, keeping wrongdoers off the roads.

Damage to 2001 Ford Mondeo at 40mphAnyway,  The damage to the car looked excessive so I’ve decided to do some research.

The car was a Mondeo and there are some car safety tests called Euro NCAP that just happen to have a picture of the effect of a head-on crash with a stationery object at 40mph! (It’s a standard test)  40mph was the limit on that road.

That’s the first picture here, from the website page

Smashed Mondeo

The second picture is the actual smashed up Mondeo on the back of a tow-truck.

This next link,, is to a news report of the scene before the road was cleaned up.

It says that the wagon driver’s tacho chart showed him to be okay so he was released after his arrest.

12_21_04_1_.jpgAlso, a local says at the end of the video, that no-one sticks to the speed limits…..

In comparison, this third picture is of a Honda Civic that rapidly decelerated after hitting a tree at 105mph.  This website,,  tells the story.

It’s an interesting exercise to compare and contrast the three pictures, the two known speeds and the “unknown” speed of the teenager’s car in the middle.

It’s not rocket science really.

Perhaps now would be a good time to roll out the mandatory fitment of tachos (or their equivalent) in ALL vehicles – certainly to record the speeds over the previous minute, and preferably over the whole previous day, just like lorry drivers do day in and day out.

As this lorry driver for Christian Salvesens’s has shown here, tachos can actually prove that things aren’t your fault!

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  1. Thank you for this post! It is very great to hear about this kind of story, so people can learn from it. It is amazing that the father blames the cops for taking his child's car, when he was the one driving without insurance. Thank you for this post! Even though it is a devastating story, it can teach people a lot.

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  2. This article in the MOS website, has some extra pictures from other angles of the crash site. (there are also personal stories and comment but I won’t mention them here)

    They clearly show that the Salvesen’s wagon was on the correct side of the road when braking commenced. The artic stopped in a distance about two to three times it’s own length, i.e. 13.6m x 2.5 which is about 35m. The ABS on the trailer was working as can be seen from the pulsed brake marks on the road which have been chalked out by the investigators.
    The car left no brake marks on the road that I can see from any picture. Either the driver didn’t brake for some reason or the brakes were crap. It probably didn’t oversteer or weave down the road either due to the lack of the characteristic thin crossover skids that happen in such circumstances.
    To me it looks like the overloaded car was speeding on the wrong side of the road and the driver was inattentive The lorry driver tried to brake and take avoiding action just as the car attempted some corrective steering action.
    The impact of the car with the lorry’s engine decelerated the unit part of the vehicle so much that it’s dislocated the cab from it’s mountings.
    Amazingly, the artic steered pretty straight after impact, pushing the car along the road as evidenced from the debris. The lorry driver wearing his seat belt would be thrown forward, pushing the brakes even harder and the distortion in the cab brought the steering wheel in contact with his chest, hence his injuries.

    Everything is cause and effect.

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