Farmers plan for the Future while Plane Makers plan for Today

In the headline Clean is mean for new airplane engines, the aeroairplane engine makers are in a bit of a tizz trying to please the airlines who quite rightly have been hit with a doubling of energy costs in the past year.

Now this really isn’t rocket science!

If a farmer has a nice patch of forest and keeps chopping down a few trees every year for fuel and timber, after a few years there’ll be no trees left.

So he plants trees to replace the harvest.  It’s not rocket science is it?  We’ve been doing it for thousands of years – well at least some people have!

In a nutshell, the airplane buyers are saying “make our airplanes more efficient or we don’t buy new”.  But the end of the article has a classic phrase, which I’ll repeat here:

“Never under-estimate the ability of monetary factors to motivate the industry,” says Paul Edwards, head of aerospace for the consultants Jefferies International.

“The current fuel price is a far greater incentive for engine-makers than all the previous exhortations to help reduce carbon footprints. Yet the technical hurdles are immense so real solutions could be 10 or 15 years out.”

Now why didn’t they think of this decades ago when the current “green” movement warned everyone about over consumption of the Earth’s resources?

And more to the point….  They should be planning now for what we need in 10-15 years, not working to fix today’s problems which will then be 10-15 years behind schedule!

Like the farmers, they should plan ahead!

By Strangely

Founding member of the band Crawling Chaos from the North-East of England