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Pond Scum
Pond Scum

Only 10 days ago, I published a few screenshots taken from the hilarious scamster website called Startup Biz Kit or Quick Google Cash  – or something – the point being that we never seem to know what their true name is! The posting is here: Is This the New Google Treasure?

(Pond slime repeated for emphasis!)

Today, I Feel Truly Honoured!

Anyway, I thought I’d do a quick test to see if the link to , , is still alive – It IS!

But it now points to this web-page, which is different to the original: 9 July 2009 9 July 2009
Fast Cash 19 July 2009
Fast Cash 19 July 2009

Previously, I’d complained that I wanted to earn $944 a day as they only offered $943 (hey, we’ve all got to have targets, haven’t we?).  Obviously, the GoogleConsters have been paying attention because they’ve upped the ante to…………$978 per day, along with a new name called Fast Cash with Google!

This is truly a great honour, and I mean that most sincerely.  I didn’t know they cared.  Why has lil’ ol’ me made such an impact.


I don’t think  this change was made in haste or design.  They were extremely careful to say “*Google™ does not endorse or sponsor this site and is in no way affiliated with FastCash or Google ATM.”  As usual, CNN, Yahoo, ABC etc don’t bear a mention.  It’s just part of the ‘system’ that they have.

Just remember boys.  If you are watching me, the Feds are watching you – and they don’t always knock at the front door!   Har bloody Har.


As I said in reply to Polly here, and re-iterated by @Not Kevin, the terms and conditions are completely without merit.

This is because the websites and the various links that point to them move around and change.  In this way, there is no justification for relying on any terms and conditions, because the very foundation of the financial structure they created by these companies, shifts and changes relentlessly.

These two examples above – from the same starting point, absolutely prove this.

The charlatan dis-ingenuousness of these people has no bounds.

Everyone, be very, very careful.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. @james

    Thanks james. When will it end indeed.

    I've heard about them placing ads on Craigslist, but not actually answering 'normal' ads with a suggestion that's an ad!

    I've heard of the Captcha-cracking farms before. Another variation on this came to light in the UK a week or so ago….
    This company launched with a big fanfare as an apparently electronic translation system that was much better than the current crop, like Google Translate and Babelfish. It was supposed to translate text messages on the fly for your foreign friends.
    This went on for a year or so until an employee spilled the beans and let it be known that an army of human translators were beavering away at translating thousands of text messages into various languages!

    Whatever next? The ingenuity of humans is staggering, especially when there's a fast con to be done!

    By the way James – nice hostel. It looks lovely up there. I bet the air's fresh!

  2. Thanks for this site.

    They have taken to emailing replies to craigslist ads.

    Here is what they sent me. The stupid forwarding URL goes to ""

    This month's WIRED magazine article about craigslist talks about SPAM farms in INDIA which pay people to fill in CAPTCHA and spam craigslist posters! When will it end!


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  3. don't forget these fine folks…

    IntelliPay, Inc.

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