Pakistan has Trouble with Capitalism

Protest over Pakistan share slump,

– says the BBC article this morning.  Apparently the people in Pakistan have had enough of falling share prices so have smashed up the Stock Exchange so that no-one can do deals any more!

This is of course bang in line with the means of the original spread of Islam which was by coercive conversion; much like the spread of christianity in fact!  So despite the prophet’s exhortations about not taking any interest on capital, they’ve been doing so but when the going gets tough, it’s basically “we don’t want to do this any more”.

Another view, that of “cause and effect” shows that the “country” has made various bad causes even since before it’s inception and is now reaping the effects. “Bad” is of course relative, but across most civilisations through history until now, there is a commonality about the definition of “bad”.  Their stances on peace, liberty, warfare, torture, servitude, development and host of other things are at variance with their actual actions and implied intent.  They should be clear and consistent about their aims and then the rest of humanity might find it easier to work with them.

As a start, they might think hard about being capitalist.  For most of human history it didn’t exist.  It’s worthwhile to consider this point when viewing the huge monuments and artifacts from the ancient world.  For instance, it’s now generally agreed that the Great Pyramids were made not by slaves (as Moses would have it), but with the consent of a skilled local population and without the “benefit” of any money, capitalism, and especially not, leveraged buyouts by private venture companies!

“What credit crunch!”,  Cheops was heard to say (allegedly).

By Strangely

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