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These Californian chumps sent me some spam early today which took me to this page:


Fast Loan Modification 9 July 2009  (enlarges to full screen when clicked)

Fast Loan Modification 9 July 2009 (enlarges to full screen when clicked)

“Lovely”, I thought.  “Just what I need!”

“But I’d better check those pesky Terms and Conditions… I’ve heard they can be quite stringent!”

Amazingly, in a complete reversal of typical Google Money Bollox, Acai Scam, Green Tea and Grants, they put all the disclaimers in plain view!

This actually reveals the total incongruity of their scheme!

  • Right at the top it says, “This website is not affiliated with any government organization or program” – but that’s okay, because as far as I can see, they don’t mention any!
  • Next it says “As Seen on CNN, Fox News Channel, USA Today, Google” – but at the bottom they say “*”As Seen On” information refers to paid advertisements that have run on the websites of the properties listed above. The trademarks included on this page are property of their respective owners, who have offered no endorsement of this product.” This has to be THE most brilliant cop-out I’ve seen.  Because they, and naff businesses like them, could just as well say “as seen on Reesy’s website” or anything… ! (I’m saying this as I’m getting a new batch of get-rich-quick ads on this website, so please, feel free…)
  • Also, at the bottom, they say, “The information and notices contained on this website are intended as general research and information and are expressly not intended, and should not be regarded, as financial or legal advice(…)Readers who have particular questions real estate financing or foreclosure, or who believe they require legal counsel, should seek the advice of an attorney.”
  • And finally, they claim to be nothing….  yes really!..  At least it ties in with the bit above.

This really has to be the funniest, most useless personal description of a business that I’ve ever seen!  I’ve repeated it below.  Check it out!

FastLoanModification.com is not a mortgage lender and does not provide refinance loans. FastLoanModification.com is not a government sponsored website. (…) To access information on government sponsored assistance, please visit makinghomeaffordable.gov

I’m left thinking, “What exactly do they do?”

Ah yes…  It’s that bit I intentionally left out.  They “match consumers with companies that offer foreclosure prevention services”

Ah well… And it all looked so promising.

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