1. these fellas operate the google home employment hoax at profitcenterlearning.com. amazing, if you call em up and mention scam they swear up n down they don't scam. when the death penalty is the result of scamming, the scammers will just hide better.

    IntelliPay, Inc.

    230 West 400 South

    1st Floor

    Salt Lake City, UT 84101

    1. @pete

      Well said! You'll find that we've already linked Intellipay into the scam – see https://strangelyperfect.tv/5146/more-on-google-pr… As you say, despite their protestations, they're ALL part of the same mob, all head-quartered at THAT address, with all profits and links being controlled from the same – I mean, Google Treasure Bollocks even use the same phone number as the Pacific Webworks/Intellipay CEO!!!

  2. Love the slime and pond scum pictures! 🙂

    Interestingly the securecartcenter.com domain was the one used by Google Treasure Chest – so does this mean they have decided to carry on regardless!?

    You would think they would at least splash out 8 bucks on a new domain given that a Google search for securecartcenter.com reveals nothing but complaints!

    securecartcenter.com is registered to

    Secure CartCenter

    PO Box 1941

    Orem, Utah 84059

    United States



    and a search for that email address shows (using Googles cache) copies of the Google Treasure Chest terms and conditions page – so it's definately the same people.

    The phone number from the securecartcenter.com whois (888-529-3602) also appeared on a Spring Financial 1 site [Spring Financial 1, Customer Care, 6 Ioanni Stylianou, 2nd floor, office/flat 202 2003 Nicos, Cyprus, or by calling us at 888-529-3602] which now redirects to A1 Member – which shows that all the A1 Member / Blazingwords /Blazing Keywords /Grantspring etc charges were also connected to the Google Treasure Chest /Money Tree people.

    As for the oddly named GrapeRepel.com they didn't even bother to cover their tracks with the domain privacy trick:
    http://whois.domaintools.com/graperepel.com shows that the owner is:

    Vanessa Russel


    5776-D Lindero Canyon Rd #179

    Westlake Village




    Phone: +1.8183021709

    (same address as on your email)

    And indeed if you visit the root domain it's a website for CoastalDominionMedia.com
    For some reason they decided to have an identical website at:
    as well as another identical one where you would expect to find them at:

    Reports of spam from Coastal Dominion Media

    Quad Group, profitstudiolearning.com, Go Web Biz and Start Up Biz Kit all seem to be one and the same as they are all mentioned on this terms page:
    They do seem unsure what to call themselves!

    As well as all the Utah addresses, Go Web Biz is yet another site with a contact address in Nicosia, Cyprus.
    The site is hosted in Orem Utah though:

    1. Yay Not Kevin!
      We've been doing the same thing. I've just been padding out the post with a bit extra information and my usual tidying up to make things a bit clearer. (When I type these investigations, I usually do them on the fly so that I don't loose the key bits. This means sentence structure and spelling takes a hit… )

      It's good that bit you found about Go Web Biz. I wondered where they were – and why am I not surprised that it's Cyprus? The only thing missing now, to complete the set, is a nice reference to County Durham!

      The scum and slime pix say it all, don't they?

    2. And in another report of a Fraudster being caught and having to pay up, it appears that the Arizona Attorney General doesn't take too kindly to this sort of scammer.
      See https://www.azag.gov/press_releases/2009/June.html and look for https://www.azag.gov/press_releases/june/2009/CCN%

      In the pdf, the AG specifically states the nasty methods, exactly documenting them just as I've done… e.g.

      After receiving hundreds of consumer complaints, Goddard (the AG), brought the lawsuit against CCN in
      December 2008. In it he alleged that CCN used a variety of deceptive tactics marketing low-cost
      “risk-free" trial offers of health supplements.

      According to the complaints, consumers who purchased the low-cost “risk-free trial offers” of
      CCN’s health supplements were also charged for costly products and services that they did not
      request. These included pre-selected “up-sell” products that the consumer had to actively de-
      select in the online order form to avoid being charged. When consumers tried to contact CCN
      regarding the unauthorized charges, they often faced hold times over an hour and their e-mails
      never received a response.

      It's quite a sizable wodge of cash that's been lodged against the scammer, although, without knowing how big the business was, I can't comment much, except I think it's a bit small…

      Under the terms of today’s settlement, which takes the form of a Consent Judgment, CCN will
      pay $1 million in civil penalties to the state, $350,000 in consumer restitution and $25,000 to
      cover the state’s legal and investigative costs.

      However, if it's valid, then it's a 3x penalty for the state for all the money claimed by ripped off 'consumers'.

      This means, that the onus is on everyone who's been ripped off, to file a complaint with their state's AG and the FTC. If you don't complain, how will the state know that you deserve restitution?

    3. I've stumbled across a cornucopia of porn just by looking for Ioanni Stylianou

      I was going to titillate with a few website names but they are too awful, quite frankly, even for my broad strokes of freedom.

      Still, cast your eyes over these 7,930 webpage results for a google search on the EXACT string of the address:

      <a href="https://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&safe=off&q=%226+Ioanni+Stylianou%2C+2nd+floor%2C+office%2Fflat+202%2C+2003+Nicosia%2C+Cyprus%22&btnG=Search&meta=&quot; rel="nofollow">"6 Ioanni Stylianou, 2nd floor, office/flat 202, 2003 Nicosia, Cyprus"

      Remember – 7,930 webpages!

      Actually, I keep getting different totals from Google on this – but it's a lot!

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