Windmill tilts my way.

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Jul 212007

Last updated on October 14th, 2010

20/07/2007:Took flying visit to see Mr & Mrs Symptom at the Windmill pub in Cowpen. Luxury customised seats in gaffa tape. Wacky set from the two (sometimes four) members featuring some neat dancing from Mrs Symptom who isn’t as mad as all that. Mr Symptom’s fashion sense is still in a class of one and was remarked upon by my daughter. Shaun’s drumming fits well. Angela finds time from her other commitments to keep her fingers busy on the bass.
Saw a promo video which includes Holly doing a myriad of parts, mainly in a frock. He has a fantastic figure for a gal of his age. Nice tash Mr Symptom!

Guzzle turned up and looks about three weeks older than I last saw him. Bastard. He still has his drums but doesn’t want to be committed. Caught up with lots of info and updated the site accordingly. Gazza is alive! I must track him down. Harry too.

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