asp Trojan attack

Following on from my recent Visual Studio training which will lead onto asp in my day job working for a company under the domain name, it’s interesting to see some of the things that have been going on to make the system dead slow recently.

NHS website affected by mass SQL ‘Asprox’ attack said ITPro.  Well that must be it.  My NOD32 anti-virus has been doing 3 or 4 downloads a day for the last few weeks as well, somethinging that may have only happened on a couple of days previously.

Firefox 3 blocks Nigella Lawson - you don't say THAT in everyday conversation!

The fragrant Nigella Lawson’s site was also hacked on the recipes page.  Firefox 3 blocked it with this message:

It was still like it at the start of 17/7/2008.  All the different recipes under the recipes page are cracked.

I can’t complain.  I know what it’s like to have your site invaded.  This happened to me last year because I’d missed one small page permission setting buried deep down the file structure.  I should be a lot more secure because of things I’ve implemented, but I’m forever vigilant now. is the page about it.

Fortunately WordPress doesn’t run with asp so so far so good, this time.

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