Bad Phorm Fcuked

Big Brother is Watching You
Big Brother is Watching You

Finally BT has seen the light and dropped the Phorm privacy inquisition software from it’s future plans.  This follows on from it’s unwarranted secretive tests on it’s own consumers last year and the resulting furore that has seen Phorm fuck around with a huge damage limitation exercise designed to shift the focus from it’s activities onto the “benefits” of it’s “service”.

So it’s sighs of relief from this writer.  We don’t want that sort of thing going on here, we’re British, you know!

Of course, BT hasn’t given clear reasons, but I’m sure that their decision is commercial and not altruistic.  Leopards cannot change their spots.  But in this case, whatever the motive, it’s the correct outcome.


By Strangely

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