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Noggin the Nog
Noggin the Nog

I stumbled upon an amazing amalgamation of Bowie’s track with some Oliver Postgate animation.  I never liked the track much apart from about 2/3 of the way through when it picks up.  With this animation, it works all the way through.

Postgate died recently aged 83.  Many people of a certain age will remember his creations from their childhoods.  Below is a little bit of his final writings from The Dragons Friendly Society.

Whoever toalfrgb/Zardoz is and where they got the idea to combine Noggin the Nog and David Bowie – well it was a masterstroke, IMHO.

Now, Postgate speaks:

It was in the early ‘fifties’. I was standing with my father, Raymond Postgate, looking out of the window of his study, watching the milkman. I thought this might be a propitious moment to discuss my own career and future prospects.

“I have decided to become a ‘creative writer’.” I announced.

“No such thing.” he unhesitatingly replied.

Pressed to elaborate, he added that writing is not something you are, it is something you do.

“Writing itself is not creative, writing is essentially descriptive. It is a craft used to convey information. How good or how bad a piece of writing turns out to be depends on how effective is it at conveying the information it is attempting to deliver.”

“But what about style?” I asked, “Literary distinction?” I asked anxiously.

“Stuff style!” he replied. “Write what is in your mind, or describe what you can see as clearly as you can, and that will one day be your “style”, but to pursue nuances of “style” simply to gain for yourself a literary reputation is a dead end.”

I pointed out through the study window to the milkman opposite.

“What about him?” I asked crossly. “Do I just have to describe his boring life?”

“Who says its boring?” laughed my father. “Nobody says you have to tell the truth!”

And he went away, chuckling, leaving me thoroughly confused.

And that’s what dad’s are for… SP

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